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Oxbridge say they’re improving, but their admissions process still sets poor kids up to fail

Rich kids often have years of private help before they even get to interview at Oxbridge

‘I’m still friends with Trump but I’d never have voted for him’: What happened when we met Piers Morgan

‘I love when people say ‘your going to get beheaded by ISIS’ and they spell ‘you’re’ wrong’

How to combine your love of fashion and hatred of Conservatives with these chic items

Fashion for people who hate fascists I guess

We spoke to the guy who went viral when he took his laptop to the club to submit an assignment one minute before deadline

A true hero of our times

Under no circumstances should girls post any of these things on social media

According to bitter hateful people on the internet

There’s a new health hazard called ‘avocado hand’ and you should be immediately absolutely terrified of it

This collective obsession with avocados is tearing our society apart

Decoding The Sun’s tragic attempt at the ‘A-Z of 2017 dating slang’

This is really sweet in a way but also embarrassing

If MTV don’t bring back Room Raiders I will burn this city to the ground

This is an impassioned plea to you, MTV execs

‘Blackface still exists’: Student rugby player posts racist photo on Snapchat, calling himself ‘Serina Williams’

The pic was posted on Twitter and has since gone viral

Those ‘period tracking’ contraceptive apps everyone’s obsessed with are unreliable, says study

Wait what

This artist put Trump quotes on sexist ads from the 1950s and it’s frighteningly realistic

Make America Misogynistic Again

Nobody panic but apparently the world may literally run out of avocados

Droughts and floods have ruined the harvest and demand is making prices skyrocket

Is it just me or are we living in a Black Mirror episode where everyone has to own this backpack?

Oh my god LOVE your backpack, where did you get it

Every guy you’ll hook-up with before immediately regretting it

Why am I like this

I’m not exaggerating when I say the unicorn trend is the worst thing to happen to modern society

OK maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit

This company will offer you a free holiday, but only if you send them a picture of your bum, which isn’t creepy at all

Cool. Neat

You can be a feminist and still hate Theresa May

The two aren’t mutually exclusive. This is why

Legally, ‘stealthing’ is rape. So why don’t we take it seriously?

We spoke to a lawyer to explain the implications behind removing a condom without consent

Ladbible have rebranded, now think ‘lad culture is a positive force’, are still idiots

Apparently now they think they’re ‘post hipster’. Oh hun

Are Topshop alright? Because they’re selling these plastic see through jeans and I think someone should check on them


So apparently people are now applying make-up using lightbulbs and you know what no, no I’m done

I’m getting off the internet this is where I draw the line

Coachella is a sad, boring excuse for a festival

Let’s be honest with ourselves, it doesn’t even look fun

The ‘hey baby girl’ YouTube video turns five years old today and I still cannot watch it

Try to get past the word ‘Briona’ without pouring bleach on your corneas you can’t do it

The backpackers begging for money on the streets of SE Asia are the epitome of entitled white privilege

This gives me so much second hand embarrassment I can’t even explain

A theory: Literally all of the women in Made in Chelsea are the same person

Now hear me out

Look past Bryce’s storyline for a moment and you’ll see the really terrifying thing 13 Reasons Why teaches us about rape culture

What you may have missed on your emotional binge watch

Science says that speaking to dogs makes us more intelligent so I’m never speaking to humans ever again


Is this the most babe house ever?

Also when can I move in

Two thirds of women now say they want boyfriends to take the male contraceptive pill. So when is it gonna happen?

Just suck it up and take it c’mon now

The worst part of that awful Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad is a moment you probably didn’t even notice

It reinforces stereotypes of black female servitude in the most subtle, sinister way

We spoke to the guy who tried (and failed) to set up a men’s rights forum at his university

They said it was because men don’t suffer discrimination

Today in ‘things girls can’t do without being criticised’, literally posing in front of balloons on your birthday

I don’t even know what to say anymore

Oxford University to feature more portraits of women and ethnic minorities after realising it has too many ‘dead white men’ on its walls

Good guess they’re cool now

The Fat Jew made me into a meme and now I’m the face of basic girls everywhere

You’re welcome gals

‘He offered me $10,000 a month to be his girlfriend’: Inside the life of a feminist sugar baby

We spoke to Rachel, a student, a feminist, a girl who paid her rent with Chanel bags and cash from sugar daddies

There’s now a campaign to end ‘period poverty’ by providing free tampons to deprived students

Plans would have the government provide free sanitary products to girls who qualify for free school meals

At last, after years of feminist struggle, there’s a female traffic light so we can finally walk across the road

Any news on the gender pay gap or right to choose? Nah? OK sweet

How to dress like Marion Kelly, the little bespectacled baby from the BBC interview who’s our new fashion icon

She’s got a lewk

Now even Playboy are dragging Ed Sheeran over his ‘toxic masculinity problem’. Yes, really. Playboy

Oh great another Ed Sheeran song about how he loves a girl who’s getting with someone else. Groundbreaking

The misogynistic politician who said ‘weaker’ women should earn less has been suspended without pay


Every type of precious beautiful BFF you’ll have in your life

Tag yourself I’m the crazy friend (jokes I’m the ho)

Look at these ‘clear knee mom jeans’ from Topshop and tell me that God isn’t dead

If fashion is a crime then lock me up and make me wear these jeans as a prison jumpsuit because they’re awful

Every type of precious beautiful best friend you’ll have in your life

Tag yourself I’m the crazy friend (jokes I’m the ho)

The judge who asked a woman in a rape trial why she didn’t ‘keep her knees together’ has just resigned

He told the 19-year-old: ‘Some sex and pain go together, that’s not necessarily a bad thing’

Is it just me or does literally every girl have the middle name Louise? Trying to figure this out

Alternatively if they do not their middle name is Rose there are no exceptions to this rule

A definitive list of the ugliest things you can buy from Ivanka Trump’s garbage fashion label

Apparently sales are through the roof???

Girls share their experiences of little sexist moments that happen during sex

‘He told me he liked that I was ‘pure’ because I’d only slept with one other guy before him’

Hillary Clinton was the most admired woman of 2016

‘Nevertheless, she persisted’

Hey guys! International Men’s Day is on the 19th of November, so you can stop asking about it now

You are welcome no honestly don’t mention it

International Women’s Day 2017: How it’s being celebrated around the world and how you can get involved

It’s gonna be a biggie

After her Fenty Puma collection it’s finally time to admit we should just give up and let Rihanna run everything

She could do it

Meet the women speaking out about their experience of sexual harassment in nightclubs, and telling us why we should care about it

Why do we treat it as such a casual, expected thing?

Fashion disasters we all experienced as teenagers in the early 2000s

You can’t repress these memories forever

Does anyone know what’s happened to Dolce & Gabbana?

From Italian royalty vibes to cheap Justin Bieber t-shirts in less than a year

If it’s any consolation for losing Beyonce, Lady Gaga is the first woman to headline Coachella in 10 years

The last one was Bjork in 2007

Can I get pregnant from looking at these pictures of young Justin Trudeau?

This is more intense than that picture of young Biden

People are dragging Zara for their ridiculous ‘love your curves’ ad campaign which uses rail thin models

There was an attempt

Brie Larson’s face giving Casey Affleck his Oscar last night summed up how we all felt watching Casey Affleck win an Oscar

She didn’t even pretend to applaud

You don’t have to like Lily Allen to think the way she was attacked on Twitter last night was wrong

‘Her timeline right now is something we should all be ashamed of’

How to fit in when you move to London, as defined by your area

‘Guys does anyone know if Dalston is still cool???’

A brief history of amazing female moments at the Oscars, which are still just as relevant now


Female tattoo artists you should be following on Instagram because they can turn your skin into a masterpiece

Great ink from great gals

Another day, another viral status from a woman calling H&M out for their ‘irresponsible’ sizing

She’s a size 12 and was forced to buy a size 20 dress

Tomi Lahren wasn’t always trash according to this footage of her appearing surprisingly normal while hosting a show in college

It was called The Scramble

Of all the things to get angry at in this world, literally why would you get angry at people who Instagram their food?

If it looks good take a pic you paid for it

So apparently crocs are back in fashion, because the world is a cold, cruel, hateful place


That video of a woman cyclist getting revenge on her catcaller might be fake, but it still happens every day

The fact we so readily believed it shows how prevalent harassment is

The gender pay gap won’t close until 2041 and the meninists of Twitter are loving it

I literally hate the internet

Uber launches ‘urgent investigation’ after sexual harassment claims from former female employee went viral


What’s up with this hand over face pose? Is this a trend I’ve missed out on? Help

All the kids are doing it apparently

Vegetarians are unhealthy and ‘mentally disturbed’, says new research

I knew it

If you’re not gonna read and critique this message I’m sending to a guy, are you even my friend?

You’re here for peer review now do your job

Soulless Valentine’s Day memes for single af people to enjoy

Who needs love when you have memes right! Ha ha ha ha

Great news! Annoying couples who overshare on Facebook ‘probably hate each other’

God I love science

‘Cushioning’ is the new ghosting. Welcome to the dating trend you don’t even know you’re doing

What if I’m being cushioned right now and I don’t even know

Just a sampling of the most ridiculous clean eating recipes wellness witches want you to eat


Incredible! These brave women are heroically going through life without a boyfriend

They’re single, guys. SINGLE

Let 2017 be the year we finally realise Victoria’s Secret is trash

I’ve had enough

Hunter wellies cleared of investigation into using ‘unhealthily thin’ models in their ad campaigns

They said she’s of a ‘naturally slim build’

If horoscopes were people, this is what they’d look like

Leo is obnoxious and Gemini is an absolute snake

A small collection of modern sexist ads that will make you feel like you’re living in a timewarp

A group of men in a board room thought these were hilarious, just let that sink in

The most savage signs from yesterday’s anti-Trump protests across the UK

‘First they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak, because I was Theresa May’

A look back at how Skins’ Cassie Ainsworth became a dubious pro-ana icon for teenage girls

‘I stop eating until they take me to the hospital’

The government should ban sexist dress codes at work and fine companies who use them, say MPs

The current system is ‘failing’ us

92 per cent of you think Piers Morgan should quit Good Morning Britain


Quick question about this photo of POTUS signing away women’s reproductive rights

Anyone notice anything funny about this pic? Lmk

I’m genuinely starting to get a bit worried about Piers Morgan now

U ok hun?

Why didn’t British newspapers feature Saturday’s Women’s March on their front pages?

Just a quick question

Look at these good boys!

They’re being so supportive!!

The best signs from today’s Women’s March in London

‘I wish my boyfriend was as dirty as your policies’

A third of women believe drunk girls in short skirts are partly to blame for sexual assaults

‘It reveals just how deep-seated our readiness to blame women is’

Things you should shout at women when they’re out running!!


Parliament just quietly voted against compulsory sex education in schools

Despite the fact that three quarters of students said it would make them feel safer

One in three women have been harassed when they’re out for a run

Oh great

A professor is claiming James Bond wasn’t a sexist, he was actually a huge feminist

Obviously the professor is a man yes

Students are demanding more diverse Philosophy courses without white men like Plato and Kant

Sorry Descartes, you’re out

The rise of feminist memes and how it finally became OK to laugh at ourselves

Even my mum shares them now

I’m quite worried about the women in these MUA eyebrow wax pictures

OK bear with me on this

The greatest gems to come from the greatest agony aunt of all time, Dear Deidre

If you think you had a bad 2016, spare a thought for these poor Dear Deidre fans

Taxi company refuses to apologise for ad which mocks ‘fat and ugly’ women

It says ‘if I start to look sexy book a taxi’

Literally just a list of sexist headlines from 2016

Only two more weeks to endure guys

These students created a film to eliminate the stigma around girls’ pubic hair

It’s called ‘how do you shape your bush’

Cher’s Twitter is the only pure thing left in this world

How would we have managed to get through 2016 without her wise words?

University inquiry launched after staff allegedly called female rugby team ‘fat girls’

Imperial College London has a culture of ‘deeply ingrained misogyny’ says the new report

‘Pro-life extremists’ are confronting women in London as they go for an abortion, so I spent the day with them

‘I might not have a uterus but I’ve been in the womb’

I rewatched the first episode of MIC and realised how the world has changed

Lol guys remember Funda

How to tell if you’re in an emotionally manipulative relationship

These are the warning signs

What you wearing tonight? Probably just jeans and a nice top

The uniform for all occasions

Five years after graduating women will earn one fifth less than men

Looks like the student loans were worth it gals

Love Actually is literally the worst film of all time

The men are all creeps and nobody has a good time

These suffragette posters show the way we talk about feminism has barely changed in 100 years

We still call women ugly when they talk about equal rights

Sorry gals. The gender pay gap still exists in the UK

Here’s where it’s worst

The alt-right isn’t a political belief. It’s an excuse for young white men to get more attention

And God knows it’s hard for them to have their voice heard

Rejoice, STEM gals! Women are closing the maths gender gap

‘Equal opportunities changed everything’

People are leaving thank you messages at Hillary Clinton’s house for Thanksgiving

I’m not crying you’re crying

Babe report: Half of female students say they’ve been sexually assaulted

Over a quarter experienced sexual assault in their first year of university

The future of birth control: Every male contraceptive currently in development

The times they are a changing

Nearly a third of students say they’ve been spiked on a night out

‘She enjoyed it’

Men who are misogynistic or tell sexist jokes are more at risk of depression, says new study

It’s linked to insecurity over masculinity, and can lead to mental health problems

56 per cent of students say consent classes should be compulsory at university

Nearly every single person said they believe consent should also be taught at school

91 per cent of female students say they’ve been groped on a night out

‘It happens on such a casual basis that often you don’t even know who did it’

Honestly though, does anything sum up life as a woman in your twenties better than ‘also me’?

Me: Meme culture is crude and reductive. Also me: I can’t stop

The eight types of girl roommate you’ll have in your life

‘Hey guys, cleaned the kitchen AGAIN. Hope you had fun last night’

The nail polish which can tell if your drink is spiked is coming in 2017

It changes colour when it detects date rape drugs

We should have listened to Kylie Jenner about 2016

We were so foolish

Our unquenchable love for Prosecco is causing a health crisis in Italy

Selfish of us, tbh

There’s now a helpline for victims of mansplaining. Because 2016

‘Well, actually’

Hillary Rodham Clinton: The patron saint of over-qualified, overlooked women

Are we really sending out the message that at our best we’re still not as good as the worst man in the room?

In the most predictable twist ever, the meninist tampon guy now says the whole thing was a hoax

But he still can’t say the word ‘vagina’ so you decide

Thank you David Attenborough for giving us something good to cling to in 2016

You make us feel safe. We feel safe with you

The awful guys you’ll meet on Tinder before you ditch men altogether

You know what, I’m probably alright on my own

Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, slut-shaming, revenge porn. Choose (millennial) life

Or at least, the life the creators of Trainspotting 2 think we have

Pro-choice graffiti appears on York St as supreme court hears NI women are ‘second class citizens’

‘If abortions are murder then blowjobs are cannibalism’

Crucial moments in the history of feminism which were greatly improved by the presence of Bono

I mean he is Glamour’s Woman of the Year

How ‘looooooooooooooool’ became the new lol

No really we have uncovered it

Dear America, please don’t let us down on Trump. Love, Britain

We’re counting on you

Put down the ibuprofen. Here are all the natural remedies which reduce period pain instead


Looking at other people’s selfies makes us feel ‘miserable and worthless’ says research

Ah, so that’s why I feel miserable and worthless!

Honestly though, would you even trust a guy to take the male contraceptive pill?

Or the injection they’re fussing so much about

‘I had a really lovely time’, and other lies girls tell on dates


If you dressed as Donald Trump for Halloween, congrats! You nailed 2016’s most basic costume

But yeah, keep complaining about girls going as Harley Quinn

Over 80 per cent of men say they would take a male contraceptive pill

A likely tale

UK universities are ‘plagued by a culture of sexual harassment’ says new study

‘I was asked by a lecturer to go to bed with him’

Moments that make Londoners say ‘ah, the city we live in’

Small moments of joy

The rise and rise of the woo girl

They’re the life and soul of every party, and the world needs them

Bouncers turned me away from a club for being ‘too fat to fit through a hula hoop’

‘As someone that’s suffered with eating disorders her entire life I don’t feel great’

Selasi from GBBO is opening a bakery in west London

As one door closes, another opens

The meninist tampon tax guy has been dumped by his girlfriend

Gutted mate

This heartbreaking story from an Irish nurse shows the reality for young pregnant women in Ireland

Abortion is still illegal in the country

We spoke to the meninist tampon tax guy who told menstruating women to ‘just hold their bladder’

He’s literally every bit as stupid as you would imagine

These vintage commercials show ads for feminine hygiene products used to be really, really weird

Why was everyone in the 1980s so happy about their tampons?

A petition to ban the use of previous sexual history as evidence in rape cases has over 6,000 signatures

It was set up after the Ched Evans verdict

Can we guess your drunk girl persona?

You’re the one who starts fights with the bouncers aren’t you

I was kicked out of Zara for breastfeeding my baby in public

21-year-old Charlotte was forced to feed baby Teddy in a toilet

Tell us your story: Take our sexual assault survey here

We want to know what you think

Pamela Anderson at Oxford Union: Donald Trump’s comments about women are ‘absolutely sick’

‘We’re living in a culture where women are portrayed as just a sexual plaything’

The eight undeniable drunk girl personas

Bet you’re The One Who Cries

Donald Trump was the top result for #rapeculture during last night’s debate. Is anyone surprised?

At least he’s top for something

25 movies every girl should watch before turning 25

There’s more to life than Mean Girls

We need to protect Joe Biden

He’s too precious for this world

You can now buy diet Prosecco


University is far too late to start teaching people about consent

Our sex education needs to be better from the start

Welcome to October! Here are all the super sexy costumes you can wear for Halloween

We’re gonna be cold gals

Doctors told me I wasn’t ‘thin enough’ to get treatment for my anorexia

Lorna felt like a ‘failed anorexic’ and became dangerously unwell

Eight-year-old girl calls Tesco out over ‘sexist’ kids clothes in viral video

‘Everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous’

25 books every girl should read before turning 25

Also: don’t trust people who say they don’t read

Taking the pill raises girls’ risk of depression by 25 per cent

The risk rises to 80 per cent for teenagers

Every woman knew how Hillary Clinton felt being interrupted and talked over at last night’s debate

It’s how most women are spoken to on a daily basis in the workplace

Every tweet about how Hillary killed it at last night’s debate

We feel you hun

Women can now download an app to stop them saying sorry all the time

Sorry not sorry

Geologists will earn the most when they graduate, says new research

No, really

How are we still giving internet vlogger ‘pranksters’ enough attention to exist?

They make us all look bad

It’s not just Fabric. The nightclub is dying

Club attendance has dropped 34 million in the past five years

How to be an aggressive woman

More life advice from our pals at the Daily Mail!

Campaigners say it should be illegal to make women wear heels to work

Over 150,000 people have signed a petition

Loser asks girl for his money back two weeks after buying her a drink

Hey ‘Liam Viper’ – it was £6.50 babe, just forget it

Meet Nadia Manzoor, smashing stereotypes as the youngest female board member in the UK

At 30 she’s the youngest female director on the London Stock Exchange

Front page news for the Daily Mail: Woman wears skirt

This time it was PM Theresa May in a knee length number that was judged just too revealing

Are we really supposed to believe that UniLad (you know, the one who made a rape joke) care about sexual assault?

Women are not that stupid

A guide to nailing your Bumble profile, by girls

Only mention your university if you went to Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle or Bristol

Can JK Rowling please stop shoehorning Harry Potter into current events?

Oh great, a tweet about how Snape would feel about the NHS

Why is every bank holiday weekend an excuse to shame drunk women?

Another night out, another Daily Mail photo of a girl in a tight dress eating a kebab

Reader, I married him: What men presumably think happens when they catcall

Tale as old as time

Men tell woman to take her clothes off on beach, supported by the full weight of the law

No, really

A brief history of the word ‘yaaaaaaasss’

You know the one

Congrats girl! Fiancé of former Miss California scoops his 25th medal

AKA – if we talked about male Olympians the way we talk about female athletes

The differences in how we talk about male and female athletes are staggering

Women are often branded ‘unmarried’ or ‘aged’ instead of talking about their ability

Wave goodbye to maintenance grants, the last stepping stone helping poor kids into uni

Just learn a trade or something. You’re screwed

Oh hello there, Hillary Clinton’s nephew

Absolute sort

Graduate goes viral with her response to a lecturer who said there was ‘no space’ for black writers

Eno Mfon’s graduation Instagram now has nearly 2,000 likes

Cuntry Living isn’t a feminist safe haven, it’s toxic

Inside the notorious Facebook group there’s nothing but in-fighting and ‘microaggressions’

Inside the rape case which changed Germany’s ‘no means no’ laws

Model and actress Gina-Lisa Lohfink was fined £19,000 for accusing two men of raping her

Instead of celebrating her 20 year career, the Daily Mail have rated Victoria Beckham’s boobs

‘Wannabe’ has been re-released as part of a feminist campaign for women’s rights – but they don’t care

The next UK Prime Minister is going to be a woman

Unfortunately she’ll also be a Tory

Look how unhappy everyone at Glastonbury is

Bit muddy, guys?

All the people you need to cut out of your life

Leave (Get Out)

You can now buy the morning after pill on eBay for £5

But delivery takes up to two weeks

Everything Mizz magazine taught us about life in our twenties

Mum thought Sugar and Bliss were too sexy

Why are we shaming girls for using Snapchat filters? They don’t make us basic

The dog one can make anyone look good

The one who brings a ‘novelty’ mug from home – and other people you will work with

It’s a jungle out there

Apparently, this is how you should avoid workplace stress

‘Ah, 4.30pm, time for my daily afternoon cry in the toilets’

Sorry, I just don’t get Lena Dunham

She’s not an ‘inspiration’

What I learned while dating a musician

None of those songs are about you

Northern Ireland’s abortion laws make me ashamed to be Irish

It’s ridiculous that in 2016 girls are still being prosecuted

I hate it when men cry

I know I shouldn’t but I do

Seriously, people who wear glasses are fit

All the better to see you with

That joke about pugs being out of fashion isn’t funny anymore

Pedigree breeds are more than fashion statements

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with liking wrestling in your twenties

And no, it’s not fake

Effy Stonem was the only role model we’ve ever needed

Be honest, you still want to be her

What it’s like being Irish in England

I’m alright for the potato jokes, thanks

The line-up for V Festival is actually really good this year

No, honestly

Is there room in Taylor Swift’s girl squad for her 18-year-old self?

Back then it was less about empowerment and more about cute boys with tractors

What your first year in London teaches you about life

Everything is gonna change forever

Things you’ll only get if you went to Catholic school

Mass is where all the sexual tension is played out

Sorry, but Dogspotting has gone to the dogs

It used to be so pure

Being a Deputy Head Girl taught me everything I need to know about life

They’re the ones with the real power and influence

People still send me pictures of their naked breasts for our Free the Nipple campaign — I asked them why

It’s been nearly a year since The Tab launched our campaign

What your sad desk lunch says about you

Ah, tuna salad again, Simon?

The Grace Face is the pose everyone is doing right now

It’s just so pure

I’m sick of everyone telling me I’ve lost my accent

Please, please leave me alone

How to come out to your parents

‘My mum hung up on me when I told her I was gay and didn’t call back for 45 minutes’

What club photographers really think of you

A lot of editing goes into that squad Facebook photo

A girl falsely accused me of rape and it almost ruined my life

Nick (not his real name) ‘was basically under house arrest for three years’

Confessions: What’s your worst cheating story?

It’s too late now to say sorry

The terrible fear plaguing your twenties: What age do you reach peak attractiveness

Is my life over before it’s begun?

The stories from our sexual assault survey show that something needs to be done

These people spoke out about what’s happened to them

The rise and rise of the ‘cool girl’

She’s the person everyone wants to be

We need to talk about men who have Instagram

I cannot believe I even have to say this

The fun vs fit dilemma is the scariest part of Halloween

It gets me every year

Who are the girls who still won’t admit to watching porn?

Talking about how much you hate Brazzers doesn’t make you any more of a feminist

What actually counts as consent?

What the law says on rape and sexual assault

The Tab’s sexual assault survey – take it here

Tell us what you think

Take our consent quiz

How much do you actually know

61 per cent of you think students don’t need consent classes

We asked you to tell us what you really thought in our poll

Do students need consent classes?

Vote in our poll

If Oxbridge actually did weird interview questions, I would have got in

In reality, their application process is just like the people who go there – boring, not special

A dieting and exercise app made me relapse into anorexia

Sarah only got better when a therapist finally convinced her to delete it from her phone

Judge Rinder thinks Law students are really really serious

Calm down

Universities will be ‘fined’ for failing working class students

The ones who score badly won’t be allowed to raise their tuition fees

Going OFF for Freshers’: The best clubbers this week

We’ve missed this

Every society you will join at uni

Expand your horizons, bulk up your CV

Freshers’ Week edition: Best dressed on campus

Nailing back to school chic

Best person on Facebook this week

The definition of funemployment

Cherish these Bestival photos, they’re the last you’ll see of summer

Goodbye festival season

Is this St Andrews second year the biggest young royalist in the UK?

He just bloody loves the Queen

White suburban middle class rappers could be the future of hip hop


Everyone at Burning Man takes themselves really, really seriously

To be fair, it does look amazing

Tuition fees could be set to rise to a massive 20k for science degrees

Gutted mate

Government orders tough new inquiry into sexist ‘lad culture’ at university

Tory business secretary wants to make campuses safe for women

New book ‘A Guide To Uni Life’ is the super squeaky helpline for your student career

Don’t drink too much beer guys

Was this the most public school year of Carnival ever?

‘Millie can I borrow your glitter’

The ultimate guide to surviving a long haul flight

Don’t get drunk

Your hangovers have deprived you of 22 hours of summer


Your fares are about to become three times more expensive on Virgin trains

That 16-25 railcard means nothing

Four years ago I told Zayn Malik to leave One Direction. Now I feel responsible

It was in a drunken chat

A night out with Raffles’ ‘young members’ marks the sad decline of Chelsea clubbing

No more Dommy P with Spencer and Caggie

‘Friends Forever’ joined tampons let you share your period with a friend, apparently

Just you, your bestie, and Auntie Flo

Dutch Art student creates photo series from inside her psychiatric ward

She wanted to show what it was really like to be hospitalised

What Flora baked: Week two

She wore a lovely floral shirt

What you should be wearing to bed, according to men

Apparently they hate thongs

Men describe their perfect mistress as a blonde athletic student with big boobs


Get off Snapchat and get some work experience says killjoy Tory minister

She wants teenagers to put down the selfie stick and ‘broaden their horizons’

Don’t expect to get a top job when you graduate, says UCAS boss


Russell Group unis are reserving clearing places for rich international students

They can pay higher fees

What Flora baked: Week one

News from Our Girl in the Bake Off tent

Depressing ‘Ultimate Guide to Life’ checklist says you’re missing your major milestones

Now is the time to panic

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Open University grad pens potentially life-changing novel on lad culture and uni masculinity

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So much tie-dye

12-year-old traveller girl has an IQ higher than Einstein

And you

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He’s writing a novel guys

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No more safety pins

This year’s youngest Great British Bake Off contestant is an artsy fresher

Odd choice for a gap year activity

Northumbria finalist left paralysed from waist down in Thailand moped crash

He was thrown off the road and broke his back

Sissy that walk: Brighton finalist graduates with style in full drag


The NUS have published a 39-page audit on ‘Lad Culture’

They found only six per cent of SUs have consent in their curriculum

‘Immature’ male students more likely to have to repeat the year than girls

Apparently they’re lazier too

Gang of preachers stage bizarre ‘Islam is superior’ protest in London

They called it the IHS: Islamic Health Service

Woman raped at Secret Garden Party

Appeals for information have appeared across the festival

Everyone who had a more interesting graduation than you this year

Relive the magic

Flute sensation Azeem Ward is doing a UK club tour this autumn

He about to drop the sickest EP of the summer

The 20-year-old Ed Sheeran lookalike who accidentally caused a riot in Manchester

He just really really looks like him

Tinder for dogs exists and it’s supposed to help you find love

It’s called ‘Tindog’

Baby’s first graduation: Preschools now have grad ceremonies for teeny tiny kids

And you thought you were special with your 2:1

It’s official, Grantham is the worst hometown in the country

It’s where Maggie Thatcher was born

Exeter grad brings Humans of New York to the London underground

It’s called ‘Commute Blog’ and it’s really cute

Fitties with firsts: A photoshoot

Beauty AND brains?!

Is he worth it?

Let this vintage 90’s quiz decide for you

Ditch your grim accommodation, you can now live in a strange lil tiny house instead

They’re really wee

εντός και εκτός έδρας: The Greek students who don’t want to go home this summer

‘Everything is unstable right now, everyone is unsure’

I was a victim of revenge porn after a one night stand

‘He said he would let people see what a slut I was’

Bingeing, chest pains and lifelong damage: This is the reality of diet pill and laxative abuse

‘It’s like a compulsion’

These pictures of your cringe teenage fashion trends will haunt you for life

Mom I’m sCeNeXcore now you can’t stop me

Posting Facebook statuses about your other half means you have lower self esteem

‘Netflix night in with @Bae xxx’

Controversial acne drug Roaccutane linked to twenty suicides in just two years

Over 200 people reported negative side effects

American points system should replace UK degree classes, say experts

No more Desmond 2:2s

Meet the students who’ve never had a relationship

‘I still wouldn’t go on a date without booze’

Yeah ur mum: This is what it’s really like to have a beautiful mother


Slutty ankles: Your naked legs sum up the crisis in modern masculinity

Why do you think anyone wants to see them

We tried to do the Kylie Jenner lips challenge and it was awful

Everything hurts

‘I’m so ashamed but I can’t help myself’: The twisted world of students who fancy politicians

Hell yes I’m tough enough

Some men’s reactions to our #FreeTheNipple piece show why we had to do it

One man called someone in the article ‘retarded’

First they came for the Garys: The sad death of old-fashioned names

It’s a sad time to be a Gary

You would be earning £4000 more in your first job if you didn’t go to uni

Should have done a trade

We went mitten shopping with Alex Mytton

His nickname at school was Glove

‘You’re living a double life, it’s not easy’: Meet the drag queens

You have to ‘tuck’ your penis away with duct tape

I don’t get wine (and neither does anyone else)

What’s the thing when you sniff it and swirl it around the glass all about?

Ciggies and siggies: A fashion shoot

It’s obnoxious

Stop lying about doing an all-nighter

You were just taking selfies in the library all night and we both know it

Unis issue warnings over fake student finance emails

Students have already been conned out of ‘thousands of pounds’

Even the dogs are gay: Brighton Pride in pictures

And everything is more colourful and fabulous than you

I went on the Game of Thrones tour of Northern Ireland and it was pretty shit

The GoT location tour confirmed my long held belief that outside of Belfast and Dublin everywhere in Ireland is just really weird

‘It’s like a sexuality’: These students dress up as giant animals, but want to show ‘furries’ are people too

Don’t act like you’re not curious

You thought Magaluf was bad? Have a look at this

Picture going viral proves public shaming is a huge problem…

Have you been burgled at uni?

From stolen laptops to missing 7up, students share their harrowing stories of university experiences tarnished by brazen burglars.

Graduates harassed by fake Wonga-style student loan repayment letters

Thousands of grads threatened by fictional debt collectors

A kid from Cardiff ditched his medicine degree to wage jihad with ISIS in Syria

Think being a medic is boring? Obviously the logical next step is to give insurgency a go!

Everyone from my home town is getting married or having kids and it’s freaking me out

It’s like a never-ending episode of One Born Every Minute and it needs to stop

Stuff your plastic surgery – I spent my student loan on a pug

I make really bad financial decisions but I have no regrets

Hotties at Uni – harmless or creepy?

Hotties at Uni is the ‘creepy’ Facebook page that posts your university’s best looking students for you to judge.

Was Elizabeth Raine’s ‘virginity auction’ the first great artwork of the 21st century?

After Elizabeth Raine backs out of sleeping with the highest bidder, experts suggest she may have been critiquing patriarchal social media.

Is fat the new female? Fat justice could overtake feminism as the buzzword of our generation

Fat activism is edging onto campuses across the USA, and it could be the next big thing at UK universities

I spent a week trying out ‘talons’

I decided to go all glamorous and try the new celebrity trend of huge spiky talons for nails for one week. Unfortunately, it turned out less Rihanna and more Maleficent.

Bored of Tinder? Cut straight to the sex with 10 of the creepiest dating apps around

Because getting drunk and awkwardly lunging is so 2013

Spend your loan now – you only have to pay back half of it, says new study

Trebling tuition fees won’t save the government any money – and may end up costing £5billion instead

‘Palcohol’: Powdered alcohol may be heading to the UK…but please don’t snort it, its maker warns

New flavoured alcoholic substance ‘Palcohol’ could be available to buy this Autumn

Meet the Bronies: The male students obsessed with My Little Pony

Meet the student bronies (that’s bros who like ponies, duh)