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Roisin Lanigan


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Does this holiday rom com character FUCK? A scientific investigation

It’s science, I’m a scientist

OK, enough of J*meela J*mil’s woke crusade against influencers

We really watching this ‘intro to feminism 101’ awakening play out in real time, huh?

Oxbridge say they’re improving, but their admissions process still sets poor kids up to fail

Rich kids often have years of private help before they even get to interview at Oxbridge

In defense of Gen, the secret victim in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Put some respect on my girl’s name

The way we talk to people with cancer is as bad as actually having cancer

Please! Stop! Calling! Me! Brave! Thank! You!

Who is Pete Davidson’s stylist? I just wanna talk

It takes a lot of money to dress this bad

A detailed analysis of Dan Humphrey’s masterpiece novel, ‘Inside’

In a huge shock to absolutely nobody: Dan is every sad litboy sitting in the coffee shop beside your office with an untouched copy of Naked Lunch

The latest thing women can’t do without being blasted online: Literally just going on vacation!

Welcome to Hell!

Ladies of the world, I’ve found the ultimate daddy, and his name is Gareth Southgate

Americans, let me teach you

Megan Barton-Hanson will win Love Island — and here’s why she deserves it

Now look hear me out

I watched the original Love Island season from 2005 and let me tell you, we have come so far

It was like watching that Nazi from Indiana Jones drink from the Ark of the Covenant — you know the bit I mean

Even if you’re American, Ireland’s 8th Amendment referendum should matter to you — a lot

Basically, we should all be praying for a YES vote rn

Let 2017 be the year we finally realise Victoria’s Secret is trash

I’ve had enough

Amy Dunne from Gone Girl is actually a fucking icon

I am so much happier now that I am dead

Stop judging rape accusations by how hot the alleged rapist is

Or by how much you loved them in your favorite teen TV show

Your favorite male authors ranked by their likelihood to be a huge fuckboy

Hello, allow me to ruin The Great Gatsby for you forever

How to be a woman on Halloween

It’s like being slut-shamed any other time of the year, but spookier!

You don’t owe the internet your trauma, even if everyone else is doing it

#MeToo is a great tool, but you don’t have to participate

Frida Kahlo is not your mascot

She’s not an emblem for wokeness either

I’m sorry, but I’m not buying the ‘feminist sugar baby’ myth anymore

You can do what you want, but you’re not free from criticism

Welcome to 2017, where the only books you can buy are about women being brutally murdered

Literally though, can we live?

You know what? Janice from Friends deserved better

Oh. My. GOD, put some respect on my girl’s name

We need to talk about JK Rowling’s weird Twitter presence

Oh no baby what is you doing

Concept: Don’t let men go to waxwork museums*

*If you are going to sexually assault literal wax figurines of women, maybe stay at home or try an aquarium

Finally, the ‘you’re not like other girls’ faux-compliment is dying

RIP and good riddance

The definitive ranking of rom-com boyfriends by asshole-ness

From Austin Ames to Patrick Verona

10 hot fashion trends I hope come back before we all inevitably perish in Trump’s Nazi nuclear winter

Raise your hand if you wanna be the chicest gal in that fallout bunker!

Here’s who should have been included in Charli XCX’s dreamy ‘Boys’ video

These were, honestly, cruel omissions

A small collection of the times male authors had absolutely no idea how to write about women

Guys, it’s not that hard

‘To The Bone’ isn’t perfect, but it’s not the harmful glamorization people think it is

Let’s take a breath

If you think about it, Regina George’s mom was actually a tragically misunderstood feminist icon

Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know! Oh, God love ya

How to be a woman on the internet

It’s a jungle out there, gals

Love Island is literally trash, and not even the good kind of trash


‘I’m still friends with Trump but I’d never have voted for him’: What happened when we met Piers Morgan

‘I love when people say ‘your going to get beheaded by ISIS’ and they spell ‘you’re’ wrong’

A brief history of celebrities getting dragged on Twitter

This is the drama which keeps me alive

Everything girls shouldn’t do at festivals, but do anyway and ruin them

Don’t even think about wearing a flower crown

Johnny Depp has just been announced as ‘guest of honour’ at Glastonbury, and people aren’t happy

I’d rather have an Oasis reunion but cool guess we get this guy

‘Donald Trump, sashay away’: The best signs from this weekend’s Resist March

Obviously there were a lot of Babadooks

The true winners of the election are the creators of great, vintage Simpsons memes

‘I’m a white male aged 18-49, everybody listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are’

Make Ariana Grande POTUS. Elect Ariana Grande as Prime Minister. Make Ariana Grande Queen

‘Ariana Grande is showing more dignity and grace in the face of terrorism than the man supposedly leading the free world’

‘It’s the right thing to do’: Jeremy Corbyn explains why he wants women in Northern Ireland to have equal abortion rights

‘Women should have the right to decide what happens to their body and not politicians’

Lacy shorts are the new hottest male fashion item for the summer, thereby rendering rompers obselete

We are through the looking glass now

Aside from calling Rihanna fat, here are some other awful headlines from the guys at Barstool Sports

Including ‘the epidemic of gold-digging whores’

What’s the straight up craziest thing that’s ever happened on RuPaul’s Drag Race?


There’s an all-female showing of the new Wonder Woman film (and obviously men on the internet are FURIOUS about it)

Well nobody expected this

Are you beach body ready? Take this quiz to find out

Choose your answers carefully

Domino’s just revealed how many calories are in their garlic and herb dip and now I hate myself

But they’re the only reason to order Domino’s I’m shook

What it’s really like inside the bizarre ’empowering’ summit where girls are taught how to find a sugar daddy

Spoiler: It’s not as sex positive and feminist as they’d like to make out

This frustratingly difficult A Level quiz will make you realise how stupid you’ve become since school

I do not remember Year 13 being this hard

Unless you’re ‘beach body ready’ under no circumstances should you wear any of these things on holiday

A handy guide

Unless you’re ‘beach body ready’ under no circumstances should you wear any of these things this summer

A handy guide

How your dating profile would look, if it was up to men

Basically, don’t post group photos, don’t ever use filters, and don’t be fat

Which of the six types of hoe are you?

Tag yourself I’m the kinky one

Hey gals! This activewear brand thinks rape culture is a fun cute motivation to exercise

Harassment is still #MondayMotivation right ladies???

How to combine your love of fashion and hatred of Conservatives with these chic items

Fashion for people who hate fascists I guess

These social media reactions to the male romper are hilarious, and masculinity is hella fragile

‘Yo, lookin’ real thicc in that romper daddy!!’

Chanel are being accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ for selling this $2,000 boomerang

This is a weird one tbh

So pleased to announce we finally have gender equality because there are now rompers marketed to men

To be fair, everyone should get to enjoy the magic that is a romper, regardless of gender

Obviously the ‘Avril Lavigne is dead’ conspiracy theory has already become a meme

God I love the internet

Sarcastic people are more creative, says study. Oh wow, big surprise

Well this is brand new information

Everyone on Twitter is absolutely convinced Avril Lavigne is dead


We spoke to the guy who went viral when he took his laptop to the club to submit an assignment one minute before deadline

A true hero of our times

It’s taken nine seasons but RuPaul’s amazingly bad runway puns have finally become a meme

And I’m so proud to see it. I’m so proud to see it

Under no circumstances should girls post any of these things on social media

According to bitter hateful people on the internet

Literally why do all British people do these strange things when the sun comes out?

We’re weird. We’re weirdos. We don’t fit in and we don’t want to fit in

This is definitively the best time and day of the week to post on Instagram

Because if you don’t get at least 100 likes you might not be alive at all, right

Take this quiz to find out how much of a garbage person you are

Personally I am trash

All of the minimalist tattoo artists you should follow on Instagram because they’ll turn your skin into magnificient doodles

But like, in a chill, minimalist way

There’s a new health hazard called ‘avocado hand’ and you should be immediately absolutely terrified of it

This collective obsession with avocados is tearing our society apart

Back in the early 2000s Cosmopolitan’s tips on finding a man to love you are truly bizarre

At least they don’t include rusty trombones I guess

The fuckboy index: Documenting the six types of fuckboy you’ll meet in 2017


No more tapes, a new narrator, and everything else we’re gonna get in season two of 13 Reasons Why

Netflix have just dropped five major clues

Labour promise to give women in Northern Ireland equal abortion rights, says leaked manifesto

Thanks Jez

The best of the worst millennial slogan tees you can buy right now if you have terrible taste


Decoding The Sun’s tragic attempt at the ‘A-Z of 2017 dating slang’

This is really sweet in a way but also embarrassing

If MTV don’t bring back Room Raiders I will burn this city to the ground

This is an impassioned plea to you, MTV execs

This is why Forever 21 put that weird Bible verse on the bottom of all their bags

What, you’ve never noticed?

What gaslighting is, and how to spot the signs of it in a relationship

According to the experts

OK, forget about the bambi pose, ‘ribcage bragging’ is apparently the new Instagram trend

Ah, summer emaciation

We’re now so obsessed with bottomless brunch it’s threatening our health, say experts. But I will never quit

I’ll die as I lived – drinking a dangerous amount of prosecco

‘Blackface still exists’: Student rugby player posts racist photo on Snapchat, calling himself ‘Serina Williams’

The pic was posted on Twitter and has since gone viral

We asked for people to tell us about the absolute worst one night stand they’ve ever had and now we kind of regret it

‘He shouted ‘do you love me’ halfway through’

Those ‘period tracking’ contraceptive apps everyone’s obsessed with are unreliable, says study

Wait what

Store mannequins are ‘severely underweight’ and represent ‘medically unhealthy’ versions of girls’ bodies, says new study

The research says 100 per cent of our high street models are worryingly thin

Take this scientific quiz to discover which RuPaul’s Drag Race queen you truly are

*tongue pops off into the distance*

Channel American Psycho-chic with this strangely expensive ‘oversized mac’ from the good people of ASOS

I have to return some videotapes

Are you the Duff?

Tag yourselves I’m Bianca because I am also the designated ugly fat friend tbh

Melania Trump just liked this tweet criticising her relationship with Donald, so maybe she does hate him as much as the rest of us

‘Melania, blink twice if you need help’

This artist put Trump quotes on sexist ads from the 1950s and it’s frighteningly realistic

Make America Misogynistic Again

Did you know that high heels were originally invented for men? Kinda wish they’d kept them

A history lesson for you!

Nobody panic but apparently the world may literally run out of avocados

Droughts and floods have ruined the harvest and demand is making prices skyrocket

What the word ‘thrussy’ means and why it continues to haunt my nightmares

The internet is a wild place

Intelligent people drink more alcohol than stupid people, here’s the scientific explanation why

Oh so that’s why I’m always drunk af! Eureka

Heineken just made their own version of that awful Kendall Pepsi ad, but it’s actually pretty great

Pepsi: ‘You can’t touch politics in advertising’ Heineken: ‘Hold my beer’

Is it just me or are we living in a Black Mirror episode where everyone has to own this backpack?

Oh my god LOVE your backpack, where did you get it

Intelligent people drink more alcohol than stupid people, here’s the scientific explanation why

Oh so that’s why I’m always drunk af! Eureka

This guy’s final was a scientific experiment to stop his girlfriend stealing food from his plate

She says it hasn’t worked

Every guy you’ll hook-up with before immediately regretting it

Why am I like this

A celebration of the glo-up, the most satisfying phase in every girl’s life

Emerging like a beautiful butterfly from a withered old chrysalis

This incredibly accurate scientific quiz will tell you what Riverdale babe you are

Tbh I wanna be Josie and the Pussycats

This is the one industry where the gender pay gap is reversed

Apparently it does exist