Roisin Lanigan

Does this holiday rom com character FUCK? A scientific investigation

It’s science, I’m a scientist

OK, enough of J*meela J*mil’s woke crusade against influencers

We really watching this ‘intro to feminism 101’ awakening play out in real time, huh?

Oxbridge say they’re improving, but their admissions process still sets poor kids up to fail

Rich kids often have years of private help before they even get to interview at Oxbridge

In defense of Gen, the secret victim in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Put some respect on my girl’s name

The way we talk to people with cancer is as bad as actually having cancer

Please! Stop! Calling! Me! Brave! Thank! You!

Who is Pete Davidson’s stylist? I just wanna talk

It takes a lot of money to dress this bad

A detailed analysis of Dan Humphrey’s masterpiece novel, ‘Inside’

In a huge shock to absolutely nobody: Dan is every sad litboy sitting in the coffee shop beside your office with an untouched copy of Naked Lunch

The latest thing women can’t do without being blasted online: Literally just going on vacation!

Welcome to Hell!

Ladies of the world, I’ve found the ultimate daddy, and his name is Gareth Southgate

Americans, let me teach you

Megan Barton-Hanson will win Love Island — and here’s why she deserves it

Now look hear me out

I watched the original Love Island season from 2005 and let me tell you, we have come so far

It was like watching that Nazi from Indiana Jones drink from the Ark of the Covenant — you know the bit I mean

Even if you’re American, Ireland’s 8th Amendment referendum should matter to you — a lot

Basically, we should all be praying for a YES vote rn

Amy Dunne from Gone Girl is actually a fucking icon

I am so much happier now that I am dead

Stop judging rape accusations by how hot the alleged rapist is

Or by how much you loved them in your favorite teen TV show

Your favorite male authors ranked by their likelihood to be a huge fuckboy

Hello, allow me to ruin The Great Gatsby for you forever

How to be a woman on Halloween

It’s like being slut-shamed any other time of the year, but spookier!

You don’t owe the internet your trauma, even if everyone else is doing it

#MeToo is a great tool, but you don’t have to participate

Frida Kahlo is not your mascot

She’s not an emblem for wokeness either

I’m sorry, but I’m not buying the ‘feminist sugar baby’ myth anymore

You can do what you want, but you’re not free from criticism

Welcome to 2017, where the only books you can buy are about women being brutally murdered

Literally though, can we live?