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Quiz: Which current Made in Chelsea girl are you?

If I’m not Liv I won’t be happy

The new season of Made in Chelsea is underway and each episode showing the cast out for brunch, in clubs and strolling around the city makes you want to live their lives more and more. So finally, you can find out: Which Made in Chelsea girl are you?

Are you brutal like Eliza? Effortlessly nice like Verity? Or are you a wild af hotmess just like Maeva?

This quiz will tell you if you’re the posh friend in your friendship group, if you would fit in having champagne at The Bluebell or if you would deal with a break up as well as Sophie “Habbs” Habboo. It’s vital information in life. But unfortunately, we can’t all have our lives together as much as Olivia Bentley does.

Which Made in Chelsea girl are you? Take the quiz here:


Featured image via Instagram @habboosophie

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