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Who is Verity Bowditch? KCL grad and Made in Chelsea newbie

And she was in the polo squad

It's that time of year again when we unwind after a long day of slogging it in the Maughan and watch twentysomethings who don't know the meaning of "student loan".

Yes, Made in Chelsea is coming back for Season Seventeen with a brand new cast and with one newbie being a King's Grad, here's what you need to know about Verity Bowditch.

She studied Biomedical Science

Verity graduated from King's in 2016 with a degree in Biomedical Science. She was a few years short of graduating at the Royal Festival Hall and had to take those all important photos with the Barbican looming behind.

She was the life and soul of the party

With membership to King's societies including the Polo Club (otherwise know as the Common Man's sport), Verity was quite the social butterfly around Guy's.

She's made quite the career jump

From Sales Executive and Accounts Manager to MIC cast member, Verity is ditching pitching financial proposals and turning to the glamorous lifestyle of reality TV star – influencer, celebrity and quickly getting richer.

She's been… everywhere

From her Instagram alone, it seems Verity has been to St. Lucia, Dubai, Ibiza and Barbados (to name a few). As a new member of the cast, is she going to leave her travelling days behind her?

She's looks like good banter

From horse riding to social media bants to looking longingly at camels, we're super excited to see Verity on our screens soon!

She has history with the cast

The new trailer for series 17 (again, how is this show still being made) you can watch her put up a sign that says "Wanted James Taylor", even then she looks like a model.

She's one of seven new cast members joining for series 17

As if it weren't bonkers enough that MIC has dragged itself and us kicking and screaming through 16 series already, the cast has somehow managed to balloon even more. Of the seven newbies announced two weeks ago, five of them are students.

She is a big fan of HUJIs

Everyone looks good under a thick filter of multiple Hujis, but when you're fit enough to go on Made in Chelsea, the Hujis make you practically unstoppable. Peep Verity's rainbow flare infested and tell me I'm wrong.

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