Lily Powell

Co-Editor in Chief

Lily Powell
Kings College London

King's College London, Student stories, London culture, Breaking news, London university lifestyle, Law and politics

  • Lily Powell is currently Co-Editor in Chief of The King’s Tab, where she oversees a whole team of editors and writers, commissions and edits articles as well as writing pieces herself
  • Lily is a keen features and news writer with a focus on London university culture
  • In her free time, Lily enjoys travelling to new countries and trying foods from different cultures


Lily Powell joined The Tab King’s in the summer of 2023 as Co-Editor in Chief after gaining experience as a staff writer for her university's newspaper


Lily Powell is in her final year as a Law student at King’s College London, completing various modules on the ethics and politics of compensation and reparation


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24 per cent of staff at King’s are of BAME backgrounds, the UK university national average is 17 per cent

King’s College London students could graduate without their dissertations being marked

No information was provided to students about how this will impact their final grade or their ability to pass the year