A complete rundown of all the places Kate Middleton could be hiding at King’s

Rumours are strife for where the Princess of Wales could be after not being seen in public since Christmas Day, but what if she was stuck at King’s somehow

Princess Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has not been seen in public since Christmas Day. It was announced by Kensington Palace in January that Kate had undergone abdominal surgery and was recovering in private until at least Easter.

What sparked a vast internet frenzy of speculation was Prince William’s decision to not attend a memorial service for King Constantine of Greece because of a “personal matter”. Memes have been popping up all over the place in an attempt to figure out where she is.

But what if she was lurking in the depths of King’s College London? Here’s where we think she would be hiding:

Lost in the Macadam building

If you’ve ever had a seminar in the Macadam building you know how difficult it is to navigate. The street entrance is just off the main part of the Strand campus and down Surrey Street, but likelihood is you’ve entered the Macadam via the King’s building at some point, through the maze of corridors and up and down far too many sets of stairs. If Kate Middleton stepped foot inside the Macadam building recently, then she could most definitely be lost deep in its organs, somewhere in the Mexican Studies department.

Still working out Circuit laundry at Angel Lane

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I send out my deepest condolences to anyone who has had to endure the hellish Circuit laundry app. It’s most definitely a rite of passage at most university accommodations to have some experience with faulty laundry apps but, according to their app store reviews, Circuit seem particularly problematic. Princess Kate could very well be sat on the floor of the laundry room at Angel Lane trying to figure out how to get her clothes to dry.

Simply just chilling in her own pub The Princess of Wales

She wouldn’t hide in somewhere named after her would she? Maybe the Princess of Wales is just nursing a pint of Neck Oil in the pub down Villiers Street.

Hiding in the infamous toilet at the Maughan Library

When you enter the library and go upstairs, then follow the corridors to the left all the way around you’ll eventually find this toilet. Infamous for the abundance of sofas and their suspicious stains. If it didn’t have those stains it would be quite a comfy place to hang out for a while, and, being so far away from the entrance, maybe that’s exactly where Kate is camping out, catching up on some reading.

Trying to find her platform at London Bridge or Waterloo

For those students at Guy’s and Waterloo campus who take long distance trains after a long day at university, you have unruly willpower. Trying to find a platform at one of these stations during rush hour is not an easy task, you can easily get overwhelmed and easily end up on a train to Salisbury instead of Fareham. Has anyone checked that she’s not just wondering the station looking for her platform, cradling a Pret baguette to make her feel better.

Kidnapped by UCL students

The wars between UCL and KCL continue. A feud older than time itself, stealing mascots and playing football with wax heads. If Kate Middleton was caught roaming the campus of King’s by a UCL student, who’s to say they wouldn’t take her as a cunningly ploy against King’s. I suppose they would potentially get arrested for treason but its a possibility, no?

Hiding under the stairs at Bush House

If you know about the central stairs at Bush House then you’ve likely wondered what’s behind those stairs. Well why don’t you check next time, you could find Kate Middleton.

Still walking from SSA to campus

The walk from SSA to campus is already long, but when you’re walking along Waterloo bridge in the winter it seems to be a never ending, always extending hellscape. Kate Middleton could still be on her morning commute from SSA, stuck trying to cross the hellish bridge.

Featured image credit via Simon Dael/Shutterstock/Twitter

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