Look at these memes about the London Overground names while you wait for your delayed train

‘Babe, I’m just hopping on the Suffy G line’

You may have all become familiar with the London Overground being a labyrinth of intersecting orange lines that are impossible to follow without studying them for years in preparation. Thankfully, that is all about to change as it was announced last Thursday that the six strands of the London Overground are to be renamed to reflect the diverse communities they pass through.

The TFL announced that the new names would be: the Lioness line, the Mildmay line, the Windrush line, the Weaver line, the Suffragette line and the Liberty line.

The internet has since been reacting to the renaming by taking to X (formerly Twitter) to show what they think should’ve been the new names. Here are some of the best memes reacting to the rename:

1. I would love a Sugababes themed train network

2. I have my suspicions about the Weaver line

3. Always knew Gino D’Acampo would leave a lasting impact on British culture

4. But where’s the NFI line? Was it not flipping invited?

5. All my FM fans will be hoping to bump into big Ange or Arteta on the Gegenpress line

6. No one is going to agree on how to pronounce these lines

7. It wasn’t until I saw this that I found out it wasn’t

8. The Doctor Who Society should be all over this

9. If only it were this easy to get on Stealth

10. All lines lead to ABBA Voyage

11. If it wasn’t already confusing enough to find out what line you’d stumbled on

12. I hear this in Peter Kay’s voice

13. We all know they’re inevitably going to be shortened

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