KCL Women’s Hockey team robbed of a win by UCL during London Varsity Series

UCL Women’s Hockey team pipped KCL to the post by one lucky goal

King’s Women’s Hockey team narrowly lost out to UCL 3-2 in the latest of the London Varsity Series against our longstanding rivals. All of the girls gave a performance to be proud of. In fact, all of the KCL Hockey club should be giving themselves a pat on the back. Although the Men’s were defeated (4-1), they too played an excellent game and put up a fight.

The Women’s match was extraordinarily entertaining. They were first to score, and had a strong starting team. However, all of the women together, throughout the match in their turns to play, were unstoppable. Watching their warm ups, you could see the dedication on all of their faces. This dedication definitely translated into the match.

Both KCL and UCL Women’s teams remained head-to-head the majority of the match, with immense support on the stands from family, friends, and other members in the club. Moreover, the KCL Lions Cheer Squad also made an appearance in the interval between the Men’s match, whilst even Reggie the Lion came to show some enthusiasm.

Gracie, the Women’s 1’s Captain, told the Tab how she felt about the match, reflecting on the team’s performance: “The first half was going our way and we were playing as well as we ever have, really really proud and holding our ground.” She then went on to say, “Honestly felt we had the game in the bag.” It certainly did feel like a robbery with a last minute winner from UCL.

Finally, Gracie affirmed that despite the loss, it was a great day and she was looking forward to celebrating with all of her teammates in the evening. In addition, we also spoke to the rest of the team and asked them “What teammate are you most proud of this Varsity season and why?” and ‘Who do you think will get the most drunk tonight and why?” The answers were a great mix of wholesome and funny. The answers to these can be seen soon on our Tik Tok page, @thetabkcl.

Next Varsity season, the Women’s will be sure to secure a win. With a few of the teammates unfortunately graduating, such as captain Gracie, the line up may look a bit different next year. However the new team will be just, if not more fantastic than they are now. Each of the girls are enormously talented and encouraging of each other. This, alongside the kindness they show one another, is what makes them such a deserving team of a victory. If you’re thinking of joining a new club, KCL Hockey is one to look out for.

It’s surely been a successful Varsity season overall, with victories from various teams such as GKTWRC, KCL Equestrians AND KCLAXC.

Good luck to the rest of the KCL teams for the remained of the London Varsity Series, and keep posted on the latest results of varsity here.

Featured image credit via Hani Mears.

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