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All Stars couple in new CHEATING scandal?! Plus savage Islander hair transplant accusations

It’s pure carnage!

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Georgia Harrison has taken a vicious swipe at Anton after their breakup

Anton and Georgia broke up a couple of weeks ago and have been trading swipes at each other ever since. In the latest instalment, Georgia has made an apparent jab at her relationship with Anton, as she shared a story about “marrying her best friend,” with the caption “If it ain’t this I don’t want it.” Kinda love the energy honestly.

Jess has accused Callum of cheating on her with a fellow Islander


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After Jess slammed Callum’s behaviour as “unforgivable” following their Love Island breakup, we might finally know exactly what it was that Callum did that means the two “no longer speak.”

According to a source Callum had a fling with Anna-May Robey who appeared on the winter series of Love Island last year whilst he was still in a relationship with Jess. A source told the Mail: “She had learned of Callum’s fling with Anna-May, which came as a complete surprise to her, as far as Jess knew she and Callum were trying to make their romance work outside of the show.

“It was embarrassing how it all played out at a party and Callum proceeded to rub salt in the wound by leaving the venue holding another girl’s hand.”


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However, a source close to Callum has claimed he and Jess had already split before he started casually seeing Anna-May. They explained: “Some of the accusations made against Callum have left him feeling really sad. At the point of leaving Love Island with Jess, they were still two people getting to know each other with the hope of their romance working outside of the show.

“But they didn’t make their relationship official and decided to end things back in March, with Callum believing they parted ways as friends. Callum was never unfaithful to Jess so it has been upsetting for him to hear otherwise.”

Fans think Paige and Finn might have secretly got back together


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Fans are convinced that despite everything that’s happened between them, Love Island stars Paige and Finn might be back together after all as he was seen in attendance of the London marathon. And yeah you might be thinking, so what? Well, it turns out that Paige was also in attendance so now everyone is convinced that they’re an item again. I think it’s a bit of a stretch tbh but here for the delusions.

And something is in the air because apparently Zach and Molly have reunited as well?!


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Yep, just six weeks after splitting the two are reportedly giving their relationship another go because that always seems to go so well for couples. The Sun revealed: “When they split, they were both so upset – they’ve got a really strong bond. They never stopped talking in the weeks after the breakup and have decided to give things another go. It’s early days but they’re determined to make it work.”

And you might be wondering if they’ve been spotted together and you’d never believe but they were seen AT THE LONDON MARATHON. The London marathon has well and truly inserted itself into having main character energy.

Kaz and Toby have sparked dating rumours after being seen together


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The two were seen getting cosy at a theme park together with an onlooker reportedly telling The Mail: “Toby and Kaz looked really cosy and appear to have a close bond. They were having such a good time together, laughing and joking all day. Whether the relationship is platonic or not is hard to work out, but they certainly seem fixated with each other.” Watch this space!

Anton had shut down rumours he’s dating Hannah Elizabeth


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After multiple nights out and podcast appearances with each other following his breakup with Georgia H, Hannah Elizabeth and Anton were seen getting mega cosy together, with a lot of hand-holding going on. But Anton has firmly shut down any speculation the two might be dating through a Q&A on his Instagram story.

He clarified to a fan: “So this girl deserves the absolute world and any man would be lucky to have her. Unfortunately, that man is not myself,” he continued. “We are the best of friends but I am more like a brother.” Am I sensing a hint of regret…

Mitch wants to ‘slap Anton’s head off’ and accuses him of having a hair transplant in bitter feud

Despite the fact All Stars ended months ago there are still ongoing feuds from the series, one being between Anton and Mitch. In a recent Reddit interview, Mitch revealed that he wants to “slap Anton’s off.” He confessed: “I’d fight Anton but he’d have to lose a lot of weight because he’s got a lot of muscle. I’d still slap his head off I can’t lie.”

He then went on to insult Anton’s appearance, suggesting his hairline is fake. He joked: “Then when I’m warmed up, just quickly smack Anton’s extremely good hairline off. I don’t reckon the hairline is real. He’s been to Turkey hasn’t he.” How are these men not 12 years old?

Tom and Molly have taken a big step in their relationship and moved in together


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In more wholesome news, Love Island winners Molly and Tom are still going strong and have taken a major step in their relationship together. She revealed to OK!: “Tom is basically moving into mine at the moment. He was planning on moving back up north from London anyway, so he’s now in the process of moving all of his stuff in and yeah we’re basically living together.” Very wholesome!

Amy Hart might be joining the cast of Eastenders?!


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She’s previously shared what a massive fan of the soap she is and was recently spotted getting dinner with the executive producer of the show. Could we be seeing her make a cameo soon? I still have flashbacks to Curtis and AJ’s GCSE-level appearance in Hollyoaks.

Eve gives an update on her relationship with Demi Sims

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After confirming she and Demi had gone on some dates together, Eve has given a long overdue update on their relationship. She told The Sun: “I love Demi – she’s a really great girl. Because of the dates, a lot of people think we’re in a really serious relationship. But it’s very chilled, and I really like being in her company. We’re just seeing where it goes, to be honest.”

Plus, at least two All Stars Islanders are reportedly being lined up for Celebs Go Dating


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And finally as is standard all of the Islanders who broke up with their partners are now conveniently being eyed up for Celebs Go Dating. Hannah Elizabeth and Callum are both reportedly in talks to join the series, according to The Sun.

A TV insider revealed: “Hannah Elizabeth has had a series of meetings about signing up for Celebs Go Dating. Show bosses were really impressed with her on All Stars and think she would be perfect for the E4 show – she has a larger than life personality, is up for a laugh and she’s serious about finding someone.”


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As for Callum, a source explained: “Callum was a huge hit on All Stars so it was a no-brainer for bosses to approach him as soon as he split from Jess. He’s a huge fan favourite and everyone wants him to find love. Bosses are keen to get him on the show – it’s early days with talks but they’re hopeful.”

Give me more drama and an incredible man for queen Hannah Elizabeth and I’ll be happy.

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