King’s waited a month to tell postgraduates they won’t be included in the safety net policy

‘Students would undoubtedly have approached assignments differently if they’d known the safety net they’d been promised didn’t actually exist’

President of the Conservative Association removed following controversial comments made

Charles Amos lost a vote of no confidence this afternoon

King’s College London backtracks on elements of its safety net policy

The changes apply to Arts and Humanities degrees

We spoke to the people using sugar daddies to pay for things on Animal Crossing

‘I thought it was too good to be true, but now I’m thriving’

King’s rules out safety-net policy for postgraduates

Postgrads were informed yesterday the policy would not apply to them

Areas around the Strand and London Bridge to be made car-free within weeks

It will be one of the biggest car-free initiatives in the world

We spoke to Charles Amos, the controversial Conservative Association President at King’s

‘Do I favour a fully privatised NHS? Certainly, absolutely’

King’s announces virtual alternative to study abroad for next semester

Modules will be taught online by King’s and partner institutions

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