King’s has made over £385k in the last three years out of library fines

Forgetting to return our books has made them the most profit out of any university in London

King’s is having a ‘Consent Week’ this month

Keep your awareness in check

£25 Amazon vouchers are just one of the prizes you can win in this week’s King’s Library Treasure Hunt

Who said free stuff?

Take this quiz and we'll tell you which London uni you should have gone to

Please not Royal Holloway, please not Royal Holloway


King’s student launches app to combat student loneliness

Because if food isn’t the foundation for all your friendships you’re doing it wrong.

A mature King’s medical student has been found guilty of sexual assault and is on the Sex Offender’s Register for five years

He repeatedly grabbed his date’s boobs during sex causing severe bruising

UCL wanted to send this black student to go to Missouri on his year abroad despite serious hate crimes

Washington University suspended a fraternity for a ‘scavenger hunt’ where they photographed black students and sang racist raps

Feeling ruff? KCL Doggy De-stress is coming to Guy’s to start the new academic year

You must be barking mad to not want some puppy therapy…

The Met Police are being dragged for linking seized heroin found 12 miles away to Notting Hill Carnival

Stormzy went in

King’s has been voted as the second most attractive uni in the UK

Don’t hate us cause you ain’t us

King’s Business School gets brand new office at Bush House

Petition to get my faculty moved out of the Strand building ASAP

Stop what you’re doing: Krispy Kreme are giving out free boxes of doughnuts in London

Get to your nearest Tube stop

No, King’s isn’t replacing the portraits of its founders with a ‘wall of diversity’

Claims have been denied by the University

‘I saw one man jump from the building to escape the flames’: We spoke to a survivor of the Grenfell Tower fire

Her dogs saved her

KCLSU is setting up donation points for Grenfell Tower victims

Here’s how you can help

BREAKING: All King’s campuses on lock-down

Some students were evacuated from restaurants

The African and Caribbean Society have unveiled only two per cent of KCL undergrads are black

They started the #BlackMenofKingsCollegeLondon hashtag

King’s have blocked external access to some buildings in response to increased national security

The Macadam entrance has been blocked

More students at King’s are voting Labour than Conservative in the upcoming election

40 per cent of people are voting Tory