King’s study suggests Covid-19 antibodies can be lost over time

The study shows a significant antibody decrease after a three-month period

The Philosophy Bar is shutting down indefinitely

One of the student bars will not be open this academic year

Investigation: Nearly a third of King’s students experience unwanted sexual attention in SU venues

‘A boy at The Vault forced me to kiss him by holding me down’

The very first human case of coronavirus was discovered at St Thomas’s Hospital back in 1964

The same hospital which treated the Prime Minister

King’s Senior Leadership Team Publishes Race Equality Statement

Titled ‘Race equality, racism and King’s,’ it states that the institution is ‘examining and challenging’ itself

Statue of Thomas Guy to be removed from Guy’s Hospital due to slavery links

The NHS said it will ‘remove the statue of Thomas Guy from public view’ after protests

Exclusive: Photo leaked of n-word graffitied in Guy’s Bar

The photo was allegedly taken in March

Everything we know about Thomas Guy’s links to the the slave trade

His name is all over KCL

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Petition to rename Guy’s campus passes 5,000 signatures under 24 hours

The petition comes following Sadiq Khan’s comments on Thomas Guy’s links to slavery

King’s Intersectional Fem Soc creates petition, email template addressing racist KCL students

The petition demands that KCL ‘acknowledge, apologise, and pay reparations as a practitioner of institutional racism’

King’s respond to anger over lack of postgraduate ‘safety net’ policy

They say they are “fully committed to mitigating the negative impact of Covid-19” but the policy “will not now change”.

‘It wasn’t racist’: KCL student who ‘sat with black girl’ to get in prospectus

The University is investigating it as a ‘serious matter’

King’s Master’s student who posted ‘George Floyd challenge’ says he was hacked

The image was taken from the internet, not by the student

King’s confirms lectures will be online until January 2021

Some seminars and labs will take place in person

King’s waited a month to tell postgraduates they won’t be included in the safety net policy

‘Students would undoubtedly have approached assignments differently if they’d known the safety net they’d been promised didn’t actually exist’

President of the Conservative Association removed following controversial comments made

Charles Amos lost a vote of no confidence this afternoon