Here are six essential fashion trends for King’s students this Spring

Expect vibrant flowers, classic denim and a little bit of fur

The change in seasons always calls for a change in wardrobe, but its always hard to know exactly what you’ll need in your wardrobe in order to follow the latest and greatest trends. Why not plan ahead and follow what we think are going to be the trends that will be blossoming this Spring.

1. Floral designs and 3D flowers

Florals are a classic, timeless, and recurring theme throughout Spring. Annually, we see floral designs resurface for Spring in brands such as House of CB, Zara, and ASOS. However, 2024 welcomes a new variation of the iconic design – which is manifested in 3D flowers attached to clothing or bright floral designs against dark and grungy material. Flowers that really stand out.

The 3D flower trend first emerged in runways in preparation for the Spring/Summer 2023 collections. However, this trend has gradually reached high-street stores in the last few months, making them more accessible just in time for Spring 2024.

2. Hearts! Hearts! Hearts!

A trend that has spilled over from Valentine’s Day is the love of hearts. They are everywhere. Tops are being fashioned into the shape of hearts, hearts are being printed on dresses, t-shirts, and skirts, but most notably, heart shapes are being cut out of dresses and tops.

We don’t think anyone other than Sabrina Carpenter can take credit for this trend as she sported many colour variations of a dress with a heart cut out of the chest during her 2023 tour, and while being the warm up act during the American leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Seeing how prominent she’s become in pop culture, many fashion brands have been inspired by her iconic look.

3. Is double denim in?

Double denim hasn’t been trendy (at least unironically) since the ’70s. However, with Justin Timberlake trying to make a comeback, maybe he can be the catalyst to double denim’s revival.

Denim pieces are a staple in our wardrobes all year round but this spring, we will be seeing denim in all shapes and forms. Denim heels, denim boots, skirts, dungarees, vests! You name it, it will probably be made from denim.

4. Skirts or shorts? Let’s do both

Are skorts the best invention since sliced bread? If the shorts are hidden under the skirt, then absolutely. Although, let’s try to avoid the skirt in the front, and shorts in the back look please.

Many high-street stores such as Hollister, Bershka, and Stradivarius are bringing skorts back. We are seeing skorts in playful, skater-cut designs but also business casual, pleated school-girl designs. Think, Gossip Girl Serena Van Der Woodson vibes. We love to see it.

5. “Corp Core”

This brings us swiftly on to “corporate core”. We are always down for a business casual look – even if it is purely aesthetic for those of you that are not a part of King’s Business School.

There is something so satisfying about unnecessarily wearing pinstripe trousers and a fitted shirt just to grab a coffee from Pret. It makes us feel important. So, yes, we will be taking advantage of the HUGE influx of pinstripe clothing that has reached high-street stores. This trend may also see a rise in oversized buttoned shirts, wide-leg work trousers, blazers, fitted shirts, vests, and of course, loafers.

6. The “Mob-Wife” aesthetic

Although the “mob-wife” aesthetic found its prime throughout winter 2023/24, we are still seeing fur coats left, right, and centre, so it’s unlikely this trend will be disappearing any time soon. This trend welcomes long fur coats, cheetah print, and chunky jewellery. But no look will be complete without the sunglasses to match. As spring in England is still basically winter, just with a bit more sun, you can not go wrong with a fur coat.

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