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Who is Emma Louise Connolly? The design grad and model engaged to Made in Chelsea’s Proudlock

A round of applause for the fittest couple to ever have existed pls


Sure, Louise and Ryan Libbey have just announced they're getting married, but don't let that take the shine off the Made in Chelsea engagement of summer 2018.

Last week, Proudlock proposed to long-term girlfriend Emma Louise Connolly. He got down on one knee during a romantic trip to Sweden where they were celebrating their four-year anniversary.

But who is Emma Louise Connolly? Sure, the couple are so fit it should be an actual crime, but Emma is also a successful model with over 300k followers on Instagram. Here is everything you need to know about her.

Emma is a 26-year-old Scottish model

Emma is from the Scottish town of Dunblane, where she was born on September 21st, 1991.

She has a Nasty Gal clothing line

Emma teamed up with fashion brand Nasty Gal for a collaboration featuring "hand-picked slogans, romantic silhouettes, fresh florals, and vintage-inspired denim."

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Emma suffers from endometriosis and started her menopause aged 22

According to MailOnline, Emma suffers from endometriosis and started her menopause aged 22. She has recently campaigned to raise awareness of the condition.

Emma shared a photo of her stomach on her Instagram story, captioned:

"For those girls who messaged me about my most recent post – things you don’t see…that endometriosis flare up.

"Vbloaty, veiny and v sleepy. All other girls who suffer from endo please send me tips – it’s so painful :("

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She then posted a follow-up pic, saying: "Up and dressed and trying to ignore the pain.

"Thank you all so much for your messages. I just love you so much. Sisters unite."

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She also starred in a Maybelline beauty campaign

Emma appeared in the Maybelline Color Sensation campaign. Nice work if you can get it.

This also included appearing on a massive billboard in Piccadilly Circus.

She has over 300k followers on Instagram

As well as documenting her model work, there are tons of photos of Emma and Proudlock generally enjoying life as successful fit people in their twenties having lots of fun. Jealous, moi? Je ne comprends pas!

Her Insta includes showing off all the amazing places she's travelled to

YOU are not a model, you don't get to go to all these amazing places, and will probably never be in a couple this fit. But don't worry, I'm sure your life is still really great fun!

Two years ago the couple appeared on the front cover of Phoenix magazine

I guess you've got to be pretty sure you're going to stay together if you're posing on the front cover of an actual magazine.

Emma is keen on charity and humanitarian work

Alongside raising awareness surrounding endometriosis, Emma visited Nepal's Camp Hope, a temporary shelter and centre for displaced families in the country's capital Kathmandu.

She's also used her substantial Instagram following to fundraise for the British Heart Foundation.

Her hobbies include tennis

One of the perks of being a model, a famous boyfriend and a large social media following is that Emma was lucky enough to visit the Evian suite at Wimbledon this year.

Emma's parents have been together since they were 15

Sure, this is a bit of a weird one to include, but Emma shared the fun fact that her parents have been together since the age of 15 on her Instagram whilst the family were out for dinner.

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