Ellie West

Ellie West
Kings College London


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KCL Politics and Economics student stabbed to death on walk home

Police say the victim was ‘entirely blameless’

King’s law students are handing out free legal advice to the public

Their clinic is open now

Free travel and £750 ‘goodwill’: How KCL is compensating displaced freshers

Some have been offered reduced rent

‘Brexit Party girl’ Emily Hewertson is coming to King’s this year

She used a Twitter poll to decide

Memes and lawsuits: How uni pro-life societies are challenging campus bans

‘It’s important to have both views at the university – pro-life and pro-choice’

A London uni is going beef-free to become carbon neutral

Goldsmiths will also be adding more modules on climate change to the curriculum

UCAS is sending tampons and pads to prospective students

Send an unconditional too pls

King’s hired volunteers to smoke bongs for three years

They used chocolate to test psychosis

These are all the celebrities you wouldn’t expect to be vegan

Zac Efron swears by a plant-based diet

Instagram is hiring a ‘meme manager’ so where can I apply

No, seriously!

Control your fomo as you look at the best dressed of Wilderness 2019

Glitter, leopard prints, Doc Martens

It’s time to nominate King’s BNOC of the Year 2019

Are you blessed with the best?

New rankings reveal King’s is fifth best for Business & Management in the UK

It’s also top 25 in the league tables

One of the Sri Lanka bombers studied at Kingston University

He studied aerospace engineering

The Sultan of Brunei’s honorary degree makes me embarrassed to go to King’s

And who wouldn’t be?

350 KCL students sign open letter to principal after alleged ID card deactivation

The letter was made public 12 hours ago

KCL activists claim their ID cards were cancelled during the Queen’s visit

The uni refused to confirm whether this happened

Who is Verity Bowditch? KCL grad and Made in Chelsea newbie

And she was in the polo squad

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which King’s venue you are

We can’t all be Guy’s Bar

King’s is the fourth most employable uni in the UK

We beat UCL, Durham and LSE

King’s graduate who threatened to chop of lecturer’s penis allowed to attend Christian Union

She can also go to language lessons

I tried Bush House’s Vegan Cafe for a day

And I made sure to tell everyone I was a vegan too