Made in CHEAT-sea: The wildest cheating scandals EVER on MIC

Never forget Alex’s orgy


There’s nothing like a Made In Chelsea cheating scandal, it’s what makes the show as dramatic as it is. Remember when Millie found out Hugo slept with Rosie behind her back? Or when Alex Mytton had an orgy with Spencer and Binky found out about it in front of everyone? And now we have a brand new scandal with Zara and Sam that seems to get juicier and juicier by the day.

There have been so many cheaters on Made In Chelsea, it’s hard to keep up. So here are all the worst Made In Chelsea cheating scandals through the seasons:

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson

Ex-Love Island contestant, Zara, and MIC OG, Sam, seemed to be head over heels for each other after getting together mid-2019. They seemed happy enough. Sam was like a whole new man – nice new beard, fresh gym bod and had seemingly been studying psychology textbooks given how much he was psychoanalysing former friend, Jamie.

However, after his return from Buenos Aires just before Christmas, Zara seemed to be less than thrilled to see him and the relationship took a nosedive. They did salvage it eventually and even kept it going after the reemergence of Tiff (which caused several quite pointless rows). They lived together through lockdown and everything seemed to be going SO well…. only for it to be revealed that Zara actually slept with someone during her appearance on The X Factor: Celebrity. Dammit.

Since being found out, she’s been openly asking from Sam back across social media and on the show, but he doesn’t seem to be responding to it publicly. Is anyone else curious as to who the ‘friend’ is that told Sam about Zara’s affair? It’s a juicy piece of goss to sit on for 9 months, just saying.

Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson

Spencer, Spencer, Spencer. Before we get into the worst cheating scandal Spencer has ever been a part of, there are a few others we need to cover. Remember when Spencer cheated on Lucy with a waitress in Greece? Or on Steph on a night out? Or Lauren when he kissed someone else? But none of them compare to what he did to poor Louise.

Spencer and Louise were one of the iconic OG Made in Chelsea couples. They had their ups and downs, including a lot of cheating allegations on Spencer’s side. She stayed by him but then she found out Spencer slept with another girl in her bed. Infamously, he said to Louise: “It’s fucking hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you.” Still surprised Louise didn’t push him and his oversized ego into the Thames, guess she has more class than myself.

They hooked up a few more times, but eventually moved on. Spencer is now married to Vogue Williams and has two children and Louise is engaged to PT Ryan.

Binky and Alex Mytton

They were cute but INCREDIBLY random as Made in Chelsea pairings go. Unlucky in love Binky hooked up with Alex in late 2013, after he pursued her instead of housemate Fran. Unfortunately, he then cheated on her after spending Christmas with her family, ouch.

He claimed he didn’t remember but after some detective level sleuthing from the girls it turned out to be true and Binky was left heartbroken. She took him back though, only for Jamie to tell Lucy (that was a big mistake), who then told the girls that Spencer and Alex had engaged in an orgy during Alex’s break with Binky. Drinks were thrown, words were said, but Binky took him back AGAIN.

Thankfully she ended the relationship and took herself off to New York with the rest of the cast for a few weeks. She now has a daughter, three-year-old India, with fellow MIC alum JP and is engaged to long-term partner Max. Alex and Binky are friends now and he admits he was a total c**k. 

Hugo Taylor and Millie Mackintosh

Way back in 2011, Hugo and Millie dated across a summer of love, only for it to be revealed Hugo had in fact cheated on Millie, and that she had done the same. A quick trip to France later, and they seemed to be getting things back on track. However, Caggie then revealed that something had happened between Rosie and Hugo during a trip to Monaco. Millie was naturally raging and decided to out the messy business at Francis and Mark Francis’ birthday party. She said: “A second toast to my best friend Rosie for hooking up with Hugo Taylor when we were together and lying about it.” She then added: “Here’s to friendship” before storming out.

All is well that ends well, the girls patched up their friendship, and Millie and Hugo eventually reconciled and are now married with a daughter, Sienna.

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Sam Thompson and Tiff Watson

For a brief period, they were love’s young dream after hooking up in 2014. But then it all came out that Sam had kissed someone else, and then so had Tiff. They gave to another go, only for Steph to take it upon herself to effectively blackmail Tiff into telling the truth about her ‘kiss’ after she felt left out by the girls during a trip to The Maldives. Weird.

Tiff then admitted she hadn’t just kissed someone in Hong Kong, she actually slept with them, so Sam ended the relationship. Then they got back together. And then they broke up again and went on a break. Sam hooked up with Tiff’s friend Mimi, which probably wasn’t his best idea.

Tiff is still milling around Chelsea, she had a vegan restaurant with her sister Lucy for a while and has various other business’. Poor Sam is still front and centre amidst the Chelsea drama.

Jamie and Sophie Habboo

Even though they’re still together, it was revealed that when they first started dating, Jamie was sleeping with MIC cast member Rosi Mai Waldon. Sophie said she was really embarrassed by Jamie.

However, the two are still going strong and could be the next MIC marriage. Maybe Jamie has finally changed?

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Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson

Lucy dated Spencer after Louise and thought she could tame him, but then he cheated again when he went on holiday in Greece. He admitted to it over text.

Spencer Matthews and Stephanie Pratt

Everyone went wild when Spencer brought Stephanie Pratt back to London with him. The pair were basically living with each other until she decided to permanently move to London for Spencer. He then cheated on Stephanie with Lucy Watson.

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Spencer Matthews and Lauren Hutton

Like every other one of Spencer’s exes, Lauren thought she could tame Spencer. And he did seem to clean up his act for a little while until he admitted on camera that he kissed someone else and Lauren threw a glass of champagne in his face. He tried to patch things up with her but she said he “slipped back into his old ways.”

Binky and JP

They might have a baby now, but their relationship was never plain sailing. After what felt like a good year of will they won’t they, they finally got together but Binky kissed someone else. They had a vomit-worthy break up where they called each other ‘bub’ the entire time, and eventually reconciled, had a baby and then split up again.

JP cycles a lot and spends plenty of time with his daughter, and Binky is the ultimate MIC Mummy, so it wasn’t a total loss. Co-parenting at its finest.

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Alex Mytton and Nicola

The couple were on and off for two years, but then Alex broke up with Nicola over text while she was on a family holiday in Florence. While they were together, Alex slept with Olivia Bentley in the South of France and Nicola called him a “gross, vile human.”

Jamie and Frankie

Jamie and Frankie were arguably the most annoying couple on Made In Chelsea because they seemed to be stuck on a loop of breaking up and getting back together. They also used to cheat on each other loads and honestly, I can’t even remember when and where it happened because it was every week.

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Louise and Andy

After Louise’s epic break up with Spencer, she moved on with Andy. They went bowling, kissed in pub gardens and overall seemed very cute. Until one fateful night when Louise got a car out of London to hang out with a ‘friend’. Poor Andy freaked when she didn’t come home, and Louise didn’t seem all that bothered about what she had done when she rolled up to a bar the next evening. Nobody quite knew who the ‘friend’ was, but thank the lord for Louise’s younger brother Sam when he let slip it was NIALL HORAN. Shocking behaviour on all sides.

Both Louise and Andy have moved on, Andy is now engaged and probably still randomly plays the guitar.

Louise and Alik

First there were rumours Alik cheated in a club and then a week later there were rumours that Louise cheated on him. She said: “When I’m drunk anything is possible.” It was a mess. This was during the era when Louise cried in every episode. There are also unconfirmed rumours that Louise hooked up with now-fiancée Ryan before her relationship with Alik actually ended.

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Sam Prince and Jemima

Annoying little Sam Prince cheated on Jemima Rhys with five different girls. FIVE.

Sam Prince and Georgia Toffolo

Sam just was not the smartest when it came to relationships. He pulled a Spencer and slept with another girl in Toff’s bed during Ibiza. Or was it Croatia? They travel so much that at this point it could have been anywhere in Europe, but it was still pretty gross.

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