Made in CHEAT-sea: The wildest cheating scandals EVER on MIC

Never forget Alex’s orgy

There’s nothing like a Made In Chelsea cheating scandal, it’s what makes the show as dramatic as it is. Remember when Millie found out Hugo slept with Rosie behind her back? Or when Alex Mytton had an orgy with Spencer and Binky found out about it in front of everyone? What about Jamie’s incessant cheating on everyone?

There have been so many cheaters on Made In Chelsea, it’s hard to keep. So here are all the worst Made In Chelsea cheating scandals through the seasons:

Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson

Spencer and Louise were one of the iconic OG Made in Chelsea couples. They had their ups and downs, including a lot of cheating allegations on Spencer’s side. She stayed by him but then she found out Spencer slept with another girl in her bed. Infamously, he said to Louise: “It’s fucking hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you.”

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Binky and Alex Mytton

Binky found out that her ex-boyfriend Alex had a drunken orgy with Spencer the week they split up. Binky found out at Stevie’s surprise birthday party. Alex told her: “We both went back to Spencer’s and we hooked with some girls.” Yikes.

Hugo Taylor and Millie Mackintosh

Hugo cheated on Millie with her best friend Rosie and it was awful. Millie gave a speech during a New Year’s episode and said: “A second toast to my best friend Rosie for hooking up with Hugo Taylor when we were together and lying about it.” She then added: “Here’s to friendship” before storming out.

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Sam Thompson and Tiff Watson

Sam cheated on Tiff back in 2014 when he was caught kissing someone on her birthday. Binky revealed on Made In Chelsea: “At your birthday I think you guys went your separate ways… Lonan told me he 100 per cent saw Sam with another girl. Full on kissing.” And then Tiff dumped him.

The couple then got back together after and seemed to be going strong, only to be going on a break in 2017. She said she kissed a man on holiday, and then admitted to sleeping with him a while after. They went on a break after and couldn’t make it work because they kept hooking up with other people. Never forget when Sam got with Mimi.

Jamie and Sophie Habboo

Even though they’re still together, it was revealed that when they first started dating, Jamie was sleeping with MIC cast member Rosi Mai Waldon. Sophie said she was really embarrassed by Jamie.

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Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson

Lucy dated Spencer after Louise and thought she could tame him, but then he cheated again when he went on holiday in Greece. He admitted to it over text.

Spencer Matthews and Stephanie Pratt

Everyone went wild when Spencer brought Stephanie Pratt back to London with him. The pair were basically living with eachother until she decided to permanently move to London for Spencer. He then cheated on Stephanie with Lucy Watson.

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Spencer Matthews and Lauren Hutton

Like every other one of Spencer’s exes, Lauren thought she could tame Spencer. And he did seem to clean up his act for a little while until he admitted on camera that he kissed someone else and Lauren threw a glass of champagne in his face. He tried to patch things up with her but she said he “slipped back into his old ways.”

Binky and JP

Who can forget the JP’s heartbroken face when he found out Binky cheated on him? The couple just kept saying “bub” to eachother and it was sickening.

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Alex Mytton and Nicola

The couple were on and off for two years, but then Alex broke up with Nicola over text while she was on a family holiday in Florence. While they were together, Alex slept with Olivia Bentley in the South of France and Nicola called him a “gross, vile human.”

Jamie and Frankie

Jamie and Frankie were arguably the most annoying couple on Made In Chelsea because they seemed to be stuck on a loop of breaking up and getting back together. They also used to cheat on each other loads and honestly, I can’t even remember when and where it happened because it was every week.

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Louise and Andy

After a terrible relationship with Spencer, Louise started dating Andy Jordan, who was very sweet and very good looking. After the pair broke up, Spencer told Andy that Louise had met up with a guy on a famous musician on a few occasions and made it sound like Louise cheated on Andy. She denied cheating on him but said it was very close to when they broke up.

Louise and Alik

First there were rumours Alik cheated in a club and then a week later there were rumours that Louise cheated on him. She said: “When I’m drunk anything is possible.” It was a mess. This was during the era when Louise cried in every episode.

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Sam Prince and Jemima

Annoying little Sam Prince cheated on Jemima Rhys with five different girls. FIVE.

Sam Prince and Georgia Toffolo

They weren’t officially going out but Sam slept with someone in Toff’s bed while she was out. Disgusting.

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