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These are officially the UK’s youngest celebrity millionaires right now

Rich, talented and successful? Will never be me

This is what the niche Harry Potter cast members are up to now

Of course Viktor Krum had a glow up 🔥

Christine Quinn accuses Selling Sunset producer of misconduct

She claimed he told her to ‘kill herself’

Christine Quinn just claimed she gets paid the most out of the Selling Sunset cast

She claimed there are three different salary tiers

Benefit Cosmetics called out for influencer trip to Hawaii despite overtourism concerns

Hawaiian locals have asked for tourists not to visit as they claim they are damaging the islands

Christine Quinn claims Selling Sunset producers created the bribery storyline

She said they knew she was leaving The Oppenheim Group for over a year

Amber Heard admits to not paying $3.5million divorce settlement she pledged to charity

In court yesterday she said: ‘I fully intend to honour all of my pledges’

Quiz: Ok, so are you more feral girl or that girl?

Is this going to be a messy or productive summer?

This is everything you need to know about the cast of Conversations With Friends

Alison Oliver who plays Frances never acted before the show

White private schools boys are the new disadvantaged, according to Cambridge professor

Call Eton, I want a refund

The thieves still haven’t been found and everything else we know about Dorit’s burglary

Including why the security alarm didn’t go off

This TikToker just explained exactly how the Creator Fund works

And she is making bank

If your town has these 23 things then it’s officially considered posh

Doesn’t every town have a yacht dealer and artisan bread shop?

Introducing Diana Jenkins, the newest RHOBH housewife with $300million in the bank

She’s already called herself a ‘villain’

Which of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has the most Instagram followers?

Of course Garcelle has loads

This is what the cast of Pretty Little Liars is up to now

There are a lot of babies, TikToks and photography books

FYI, the rumour Amber Heard said lines from a film in the Johnny Depp trial is fake

People were suggesting she said lines from The Talented Mr Ripley

Is the meeting at 10am or 2pm? TikTok is divided over the answer to this simple question

‘We have a meeting at midday, can we move it forward two hours?’

Um, so it turns out Heather had actually eaten an Oreo before the Selling Sunset reunion

I am shocked

All the celebrities who have been mentioned in the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial

Including Eddie Redmayne and James Franco

Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her with a bottle

The incident allegedly took place in March 2015

Amber Heard alleged Johnny Depp threatened to kill her and slapped her multiple times

During her testimony she said he did a ‘cavity’ search on her

Seven times celebrities shared their experience of getting an abortion

‘Abortion saved my life’

There are three relationship attachment styles and this is how to work out yours

Wow, my past relationships are making a LOT of sense

Quiz: Order a takeaway pizza and we’ll tell you where in the UK you’re from

Question one – does pineapple belong on pizza??

The that girl vibe is over, we’re about to enter the era of feral girl summer

Feral club rats only for the next few months🐀

Where is the ‘And the best part of this plan is, no one can stop me’ TikTok audio from?

Ok but I am obsessed with this giant bee

These are all the young royals on TikTok you need to be following

A kingdom and thousands of followers? Life is not fair

FYI, there’s a full Selling Sunset soundtrack playlist on Spotify

That’s the music for Friday drinks sorted then

Quiz: Which iconic Selling Sunset duo are you and your bestie?

Christine and Chelsea only please

This is what the cast of High School Musical is up to now

The crème brûlée guy is married with a kid now

Quiz: Only a bad bitch can complete the lyrics of these Selling Sunset bops

‘I’m not the type to break up with my kidney’

Christine Quinn launches her own real estate company after leaving The Oppenheim Group

Jason, you’ve got competition

All the details that were left out about Heather’s wedding in Selling Sunset

They had two wedding cakes and gave guests flip flops with their faces on

Celebrity billionaires: These are the eight richest celebs, according to Forbes

Meanwhile I’m £200 into my overdraft

So, Ben Affleck just denied asking Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan out on a date

Emma claimed they had matched on Raya

Ranked: Every single look Christine Quinn wore in Selling Sunset this season

Can we take a moment to appreciate her hair in the opening look?

Who is Micah? Property developer and Emma’s love interest on Selling Sunset

I need to know if they’re still dating

Who is Tina Louise? Model and ex-girlfriend of Brett Oppenheim

She features on the new season of Selling Sunset

These are all the side hustles of the Selling Sunset cast

As if they don’t do enough already

Um, Christine Quinn just said the Selling Sunset storylines are fake

Pretends to be shocked

These are the top 10 best ever episodes of RHOBH, according to IMDb

Yes, both ‘Dinner Party From Hell’ episodes are here

Where is Mike Jeffries, the ex-CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch now?

He left the company in 2014

This is why Blac Chyna is suing the Kardashians for $100million

Their trial is expected to last 10 days

This super short IQ test on TikTok will show you how smart you actually are

It’s official, I’m dumb

Netflix’s White Hot: So why was Abercrombie & Fitch sued in 2009?

Their court case went all the way to the Supreme Court

These are all the UK celebrities and influencers who went to Coachella

Never seen so many cowboy boots in my life

Only true Bridgerton fans will have spotted these 21 hidden details in season two

Yes, Anthony’s wet shirtless scene was a direct nod to Mr Darcy

Four women, 15 months: The case against serial student rapist Charles Goodwin

Goodwin was sentenced to 17 years in prison for raping two students and sexually assaulting another

Who is Rebecca Donaldson? Meet Scott Disick’s new model girlfriend

She’s a Brit and mates with Hana Cross

The vibe for summer 2022? According to TikTok it’s being a coastal grandmother

Crack open the chardonnay in your button down shirt

‘I’m a drug addict. I love cocaine’: This is what X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza is up to now

Frankie revealed he’s trying to come off drugs after becoming a dad

So, a bunch of sex scenes were cut from Bridgerton season two

I just wanna know who thought this was a good idea

All the celebrities who went to Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s wedding

Right, who invited Jonathan Cheban?

Too Hot To Handle’s Emily seems to confirm she and Cam have broken up in new TikTok

It’s a hot girl summer for Emily

The Love Island 2022 start date has been ‘confirmed’

And it’s just two months away!!

Vote: What is the best reality show on TV right now?

Love Is Blind deserves a top three spot at least

The old monk who went viral on TikTok has sadly passed away

He lived to a grand old age of 109

Too Hot To Handle’s Emily and Cam have ‘split up’ after he allegedly cheated on her

My heart can’t take this

These are the Bridgerton cast members who worked together before the show

Lady Featherington and Daphne played mother and daughter in a BBC series

Yes, Ashley Tisdale really got her husband to buy 400 books just for an AD tour

Finally an honest celebrity home tour

‘Always and forever in our hearts’: The Wanted leads celebrity tributes to Tom Parker

Tom passed away yesterday aged 33

Ok, so what actually is the game of pall mall played in Bridgerton?

It was the precursor to croquet

Will Smith apologises to Chris Rock for slapping him in Instagram post

‘I was out of line and I was wrong’

These are all the classic TV shows which launched the careers of the Bridgerton cast

One of Jonathan Bailey’s first major roles was in Broadchurch

This is what was actually in Benedict’s tea in Bridgerton season two

Regency England was pretty chill about drugs

Um, so why was Francesca missing from most of Bridgerton season two?

She vanished into thin air

Everyone on TikTok is obsessed with her, so who is Matilda Djerf?

Someone please teach me the secret of her hair

This TikTok shows you how to work out your Bridgerton name

Is Mrs Anthony Bridgerton available?

Your dad is guaranteed to say and do these 31 things as soon as he steps on a uni campus

17. He shakes all the furniture to ensure it’s structurally intact

These are the degrees most likely to get you a spot on The Apprentice

Unsurprisingly business degrees are very common

Ranked: The best ever Below Deck episodes according to IMDb

Anything with Chef Ben in is a 10/10 from me

University of Liverpool dismisses student Charles Goodwin following 17 year rape sentence

‘It is deeply distressing that one of our students perpetrated these offences’

These are all the major celebrities who have admitted to having cosmetic surgery

Bella Hadid recently shared she had a nose job at 14

Now it’s on Netflix, how well do you remember 17 Again? Take this quiz to find out

Aka the greatest movie of all time

Liverpool student Charles Goodwin sentenced to 17 years in prison for raping two students

He was also found guilty of sexually assaulting a third student

Molly-Mae has revealed how much she was paid for her first ever sponsored post

And it’s a lot smaller than the £10,000 per post she makes now

Inside the Instagrams of the Below Deck Down Under crew

One of them has over 400,000 followers

Love Island’s Faye and Teddy quit Instagram over racist abuse

‘Faye gets quite a lot of racism thrown at her for being with me’

Ok so who are the family from the ‘I’m just a baby’ TikTok audio?

The mum’s account has now been banned on TikTok

Russian influencers complain their lives are ‘being taken away’ after Instagram is banned

One said she was in ‘the first stage of grief’

Hey now, hey now, how well do you remember the Lizzie McGuire Movie?

This quiz is what dreams are made of

Meet the cast of the brand new series Below Deck Down Under

Another Below Deck franchise? Sign me up

Ranked: Every single one of Rory Gilmore’s romantic interests

Is Jess or Logan coming out on top?

Netflix’s Byron Baes is classic influencer chaos and these 22 moments prove it

17. Tuna canapés being served at a sea life fundraiser

These are the 23 funniest memes about the chaotic RHOSLC reunion episodes

Seriously, how did Jen manage that?

Deepti says Shake’s apology is ‘fake’, ‘insincere’ and she wants ‘nothing to do with him’

She also said he ‘wasted’ her experience on the show

Meet Mike Soutar: Tim Campbell’s replacement on this week’s The Apprentice

This isn’t his first time on the show

Deepti claims Shake ‘made the other girls cry’ in a revealing podcast interview

Natalie and Deepti spilt a LOT of tea on Lauren Speed’s new podcast

These are the brands which are stopping operations in Russia

ASOS, McDonald’s and Netflix are just some of the brands showing support for Ukraine

This is everything we know about Sex/Life season two so far

Get Brad back in my life asap

Amber Davies said she’s quit drinking and is buying a house with her boyfriend

Amber kept asking Nick if he was going to propose on holiday

Shaina just explained why she was always squinting on Love Is Blind

And no it’s not because she’s Donald Trump’s long lost cousin

These are all the Love Islanders who have degrees

Dr Alex isn’t the only smart cookie

This is where you recognise the cast of The Dropout from

The series dropped on Disney+ last night

Netflix just added five new cast members to Sex/Life season two

And they are seriously fit 🔥

FYI Siânnise Fudge wants you to know she’s actually ‘very much single’

‘No I don’t have a new boyfriend’

Sarah Everard’s family say they ‘miss her all the time’ on the anniversary of her death

Sarah Everard was murdered by Wayne Couzens a year ago today

They’re at it again! Here’s a bunch of celebs making Ukraine about themselves

A bikini launch is defo gonna help the people of Ukraine

This TikTok test will tell you exactly how angry you are

I’m not angry, I’m expressive

Dr Alex George reportedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend four times

He’s asked people not to ‘judge situations you do not understand’