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Ranked: The food influencers who can make the most from sponsored posts

Unsurprisingly Jamie Oliver can rake it in

The 11 books you need to be reading this hot girl summer, according to BookTok

My FYP is just a sea of aesthetic book covers

Quiz: After 20 seasons, how much of Keeping Up With The Kardashians do you remember?

You’ll do amazing sweetie

This is everything you need to know about Irina Shayk, Kanye’s rumoured new girlfriend

They were pictured in France together this week

There’s gonna be a KUWTK reunion show and this is everything we know so far

I am so ready for Andy Cohen to grill them

These 21 secrets of how Friends was made will change the way you see the show

Um Ross and Rachel were never meant to be on a break

These are the celebrities who reportedly have secret second Instagram accounts

Just gonna quickly follow Gigi Hadid’s finsta

Only a true teen queen is getting 27/30 on this bumper teen girl movie trivia quiz

Do you know your Clueless from your Legally Blonde?

Anti-vax celebrities: These are the celebs who say they’re refusing the vaccine

Seems sensible 🙄

What actually is the dry scooping trend on TikTok and is it dangerous?

Someone on TikTok claimed she had a heart attack from it

This is how much money the Friends cast made for every single episode of the show

No wonder they’re all multimillionaires

The 17 boys you will inevitably sleep with this hot girl summer

Look we’re all going to sleep with the guy who invested in Bitcoin

Ok so what do the sun, moon and rising signs actually mean and how do you work them out?

It all makes so much sense now

This is exactly how to find your Spotify audio birth chart

Of course I’m an Ariana Grande sun

You can’t say you’re a girl on TikTok unless you fit one of these 11 aesthetics

Feel like I’m a mix of Y2K and ‘that girl’

It’s been 17 years, so how well do you remember the final episode of Friends?

But does Rachel get off the plane?!

These are the top 10 Friends episodes ever, according to IMDb

Quite shocked about number one tbh

Sarah Everard’s cause of death confirmed as strangulation, post-mortem finds

The Metropolitan Police released a statement today

Only a true Friends fan is getting 11/13 on this pilot episode trivia quiz

Ok but who says the first ever line in the show?

Ranked: The current MiC cast members who can make the most money on Instagram

Tiff can rake in the money for sponsored posts

Ok so just how well would you do on THAT iconic Friends quiz?

Does anyone know what Chandler’s job is?

Quiz: Oh my god! How well do you remember the iconic quotes from Friends?

Could this BE any easier?

These 27 Friends reunion reactions will have you crying a puddle of tears

I’m fine, I just need a minute

These are the ages of the Friends cast now and when they first started the show

Jennifer Aniston was just 25 when she first played Rachel

Ok so why are girls painting their nails light blue on TikTok and what does it mean?

Who knew nail colours could be so deep?

The Friends reunion is finally here and this is everything you find out in the episode

They actually reveal if Ross and Rachel were on a break

Quiz: Ok let’s settle it once and for all, which of the Friends are you?

Pls be Phoebe

Cry your eyes out to these 27 ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ TikToks

My heart🥺

Ranked: Who was categorically the worst of Rachel’s boyfriends?

Let’s just forget she ever dated Joey

Ok but why do these 39 awkward things always happen on a one night stand?

When you perch on the bed and make small talk about their Pulp Fiction poster

Ranked: The Made in Chelsea cast members who can make the most money on Instagram

As if they need any more money

What are the obscure characters from Friends up to now?

I refuse to believe that’s Gunther

Ok so what is the coconut girl aesthetic that’s all over TikTok?

She’s this year’s VSCO girl

Take this quiz to find out if you’d end up with Joey, Ross or Chandler

Please not Ross

‘It’s about your mindset’: We asked 11 girls how they’re going to have a hot girl summer

‘If there’s sun and tinnies – I’m there’

These are the top 20 richest Brits under 30, according to The Sunday Times Rich List

The richest is a billionaire Newcastle grad who is currently single 👀

Ranked: The incredibly high net worths of the Friends cast

Could they BE any richer?

Demi Jones reveals she’s been diagnosed with thyroid cancer

She announced the sad news on Instagram today

Ranked: The Love Islanders who could make the most on OnlyFans

Molly-Mae could make thousands a month

Kendall Jenner accused of cultural appropriation in ‘tone deaf’ tequila advert

People are accusing her of taking business away from locals

Ranked: The mega salaries of all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Ok so how I do get a job as a housewife?

Meet Crystal Kung Minkoff, the newest housewife of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

She’s the first Asian American housewife of the series

The Come Dine With Me whisk guy has revealed why he shoved the whisk in his mouth

We’re finally getting the answer we’ve been waiting for

Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I Know About Love’ is being adapted into a BBC TV series

Ok now this is exciting

TOWIE marriages: These are the cast members who have said ‘I do’

Of course their weddings are boujie af

You can now buy *the* famous Inbetweeners car

Jokes on your mates who still have to get the bus

These are all the British celebrities who went to private school

At least half are from Made in Chelsea

If you do these 40 things then you’re officially posh according to a new study

Your Tory mate is definitely getting full marks on this one

Who are the Menendez brothers and why are TikTokers calling for their release?

They’re currently serving life sentences

Sorry but if you relate to 39/47 of these things then you’re definitely cheugy

Please stop calling your plants your ‘children’

This is how to show support and help for those in Palestine

Over 40 people have died since Monday

Ok so where does the TikTok ‘have you ever been in love?’ audio actually come from?

It’s from a classic TV show

Inside the incredibly boujie homes of the Little Mix girls

Leigh-Anne’s house is unreal

VOTE: It’s been 10 years, so what is the most iconic Made in Chelsea moment?

It’s the Spencer and Louise bridge scene for me

10 years on, where is everyone from the first episode of Made in Chelsea now?

Half of them have kids and I feel so old

Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards announces she’s pregnant with her first child

She made the announcement on Instagram today

TOWIE babies: These are all the cast members who have children

There are now 25 TOWIE kids

If you can relate to 47/51 of these things then you were the rich friend in school

There was always a room in your house your mates weren’t allowed in

Jamie Laing is leaving MIC, so here are his most memorable moments on the show

I’m actually gonna miss his cheating ways

Jamie Laing has confirmed he’s leaving Made in Chelsea after 10 years

It’s the end of an era

20 years on how well do you remember Legally Blonde? Take our trivia quiz to find out

Finally a quiz I’ll get full marks on

Debunked: The reason why TikTok kept asking for your birthday in the last few days

If I get one more notification I will scream

So what does it mean to be ‘cheugy’ and how do you actually pronounce it?

TikTokers are not done with the millennial bashing yet

Um, so Paris Hilton revealed her ‘stop being poor’ t-shirt was actually photoshopped

Sorry but my mind is blown

These are the 12 lockdown easing personalities you’ll meet at the pub this weekend

I’m a mix between the liability and the one who already wants to go home

The West End, Masterchef and babies: What are the Sugababes up to now?

They just released a new remix of Run for Cover

Who is the Y2K girl and why is she the coolest person on TikTok right now?

Ok but why do they always do that leg thing?

Ok, so what is the sundress challenge? And why is it banned on TikTok?

It’s rather cheeky

Ok, so is anyone else totally overwhelmed by life right now?

It’s all too much and I need a lie down

People on TikTok are putting vodka into hand sanitiser and it’s the most genius idea ever

Defo doing this the next time I head to the pub

How to change your Netflix profile icon: An easy step by step guide

Just want the Duke of Hastings to greet me every time I open the app

Wait why does everyone think Aaron Taylor-Johnson is getting a divorce?

Twitter gals are getting thirsty

Free drinks and upgrades: TikTok flight attendants share their secret tips

Including what you should never drink on a plane

This NHS doctor and model is said to be the latest Love Island contestant

Ok now I’m excited for the new series

Nigella’s ‘meecrowavvey’ scene has been nominated for a BAFTA award

Finally getting the respect she deserves

Only Elle Woods would be able to get full marks on this Legally Blonde quotes quiz

What, like it’s hard?

I looked back at the John Green books and wow, I’ve never cringed so much

They were essentially glorified Tumblr fan fiction

Love Is Blind’s Mark is now a dad after his fiancée Aubrey gives birth to a baby boy

The baby was born this weekend

These are the UK reality stars who have admitted to getting cosmetic surgery

If only they were all this honest 👏

A flight attendant on TikTok has revealed why they actually greet you at the plane door

It makes so much sense

Molly-Mae says it’s ‘really hard’ being sent loads of free gifts

Get your tiny violin out

G’day to the queens of the first series of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under

The series drops on iPlayer in less than two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited

Ok, so what actually is the ‘that girl’ vibe everyone is trying do on TikTok?

It’s the wellness version of Hot Girl Summer

Only a true bookworm could guess these 15 teen books from their descriptions alone

The John Green books were my whole teenage life

These 31 ‘sections of’ memes are so painfully relatable it’s like I made them myself

Every single one speaks to my soul

These are the influencers getting their surgery reversed for a more ‘natural’ look

‘I’d lost sight of what a normal face looked like’

This is exactly how TikTok decides what goes on your ‘For You Page’

Now I know why my Fyp is full of thrifting videos

Just 21 Super League memes to enjoy if you still have no clue what’s going on

‘Ok I’ll bite, what’s foot ball?’

This is what The Saturdays have been up to since they went on hiatus

They only go up

Quiz: Which era of Made in Chelsea do you belong in?

The Lucy Watson era is elite

Under 30s can get paid £5,000 to be reinfected with coronavirus

Ngl could really do with the money

Meet the sisters campaigning to make street harassment a crime and uni campuses safer

‘I’ve been harassed continually through my student life’

Ok so what is going on with Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor?

They were pictured going to Tesco this weekend

Fyre Festival ticket holders will receive $7,000 each in compensation

A $2million settlement was reached earlier this week

Ranked: The highest earning beauty influencers in 2021

Shocker James Charles is on the list

This TikToker figured out who Sophie’s dad is in Mamma Mia and it’s pretty convincing

It all makes so much sense

Quiz: Which early 2010s heartthrob would be your boyfriend?

Is there a bad result? I think not

This is what the First Dates Hotel is really like, by someone who stayed there

The bar where Merlin serves drinks doesn’t exist 😱

Um, so someone on TikTok revealed the true meaning of the Macarena and I am in shock

Literally my whole childhood was a lie