Lydia Venn

These are the most scandalous moments to happen on The Great British Bake Off

Never forget when Deborah stole Howard’s custard

The pubs are shutting at 10pm but these 39 lockdown two reactions are available 24/7

‘Awww second lockdown? I was gonna go gym as well.’

Netflix has ‘cast’ a new head teacher for Sex Education season three

Spoiler alert: She’s a lot fitter than Mr.Groff

Love Island’s Rebecca Gormley is accused of ‘blackfishing’ with new hair braids

‘I’m just being myself, doing me’

This is how to customise your iPhone home screen now you’ve got the iOS 14 update

I just want my home screen to be a work of art

Vote: Out of all the dumb Pretty Little Liars moments which was the most ridiculous?

Spencer’s twin being A is easily a winner

All you need to know about One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest before watching Ratched

It’s the original movie the Netflix series was based on

Quiz: TikTok is obsessed with them, but would you date Draco, Harry Styles or R-Patz?

I’ll take them all

Selling Sunset’s Chrishell reveals ‘some people have left’ The Oppenheim Group

Praying it’s Davina

Meet the newbies joining the Made in Chelsea cast, including Love Island’s Charlie

Zara McDermott’s BFF is joining too

Students are entitled to a refund for poor teaching during coronavirus, gov suggests

Ty Boris x

ITV’s Des: Where are the real life people from the Dennis Nilsen case now?

DCI Peter Jay left the police two years after the trial

Plan a night out look and we’ll tell you where you should have gone to uni

Soton is peak jeans and a nice top energy

These 31 ‘Summer fun! (*private island)’ memes have tested negative multiple times

And none of them are wearing masks

Sorry to break it you, but Zac Efron has a new girlfriend and she’s called Vanessa

They apparently met whilst she was waiting tables

New Love Island USA starts tonight, so it’s time to meet the insanely fit Islanders

Never seen a more attractive group of people in my life

Selling Sunset’s Christine wants her own spin-off show and I’m so here for it

‘I’m so tired of sharing screen time with those five other bitches’

The Apprentice’s Lottie Lion says she is ‘terrified to go out’ in emotional video

‘I hate myself more than any of you ever could’

This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Away series from

Isaac was on Disney’s Shake It Up

Sorry, but Million Dollar Beach House is the worst thing on Netflix right now

Selling Sunset 2.0 it is not

Erm, apparently Made in Chelsea’s Sophie is romantically involved with Johnny Depp

Where did this come from?

R-Patz testing positive for coronavirus has produced some very weird fan reactions

Is everyone ok??

Pret launches £20 monthly subscription service where you can get five drinks a day

This is madness

Quiz: Which of the four main girls in Pretty Little Liars are you?

A Spencer/Hanna crossover would be ideal

A Pretty Little Liars reboot is coming from the Riverdale creator

Seriously who thought this was a good idea?

Three writers quit Netflix show due to ‘racist exploitation’ and ‘psychological abuse’

They were working on the new series Grand Army

The John Lewis uni essentials are here and they are completely boujee and unessential

Thank god I remembered to pack my glass teapot

Take this quiz to find out if you’re Monica, Rachel or Phoebe from Friends

Look, we can’t all be Rachel

PSA: You can get a free Google Nest speaker with Spotify Premium this month

And you can pick the colour

According to Tatler these 26 things are what makes you posh post lockdown

Obviously having live-in staff is at the top of the list

Meet Anna and Chloe, the stagers from Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House

Aka the real stars of the show

Quiz: Can you guess which teen movie boyfriend said these very cringe quotes?

No prizes for ‘And so the lion fell in love with the lamb’

Students want a break clause in their rent contract in case of a second wave

It means you wouldn’t have to pay rent if uni is cancelled

This £750 studio flat available to rent in London lets you shower next to your sofa

‘Prison is free uno’

These are the restaurants still offering a Eat Out to Help Out discount in September

Franco Manca pizza for £2.60? Um, yes please

This is what the original girls from MTV’s Teen Mom are up to now

Catelynn and Tyler are still together!

Meet Ruby Wong: Josh Denzel’s new girlfriend he’s just gone Insta official with

She went to Liverpool John Moores

Deliveroo launches a ‘Eat In to Help Out’ scheme for September

Cheaper food and I don’t have to leave the house? I’m sold

Quiz: What percentage Hiii Girl are you really?

Only true hiii girls use the butterfly emoji

Cold food, fake cabs and booze restrictions: The filming secrets of Come Dine With Me

They get a £125 food budget!!

Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn has been appointed her trustee

The move has been signed off by their father

Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding has been diagnosed with breast cancer

‘The cancer has advanced to other parts of my body’

Meet the Kardashian cling-ons: The people making it big because of the famous sisters

Why are none of my friends rich and famous??

Selling Sunset’s Jason showed Gemma Collins houses on her reality show, and wow

This is the crossover I need

Erm, Jamie Dornan stalked a woman to ‘get into character’ for The Fall

A rather extreme form of method acting

Quiz: Let’s settle this once and for all, would you end up with Edward or Jacob?

I will be raging if I don’t get Jacob

PSA: Ovie has a new TV show coming out about life after Love Island

I am so ready

The new series of Love Island USA is coming to ITV2 and it actually looks decent

He seems reason enough to watch it

Um, Mary and Romain were already married before Selling Sunset season one

I feel cheated

Are you more MIC or TOWIE? Take this quiz to find out which show you’d be in

Sugar Hut or Raffles?

This is what the netball position you played at school really says about you

Goal Attacks were the popular girls and now work in PR

What the iconic TOWIE cast looked like in their first episode, to now

They have changed a LOT

ITV2 has a new dating show coming called ‘The Cabins’ and applications are open now

Is this going to be winter Love Island again??

Drag Queens pay tribute to Chi Chi DeVayne following her death

Rest in Power

Fresher ineligible for loan gets £23k from Taylor Swift to reach fundraising goal

Vitoria can attend Warwick in September now!

Pryzm’s owner says club security will keep people apart to enforce social distancing

The bouncers are going to be cock-blocking

Selling Sunset’s Christine says Chrishell has blocked her on everything

‘This is so silly, you’re like 40’

It’s been 20 years since it started, so how far would you get on The Weakest Link?

Anne Robinson wouldn’t be impressed with you

Meet Sean Sagar: Jesy Nelson’s new boyfriend she’s just gone official with

No one tell Chris

I rewatched the first episode of TOWIE 10 years on, and this is everything I learnt

Mark Wright is far worse than Spencer Matthews

Stop romanticising Noah from The Kissing Booth, his behaviour is incredibly toxic

I’ve lost count of his red flags

Nearly 50,000 of you voted and now we can reveal the worst teen movie boyfriend ever

The winner is well deserving of the title

The sexual tension between you and these 25 sexual tension memes is unmatched

That person adjusting your seatbelt on a rollercoaster

Meet Dominique Fishback, the actual star of Netflix’s Project Power

How do I become her friend??

The Selling Sunset cast have dropped major hints season 4 is happening

‘I’m very optimistic we will be moving forward with future seasons’

How well do you really remember the early 2010s? Take this quiz to find out

Never forget Lady Gaga’s meat dress

Booze budgets and fake ceremonies: The filming secrets of Don’t Tell The Bride

The grooms don’t always pick the theme

Domino’s is now doing the legendary garlic and herb dip in a squeezy bottle

Well I know what I’m ordering this weekend

These 35 Don’t Tell The Bride memes won’t disappoint you like the groom does

Who doesn’t want pigs at a wedding?

Quiz: Which of the girls from Aquamarine are you really?

I just want to be with Raymond and have blue extensions in my hair

Ranked: Who was officially the worst boyfriend in teen movie history?

Robbie was actually pretty messed up

A student’s billionaire dad just bought her a £18.6mil flat to live in whilst at uni

It has five bedrooms and a cinema room

Ok, so how does the commission on Selling Sunset really work?

The girls don’t actually get the full amount

Quiz: Would you end up with Lewis or Zane from H2O?

I’ve fancied Zane since I was 10

Ranked: Every single one of Christine’s outfits from fierce to even more fierce

Spoiler alert: They’re all fire

Guys, Wes from Love Island has signed a record deal

His first single is on the way

These are the 13 types of girls you will encounter at every single pres

There’s always one texting her ex

Quiz: How childish are your food opinions really?

Is your diet purely chicken nuggets?

The Umbrella Academy showrunner denies the show is ‘anti-Semitic’

He called claims ‘factually incorrect’

That Trump interview was a disaster but these 23 Jonathan Swan memes aren’t

‘Me trying to find grilled cheese on the fancy menu’

Channel 4’s new doc will show what it’s really like to work at Missguided

Inside Missguided starts next week!

Meet the partners of the Gogglebox cast you don’t get to see on TV

Tom Jr is seriously punching

Mariam Musa is the first UK black influencer to have a fast fashion brand collection

Her I Saw It First collection came out yesterday

Love Island’s Amy Hart is reportedly joining the I’m A Celebrity line up

Curtis’ brother is also rumoured to be going in!

These 31 Midnight Sun reactions will make you feel 12-years-old again

‘Would Edward count as a midnight snack?’

David Lammy called Amazon out for using the N-word to describe a pair of shoes

They’ve since removed the shoes

Meet Niall Horan’s new girlfriend, 23-year-old fashion grad Amelia Woolley

I’m not jealous at all

Glastonbury might not come back until 2022, say festival organisers

But I can’t wait that long

An influencer posted a job ad for an assistant, and it looks like absolute hell

You have to wake them up with a coffee every morning

What are the cast of the Twilight Saga up to now?

Wait, Taylor Lautner is dating a girl called Taylor??

Ranked: These are the net worths of the Gossip Girl families

Dan actually wasn’t poor at all

Amber and Greg are beefing on Twitter and it’s the pettiest thing you’ll see today

Shade is being thrown

Quiz: Ok so let’s decide, are you more like Kendall or Kylie?

If you wear heels you’re defo Kylie

Only Miranda Priestly would get full marks on this Devil Wears Prada trivia quiz

Gird your loins!

Bikini Braggers: The Sun’s new league is shaming women for posting lots of bikini pics

So what if Zara McDermott has shared 60 pics?

Introducing all the young fit international royals you need to know about

Finally a chance to find my future husband

Tories are getting rinsed on Twitter over their ignorant comments on food poverty

They really think it’s just so easy to eat healthily

This is what the #challengeaccepted trend on Instagram is *actually* about

Celebs need to stop hijacking the movement for self promotion

Glee, Strictly and babies: This is what the guys from The Wanted are doing now

How does Nathan still look so young??