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How to cope with loneliness during your first term at uni, according to Mind

It’s incredibly normal to feel lonely right now

Every single one of Ruby’s outfits slapped, so now it’s time to rank them all

The Xtina look reigns supreme

A new clip for Bridgerton season two just dropped and wow, I was not prepared for this

The new season looks ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Eight out of 10 students say they don’t feel safe walking home

It comes after the Met Police say the streets of London are ‘safe for women’

These are the vigils being held for Sabina Nessa across the country

Sabina was killed on her five minute walk to the pub

A lot of promises were made after Sarah Everard’s death, but what has actually changed?

Despite pledges to keep us safe, another woman has just been murdered walking on her own

Sabina Nessa was killed five minutes from her house, Metropolitan Police reveal

Sabina was on her way to the pub to see friends

Quiz: Which of the Married At First Sight UK girls are you really?

I will only accept Queen Alexis

This is all the evidence Married At First Sight UK is staged

You’re telling me the girls just wake up in full makeup?

A detailed investigation into which MAFS UK couples are still together

If Daniel and Matt are over then l don’t believe in love

Right when is the last episode of Married At First Sight UK?

I’m not ready for the drama to end

These are the 11 boys you’re guaranteed to sleep with during Freshers

It’s gonna be a busy week

If you can’t get 13/15 on this basic sexual health quiz then you shouldn’t be having sex

This is essential knowledge people

These 21 memes perfectly sum up the chaos of last night’s Married At First Sight UK

Just wanna know is Megan planning on asking everyone if they’re in love?

Nikita kicked off Married At First Sight UK for ‘unacceptable behaviour’

Thursday’s episode will be her last

MAFS UK’s Jordon ‘had a girlfriend of 11 years whilst filming the show’

He allegedly dumped her days before the series aired

This is everything we know about season five of The Crown so far

I am so ready to see 90s Princess Diana

So what is a twin flame? And how do I know if I’ve found mine?

It’s different to a soul mate

Inside the boujie wedding venue of Married At First Sight UK

The weddings were filmed earlier this year

‘Electric girl, you made us’: Girls Aloud lead the tributes to Sarah Harding

Sarah passed away from breast cancer yesterday

Quiz: It’s time to finally find out, are you more like Lorelai or Rory?

Please God not Rory

According to Tatler these are the 53 things you can and can’t be snobby about

Shockingly Tatler doesn’t hate Crocs

‘He followed me home’: The women feeling so intimidated at the gym they’re abandoning it

73 per cent of women have felt uncomfortable at the gym

Half of the MAFS UK cast have already appeared on a bunch of reality shows

Alexis was a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent

Let’s admit it: This hot girl summer was a giant flop and it was always going to be

Still disappointed I didn’t spend the summer in a crocheted bikini on a yacht

These are the ages of the Married At First Sight UK cast

Daniel and Matt have a 12 year age gap

This is everything you need to know about ITV2’s new dating show Ready To Mingle

The show starts tonight

Um, so it turns out tote bags aren’t actually great for the environment

What am I supposed to do with my collection now then?

MAFS UK is back and these 21 reactions prove just how chaotic the show already is

Ant hun, just leave now

Only a true Friends fan will get full marks on this obscure character trivia quiz

How well do you really know Gunther?

These are all the real life filming locations of Nine Perfect Strangers

You can actually stay at Tranquillum House

Inside the Instagram accounts of the new Married at First Sight UK cast

Ok but this lineup is fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ

These are the seven signs you’re stuck in a situationship

3. You’ve not met their family or friends

Molly-Mae announced as creative director of PLT in new ‘seven figure’ deal

‘This is the biggest move in my career’

According to TikTok this pillow hack makes sex better, but does it actually work?

It’s been called a ‘game changer’

The John Lewis uni essentials are here and as always they are completely unnecessary

Sure, I defo need a single serving popcorn maker for Freshers

Dear girls: You need to read these 43 pieces of honest advice before you start uni

28. Don’t sleep with your housemate. Seriously – it’s not worth it.

Boots has officially launched on Deliveroo offering medicine, meal deals and makeup

Finally, fake tan on speed dial

Introducing the cast of Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I Know About Love’ BBC series

Can the show just come out now please?

Right what is the milk crate challenge everyone is doing on TikTok?

I would pay to see my mates fail at this

Quiz: Which Love Island final couple are you and your partner?

We can’t all be Chloe and Toby

All the Love Island moments you forgot about that actually made this series pretty iconic

Still thinking about Rachel going head first into the fence

Megan Barton-Hanson: The OnlyFans rule change ‘doesn’t make sense’

‘This reinforces the toxic notion that sex work is something to be ashamed of,’ Megan told The Tab

The Faye bashing has to stop. She’s not the villain she’s been made out to be

It reeks of sexism that Faye is the most hated person in the villa

Everything you need to know about the new season of Married at First Sight UK

It starts a week after Love Island ends and I am ready

Quiz: Can you guess which morphed child belongs to which set of Love Island parents?

Toby and Chloe would have some very cute kids

MiC’s Proudlock apologises after using a Holocaust reference in his Instagram story

‘I am so truly sorry and mortified by my actions’

Stormzy, Margot Robbie and Lily James: All the celebs who are big fans of Love Island

A few of them are in a WhatsApp group to discuss the show

These are the biggest Love Islander feuds which have happened after the show

Never forget Josh and Theo’s eye drama

A definitive ranking of what the Love Island boys would be like in bed

Teddy would know exactly what he’s doing ๐Ÿ‘€

The toxic app Yik Yak is back and I just want to know who thought that was a good idea

No one asked for this

It’s back with a twist! Meet the saucy cast of Married At First Sight UK

One of them is mates with a bunch of ex Love Islanders

Your fall plans may be ruined but at least you can enjoy these 21 delta variant memes

That sewing tin is always a disappointment

This is how to show support and help for those in Afghanistan

Including charities to donate to

Quiz: Can you guess the old Love Islander?

Wait, is OAP Liam fit?

Ranked: The TV moments that received the most Ofcom complaints this year

People were not happy with Prince Philip’s death

Quiz: Can you remember the backstory of these iconic Love Island memes?

But why is Amber making that face?

Love Island receives over 24,000 Ofcom complaints after Faye’s outburst at Teddy

It’s the most complained about Love Island moment ever

Goblincore: What is the viral TikTok aesthetic and how do you get the look?

It’s cottagecore’s darker younger cousin

This new Spotify test will rate your music taste and it is savage AF

I am feeling very attacked rn

Enough is enough, Jake needs to be dumped from the Love Island villa

He had a lucky escape last night

These are all the Love Islanders who had celebrity exes before the show

Including Prince Harry, Lewis Capaldi and a lot of footballers

Quiz: Can you guess the gender swapped Love Islander?

This is such a good look for Toby

Only Queen Clarisse would get full marks on this Princess Diaries two trivia quiz

Anyone else still think about the mattress surfing scene?

Faye apologises for her fight with Teddy saying there was ‘no excuse’ for her behaviour

‘I feel bad’

These are the onscreen Netflix couples who are dating in real life

Ok but I just really love Chase and Madelyn together

These are the top 10 unis with the worst accommodation, according to students

Is anyone surprised Cardiff made the list?

Right just how tall are the Selling Sunset cast really?

I refuse to believe Romain is 5″9

Vote: Ok so who is the most chaotic Love Islander of all time?

Surely it’s Toby?

An ode to Rob Court, Millie’s dad and easily the most iconic Love Island parent ever

Danny Dyer who?

An alleged leaked Love Island contract details restrictions placed on Islanders

Including the deals they could make after the show

Love Is Blind’s Gigi has finally confirmed she and Damian are over

‘Iโ€™ve moved on’

Inside the ultra fancy homes of the richest Love Islanders of all time

Can Olivia and Alex adopt me?

Pears, four cats and fake eyebrows: The filming secrets of The Princess Diaries

There are so many Pretty Woman references

Quiz: Pack for Love Island and we’ll tell you how long you’ll last in the villa

Your hideaway look says a LOT about you

The Love Island 2021 web: How the contestants knew each other before the show

Chuggs is a well connected man

Gold medals all round: Meet the hottest men competing in this year’s Olympics

I’d just like to thank whoever made skateboarding an Olympic sport

The cruelest tricks the Love Island producers have ever pulled on the contestants

They did Teddy so dirty

Quiz: 20 years on, how well do you remember the quotes from The Princess Diaries?

Shut up!

‘Sheโ€™s not looking for love’: Everything the dumped Islanders have said since leaving

‘Hugo has had feelings for Chloe since day one’

These cinema workers are spilling all the secrets of the cinema on TikTok

Including what is actually going on in the projection room

Meet Mary, the Casa Amor Islander who dated Chris Hughes and has 200k Insta followers

She’s mates with Molly-Mae

Quiz: How well do you remember She’s The Man?

But what kind of cheese does Viola like?

Inside the boujee homes of this year’s Love Islanders

Naturally there’s a lot of crushed velvet

So what do the Love Island NVQ and football sex codes actually mean?

I’m gonna need a translator at this rate

The one good thing from lockdown? The collective unhooking of the bra

75 per cent of students are wearing bras less after the pandemic

ITV announces documentary on Grace Millane as part of a new true crime series

The doc will be out in autumn

We asked a relationship expert which Love Island couples are actually going to last

If Liam and Millie aren’t getting married I’m done

These 19 awkward moments are the most toe curling scenes on Love Island ever

Yewande sitting on Danny’s lap was the definition of cringe

Women’s Aid issues statement over Danny’s ‘gaslighting’ and ‘manipulative’ behaviour

‘These are all tactics used by perpetrators of abuse’

Right, how the hell are you supposed to fall asleep fast in this heat?

Asking for a very sweaty friend

These are all the Love Islanders who have OnlyFans accounts

You just know Megan’s will be fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ

How well do you remember H2O Just Add Water? Take this trivia quiz to find out

Only Cleo is getting full marks

Love Island library: These are all the Love Islanders with book deals

Yes Anton really is releasing a book

Sharon says she was ‘blindsided’ by Aaron and wanted to step forward for Jake on day one

She thinks Hugo was an ‘easy’ option for AJ

Meet Danny Bibby: The new Islander with nearly 100 tattoos and his own clothing range

He’s got tattoos of Cillian Murphy and American Pie’s Stifler

New Islander Danny Bibby accused of ‘racism’ after old Instagram comments are unearthed

People are asking for him to be removed from the villa

These 27 ‘green flags’ show just how low the bar has been set for men

21. When they ask you questions

Dani Dyer breaks up with Sammy Kimmence following jail sentence

She’s said to be distraught