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These are all the celebrities who have been on dating app Raya

Just logging on to swipe right for Channing Tatum

Imagine swiping through a dating app, sat at home watching reruns of New Girl in your trackies, when suddenly Channing Tatum pops up on the app. No, it’s not a glitch or a fake account using his pictures, it is 100 per cent the real Channing Tatum who you can choose to swipe right on if you’re using the celebrity dating app Raya.

Raya is an “exclusive” dating app where you have to submit an application and then put on a waiting list to join the app. So, why the hell would you want to queue for a dating app? Well, because a lot of the time it’s full of celebrities. Raya specialises in “respect, trust and privacy” and will remove any members who didn’t stick to those rules, therefore perfect for celebrities who want to protect their anonymity.

Except, their time on the app isn’t always kept a secret. Over the years, since Raya first came out in 2015, celebrity profiles have been shared online or the celebs themselves will speak about their often brief time on Raya, such as Olivia Rodrigo who called it “so vomit”.

These are all the celebrities who have been known at one time to have been on Raya:

Olivia Rodrigo

via Instagram @oliviarodrigo

She became an icon overnight after writing her album on her breakup, so of course Olivia Rodrigo did what any single person would do and hit the dating apps.

Olivia joined Raya but said she wasn’t impressed at all with the app in an interview with GQ. She said: “I had Raya for a second, and it was so vomit. Like, I could not.”


via Instagram @lizzobeeating

The queen herself, Lizzo joined Raya in 2019 because she was hoping to match with John Mayer, she said during an interview with Busy Philipps.

However, they didn’t match and honestly Lizzo you could do so much better.

Lucy Hale

via Instagram @lucyhale

Former Pretty Little Liars cast member Lucy Hale also joined Raya in the hope of matching with John Mayer but apparently he didn’t swipe right for her, she said in an interview with Cosmo.

John Mayer

via Instagram @johnmayer

Speaking of John Mayer, he reportedly joined Raya in 2016 and according to a US Weekly source his profile is a slideshow of pictures of himself set to Neil Young song.

Lena Dunham

via Instagram @lenadunham

It appears many celebrities aren’t that impressed with Raya, often spending a short time on the app. One of these celebs is Lena Dunham who tweeted last year about her brief time on the app.

She wrote: “Let’s have a contest for who lasted the shortest amount of time on Raya. I’ll go first, twenty minutes and one creative director of a watch company long!”

Simone Biles

via Instagram @simonebiles

Simone Biles probably has the best success story from Raya of all the celebrities on it, as she met her current boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, on the app.

Jonathan is a football player for the Houston Texas team and he said he didn’t know who she was when they first started talking on Raya in March 2020, just before the pandemic. Um, excuse me? You didn’t know who the legendary Simone Biles was?

Drew Barrymore

via Instagram @drewbarrymore

Drew Barrymore also hasn’t seemed to have much luck on Raya, describing her experience on the app as a “car crash” after she was stood up on a Raya date, during an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live during September 2020.

She said: “I did terribly too. I got stood up, and I didn’t match with anyone. And my friends gave me this sort of bloated sense of false confidence. They were like, ‘You should try it. You will do great.’ It was a car wreck.”

Drew revealed the person who stood her up for a date owned a restaurant. Maybe they were just really busy with service that night?

Channing Tatum

via Instagram @channingtatum

After breaking up with Jessie J in November 2019 Channing Tatum was said to be on Raya.

A source told US Weekly Channing’s profile included the line “And yes, I used to be a stripper.” Would definitely be swiping right.

Kiernan Shipka

via Instagram @kiernanshipka

Kiernan Shipka, leading cast member of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is probably one of Raya’s biggest celebrity fans.

In an interview with Stylist magazine in 2019 she said: “Raya for life. Love it. God bless Raya,” when asked if she was into online dating.

Amy Schumer

via Instagram @amyschumer

Amy Schumer is married and has a child now, but before her marriage, Amy was on dating app Raya.

Amy opened her autobiography by talking about her time on the dating app (although she didn’t technically name it).

Amy said her profile picture was an image of her in a baseball cap, with sunglasses on and no makeup.

Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato seems to be a keen fan of Raya, having tried to be on the app numerous times. After their breakup with Wilmer Valderrama Demi joined Raya but deleted their account when they got into a new relationship.

After the end of that relationship Demi tried to get back on Raya but their application was rejected.

Emma Hernan

via Instagram @emmahernan

If you’ve watched Netflix’s Selling Sunset, you will know cast member Emma Hernan loves to talk about her experience on Raya.

During the most recent season Emma claimed she matched with Ben Affleck and said he tried to ask her out a few times just before he started dating Jennifer Lopez again.

However, Ben has since come out and denied ever being on Raya or speaking to Emma. Awks.

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