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These 17 BeReal memes are funnier than anything you’ll ever post on the app

It’s time to BeReal, with Edward Cullen

BeReal is the app everyone is currently obsessed with. Posting only once a day, you get an insight into the *very* real lives of your mates. I’m talking hungover in bed, bored at work, or just chilling on the sofa watching that same show on Netflix for the hundredth time. It refreshing and nice to know for the most part our lives are all relatively dull. However, a new trend on Twitter is seeing people create hilarious BeReal memes which are anything but boring.

The BeReal memes started a few days ago and usually feature scenes from wildly popular TV shows or films. They’re using the same format of BeReal, which is of a small box in the corner featuring one image of the person taking the shot and the bigger rectangle featuring the view of the person taking the shot. But rather than these being pictures of people’s normal lives, instead it’s scenes from shows like Stranger Things and Gilmore Girls or films like Twilight and Mean Girls.

The memes are pretty much iconic and the most popular ones have over 40,000 likes. And so, these are the 17 funniest BeReal memes:

1. Maybe he’s just not that into you…

2. My heart

3. Hope you’re having fun down there babe

4. Iconic

5. Remember Gemma mates can’t post BeReals together

6. Lollllll

7. A hellish BeReal if ever I saw one

8. Just gonna go rewatch the All Too Well video

9. Now this is a graduation photo

10. Omg

11. Someone hide this from Davide

12. Hahahah

13. Not this…

14. So so good

15. I don’t like this

16. Excellent 👏

17. I’m done

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