This is definitively every single type of person you will find on BeReal

We see you posting seven hours late x

I think it’s fair to say that BeReal has really taken the social media world by storm. It’s got a no-nonsense sassy attitude that cannot be contended and it also lets everyone be super nosy, which is always a win.

But the thing about BeReal is there are so many different ways to use it and it has a habit of EXPOSING people. From the frausdsters who post late on purpose to those who are always doing something boring af, most people on this app are just super annoying. But then you have the live reactors who will gas you up like no one ever has before and what’s not to love about that.

Here we have every single type of person on BeReal – the best and the worst:

The group posters

There were definitely nine almost identical BeReals on this day

Posting with friends is always super exciting and it makes you look very cool and popular. Of course it does mean you end up with many similar BeReals from slightly different angles BUT it’s always fun when the notification pings when you’re with other people.

I suppose, on the flip side, if you’re feeling negative towards the world or having a boring or stressful day then it’s very annoying to see people having a good time with their friends but at least its real. Unless of course you wait until you’re not on your own anymore to post… which leads us on to the fraudsters.

The fraudsters

This is downright the worst kind of person on BeReal. Posting late because you have waited until you are doing something interesting is such a crime and it boils my blood. This is not in the spirit of BeReal at all and I feel very strongly about wanting these people banned from the app.

They do always post interesting content, however, but it’s just not real enough for me.

The one who would not dare post late

In complete contrast to the fraudsters we have those people who would never dare miss that crucial notification – even if it does mean posting weak (or sometimes slightly strange) content.

These are the best kind of posters though because they are just so god damn real. Yes their posts aren’t always the best, but that’s the beauty of this app.

The one who’s a bit TOO real

Bit too much Covid realness here

Much like the people who wouldn’t dare post a late BeReal I feel like someone getting a little too real is becoming a daily occurrence. Now obviously we’ve all been caught out by the notification at least once. But whether you’re on the toilet, crying, showering or even taking a Covid test, sometimes it’s okay to wait a few minutes.

Promise it doesn’t make you any less real – it’s just common decency really.

The person who always posts their pets

If you’re this person I can’t really fault you to be honest. Who doesn’t want to see a cute pet to brighten up their day? I know I certainly do. The opportunities for cuteness are endless and maybe I’m looking too far into this but dogs in particular always seem to be VERY excited when the notification pings and they get to be the centre of attention for two minutes.

If we’re thinking deeply about BeReal politics though (and let’s be honest we are) then pet posters definitely know how to play the game. Pets are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and you’re obviously going to get lots of lovely reactions, so maybe taking a quick snap of your dog is cheating? Either way everybody loves it.

The live reactor

These people are so wholesome it melts my heart. If you take the time out of your day to live react to everyone’s BeReals then you are the kind of person who deserves the WORLD.

Everyone knows a live reaction is like BeReal gold dust. Long live the live reactor, I am endlessly grateful to you. Thank you for your service x

The boring one who is always working

We all know BeReal is renowned for catching us at our most boring moments in the day but SURELY there is an opportunity to post something more interesting than a blurry pic of your laptop screen or the book you’re reading. Get up and move around!

I don’t think I am alone in saying I would rather someone do that flippy thing where we see two pictures of their face than a shitty picture of a wall. We get it, you have uni deadlines x

The hungover BeReal

If BeReal is cheeky enough to go off before midday on a Sunday morning then you just know you’re gonna see a whole lot of hangover. Whether it’s a blurry bed pic or even a messy shot of someone else’s house, you know for certain it’s going to be interesting.

Bonus point if you’re still drunk.

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