how gross is your relationship quiz

Quiz: Just how downright gross is your relationship?

If you wee with the door open I have some bad news for you

Look, human beings are pretty damn gross. We fart, we smell, and though you may not want to admit it, we all poo. When you’re in a relationship with someone you are faced with one fundamental choice: Show them how gross you are, or pretend you’re sort of perfect magical being who is the exception to everyone else on this godforsaken planet.

But just how gross is your relationship, really? Do you share a toothbrush – do you share a towel? You may not let them see you poo, but would you go in the loo and strike up a chat whilst they weed? Would you be mortified if you accidentally farted, or would you make them smell it? Is the thought of popping their spots satisfying or does it make you feel queasy – and if they had food stuck in their teeth would you dig it out for them?  This quiz will tell you exactly how vile you and your partner are, from sickeningly disgusting to squeaky clean.

Take this quiz now to see just how gross your relationship is:

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