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The boys are obsessed with her, so this is everything you need to know about Coco

She’s best mates with a Too Hot To Handle star

The best week in reality TV is back. Casa Amor has returned to Love Island, bringing with it 12 new Islanders who are already stirring the pot. Amongst the 12 Islanders is 27-year-old Coco Lodge who is loud, confident and has her eyes on two of the boys – Davide and Andrew.

In last night’s episode Coco went after exactly who she wanted, skipping all introductions and asking Davide straight up if he fancied her. Later in the episode she shared a kiss with Davide, before going up to the terrace with Andrew where they also shared a kiss. Coco ended up sleeping in Andrew’s bed and the two looked very cosy together.

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Given all the excitement she’s caused the boys, it’s very likely we’ll be seeing a LOT more of Coco in the next few Love Island episodes, so this is everything you need to know about her:

Coco is 27 and from Surrey

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Coco Lodge is one of the eldest Islanders in the villa this year at 27 years old, and she’s originally from Surrey, but also appears to be spend a lot of time in London.

She’s a talented woman and has worked a number of jobs including as a graphic designer, a ring girl, and a shot girl.

She wants to meet a best friend in villa

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Coco has said she doesn’t go for looks and instead values personality in her future man. She’s looking to build a future with someone who will still feel like her best friend in 20 years.

She said: “I’ve been through the nice one who just wasn’t for me, the f-boys who just want to be single and think they’re Peter Pan. I just want to find someone who is nice now but is right for me and I can grow old with and have fun. And not really care about looks. Looks fade, a personality doesn’t. I want to meet someone who in 20 years I still have a best friend relationship with.”

However Coco also said she falls in “love quickly” and her feelings are often driven by how attracted she is to someone.

Coco is best mates with Nicole from Too Hot To Handle

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Coco is no stranger to a celebrity connection and is best friends with Nicole O’Brien from season one of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle.

When it was announced on Coco’s Instagram she would be joining the villa, Nicole commented on her post saying “AHHHHH THATS MY BESTIE 😍😍😍 YOU GO BABES!!!!” and said she needed to bring home a “fittie mcvitie”.

Coco also seems close to Chloe Veitch from Too Hot To Handle, with the three of them sharing photos together.

She has nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Coco’s Instagram is full of really fit selfies and pictures of her mates Nicole and Chloe. She’s currently on 19,800 followers but this is sure to increase after her appearance on Love Island.

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