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Right, what do all the cringe Love Island sex terms actually mean?

Yes, Ekin-Su did use the words ‘blow dry’ last night


Every year on Love Island, after the first few Islanders get frisky under the sheets, something bizarre happens – the Islanders lose all ability to use the actual terms to describe a sex act, and instead come up with their own unique code words. Maybe they’re encouraged by producers to come up with a “quirky” code, or maybe they’re just so bored, that giving oral sex a new name spices things up in the villa? Either way every year without fail the Islanders come up with a new code and the 2022 Love Islanders are no different.

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Last year we had the NVQ level system, and in 2020 it was the breakfast code. Former Islander Chloe Burrows explained to Heat they have a sex code because the show isn’t “PornHub” and ITV don’t want: “to promote it (sex), but you (the audience) want to know about it, so it’s a nice way of doing it.” Although she did admit even she didn’t understand the code last year.

This year the Islanders have opened the salon, and the girls are using beauty treatments such as “manicures” for their sex code. I’m sorry, but are we in year 10? And the boys are no better, they’re using a science code to talk about sex.

So if you haven’t cracked their MI6 level of secret sex code yet, then this is what all the Love Island 2022 sex codes mean:


Penis. I don’t know how to make it any clearer.

Beauty salon

If the beauty salon is open this means the Islanders are doing sexual acts. Earlier in the series Ekin-Su asked the girls: “Anything happened in the beauty salon last night, ladies?”

And Paige replied: “No, mine’s not up and running yet. It’s still going through planning at the minute.”


A handjob or fingering, depending on which person is giving the manicure.

Manicure with mouth

Tasha kinda broke the code during one episode by not using a different word to describe oral sex and instead said manicure with mouth.

Blow dry

In last night’s episode Ekin-Su said: “I blow dried something [and] it blow dried in exactly 10 seconds” when speaking about Davide. I don’t think you have to be a genius to work out she’s most likely talking about giving oral sex.

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