Danica says she wishes she’d confronted Paige over how she treated her in the villa

‘It was very clear she wanted me to go’

Former Love Island contestant Danica Taylor says she wishes she had spoken to fellow contestant Paige Thorne over the way she treated her during their time in the villa together.

Reflecting on her time in the show Danica said the way Paige reacted when Antigoni was dumped rather than herself upset her and she wishes at the time she had addressed it properly.

Speaking in an interview with On Demand Entertainment, Danica said: “Watching it back I’ve seen sort of the way Paige was when Antigoni left and it was very clear she wanted me to go. I wish I had said: ‘Hang on do you know how that makes me feel?’, like I’ve done nothing wrong and you’re blatantly mouthing things across the fire pit to insinuate ‘What the hell, why is Danica still here?’”

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Antigoni was dumped from the villa after the boys had to decide who to save from Danica, Tasha and Antigoni following a public vote. After the boys announced their decision to save Danica and Tasha, Paige was seen mouthing to Gemma: “What the actual is going on right now?” and saying to Antigoni: “I’m so sorry hun.”

Paige’s behaviour was slammed online by Twitter users, with one user saying: “I can’t stand Paige, why she making faces because the boys decided to keep Danica & not Antigoni #LoveIsland.”

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A few episodes prior to this, Paige was also called out online for telling Danica and Indiyah to not a join a conversation she was having with the other girls, after Danica decided to recouple with Jay, who Antigoni was also planning on recoupling with.

Danica said she found it sad watching herself back in her first few episodes as none of the girls warmed to her and she had no one to confide in and therefore let certain things go that she usually wouldn’t.

She said: “I actually felt quite sad watching myself because I think I let things slide and even with some of the girls, none of them really warmed to me.

“And even though I felt it in there, because I was just so happy to be on the show and I’m like you know take it for what it is, because I didn’t have a couple I didn’t have anyone to support me at the beginning so I couldn’t really express how something’s making me feel.”

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When asked by On Demand Entertainment how things were with Paige now, Danica said they were good and “I’ve had time to move past that, but I wish in the moment looking back I wish I’d said things.”

During her interview Danica also said she thinks the way Luca reacted to her choosing to recouple with him limited her opportunities with the other boys because they followed his lead.

She said: “Because Luca was such a huge character in there from the get-go I think a lot of the boys respected his opinion. If I’m really honest I’ve watched a couple of episodes back and I think the boys shut off from me because Luca kind of shut off from me, it was almost like because he didn’t want to know me the other boys were like ‘Oh well I don’t wanna know her either’.”

Danica went onto say she thought this worked in the opposite way for the other girls, “Whereas I think some of the other girls in there you know maybe like Paige and Tasha they were sort of wanted, so I think then it was like the boys were like ‘Well if she’s wanted by them then I’m gonna want her too’.”

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She concluded her interview by saying neither Luca or Paige, who have been received a large amount of hate during and after their time in the villa, do not deserve it.

She said: “Luca and Paige, they don’t deserve the hate they got or are getting. People have their opinions and I’m not saying people are wrong for what they’re thinking, but I think when you’re living with that person you see all sides of them.”

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