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Billy’s family say they want him to leave Love Island, calling it a ‘mad toxic place’

They think Danica took the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge too seriously

Love Island’s Billy Brown’s family has issued a statement on his Instagram saying they want him to leave the show calling it a “mad toxic place” following last night’s episode.

In the episode Billy and Danica called time on their relationship, following Billy not picking Danica for any of the Snog, Marry, Pie challenges, after they had “opened the salon” the night before and been getting to know each other over the past week. During the episode Danica cried and later confronted Billy whilst they were at the beach club.

Though the day before Danica appeared to be ok with the breakup, she later chatted to the girls who encouraged Danica to call him out. She then spoke to Billy at the beach club where she called his behaviour “disgusting” and compared him to a “pig”. Billy didn’t take the conversation well and said Danica was “full of drama”.

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Earlier today, on Billy’s Instagram Story the person managing his account claimed there were double standards on the show and Danica took the Snog Marry Pie challenge too seriously.

They said: “My thoughts/opinion on last nights episode…First of all double standards is a thing.

“I feel Billy was probably put off from Danica’s behaviour after the Snog, Marry, Pie game as she took it too seriously. It’s a game.”

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They went onto say Adam and Ekin-Su “stirred the pot” and argued the beach club scene was “set up”.

They said: “After this, he called it a day. And they both maturely dealt with it and moved on. Adam tells the girls about the bedroom antics and stirs the pot.

“Ekin joins in to stir it up even more and makes out like Bill has done something the boys and girls haven’t been doing every morning since the show started. And didn’t Danica tell the girls about it too? Oh yeah.

“As soon as the beach club comes into it, you can clearly see it was set up ready for mad drama. Then the girls egged Danica on to start arguing again. At this point Billy had had enough. He was confused at why the day before it was fine and now it’s all mad again.”

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Billy was voted for the bottom four at the end of last night’s episode and his family are clearly hoping he will be dumped from the Island, as they finished their statement saying: “Bring our boy home, away from this mad toxic place.”

Danica, Summer and Dami were also voted the least popular in last night’s episode and tonight we will find out which boy and girl have been dumped from the Island.

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