Her ex is back on Love Island, so what is Rosie Williams up to now?

She’s got a brand new man

On Sunday night it was revealed the original Love Island bombshell Adam Collard would be returning to the villa, four years on from his first appearance. In case you’d forgotten Adam dated a number of women on the show including Kendall Rae Knight and Zara McDermott, however it was his treatment of cast member Rosie Williams that prompted domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid to issue a statement about his behaviour.

Rosie and Adam were coupled up for less than a week and in that time Adam called her “needy”and “clingy” and then dumped her for new Islander Zara. Rosie went onto deliver an iconic takedown of him only for Adam to smirk and disregard her feelings, prompting a warning from Women’s Aid.

But it’s been four years since she’s been in Love Island so what is Rosie Williams up to now?

Rosie is in a relationship

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Rosie has been in a relationship with business man Wayne Davies since 2018, shortly after she left the villa. In an interview with the Mail Online Rosie said she had known Wayne before she went on Love Island but since leaving they began dating again.

She said: “All I want to say is I have a boyfriend. I haven’t said to anyone who he is, I am happy and I have found love. I’ve known him for about 18 months, so we knew each other before Love Island.

“When I went onto the show, he was no longer part of my life in a romantic way. I don’t think he quite liked me being on the show. When I came back, it gave us a chance and we started dating again.”

According to The Sun in 2017 Wayne was accused of causing the death of a navy recruit, James Edwards, through reckless driving. Wayne was not sentenced to jail but given a 10 month suspended sentence and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

In 2020 Rosie revealed the pair split up however they appear to be together as he appeared in one of her Instagram posts at a wedding together earlier this year, and she still follows him on Instagram.

Speaking on her Instagram Stories yesterday Rosie said she was planning for their forever home, marriage and babies.

She has over 700,000 followers on Instagram

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On Instagram Rosie now has 704,000 followers and has completely re done her aesthetic in the last year. She’s deleted the majority of her posts and now has a set aesthetic of neutral and black and white style shots.

When asked by one of her followers why she deleted all her posts Rosie claimed she had been pushed into a certain look for her Instagram by her management but earlier this year said she wanted to change it to make it feel like her own.

She said: “My Instagram didn’t feel like it was mine anymore. For four years I’d been pushed down a certain route by management and persuaded to work with brands I had no interest in and it reached the point where I no longer recognised or enjoyed my own instagram

“I made the decision a couple of months ago to start again and take control over what was making me unhappy.

“I now have my own team and only work with brands that I organically love, use and believe in.”

She had a hair transplant

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Earlier this year Rosie revealed she had a hair transplant after suffering with thinning hair.

In a YouTube video where she documented the process Rosie said: “Unfortunately, over the last couple of years my overall hair health has continued to deteriorate. I can only put it down to the amount of stress I’ve been under for personal reasons.

“My hair has continued to thin and I’m experiencing bald patches, the overall hairline has completely changed shape and I don’t even recognise myself anymore.”

Rosie had the transplant done by KSL Clinic in Manchester which has since shared before and after pictures of Rosie’s hair journey.

Rosie has her own clothing brand

Rosie appears to have moved away from her law career and has begun her own clothing brand called White Collar.

The brand’s Instagram says it is currently “under construction”.

She’s warned Paige’s family about Adam and said she hasn’t spoken to him

via Instagram @rosieawilliams

After the announcement of Adam’s return to Love Island, Rosie appeared on Good Morning Britain where she revealed how she felt about his return.

She said: “It was a shock, definitely a shock. It was surreal seeing him on television and it doesn’t bring back the best memories for me. From what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think much has changed. I had high hopes he could have matured but so far, not so good.

“I’ve not spoken to Adam for years. I’m still waiting for my apology but I don’t think I’ll ever get it.”

During an interview with The Sun, Rosie revealed she had spoken to who is running Paige’s social media accounts, and warned them against Adam.

She said: “I actually spoke to whoever is running Paige’s social media accounts and said, ‘I hope my Welsh sister doesn’t do it. Tell her to stay away. He charmed a lot of us in my series, but whether or not he’s true to his word is another thing.””

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