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Need a TV show to fill that Love Island slot? These are the dating series to watch next

I have no clue what to do when 9pm hits

After two hilarious, drama and tear filled months, Love Island series eight has finally come to an end, with Ekin-Su and Davide being crowned the rightful winners in last night’s episode. For the last 60 days as a nation we’ve collectively sat down at 9pm and watched a bunch of insanely attractive people crack on with each other for an hour every day. And now for the first time in two months, I don’t know what to do with myself when 9pm rolls around and Iain Stirling isn’t cracking average jokes on my TV screen.

Thankfully there are plenty of other dating shows around on Netflix, Hayu, and the BBC. Whether you want a more wholesome dating show format or you’re after Love Island 2.0, there’s definitely a show for you.

These are all the dating shows you should be watching next to fill that Love Island shaped hole in your life:

Love Island USA

via Peacock

You can’t get a show more similar to Love Island, than Love Island USA. It’s the exact same concept just across the pond in an even bigger villa.

The show started its fourth season two weeks ago, and is presented by Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and Iain Stirling does the voiceover so it will give a real sense of deja vu.

There’s a real mix to the contestants too, one is a 29 year old Brit and there’s even someone over 30 in the cast. Whilst it hasn’t been confirmed when it will be arriving to the UK, the previous seasons are available to watch on ITV Hub.

The Bachelorette

via ABC

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are a big deal in the US and the current season of The Bachelorette is available to watch on Hayu.

This series is a little different to previous ones as it features not one, but two bachelorettes looking for their dream man. The two women, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey were the runners up on the last season of The Bachelor.

The show sees the two women getting to know 32 men in a series of challenges and tasks with various eliminations. If you want the Love Island feeling of seeing people debate how “strong” their connection is then this one is for you.

Indian Matchmaking

via Netflix

Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking is quite different to Love Island but still very worth a watch. The show features matchmaker Sima Taparia guide her clients in India and the United States through the marriage arrangement process, whilst navigating the clients’ very demanding list of expectations for their future partner.

The first season of eight episodes is already out on Netflix and next week the second season returns with episodes that “explore the rollercoaster of emotions and tough conversations on the journey to finding love,” according to the creator of the show Smriti Mundhra.

Too Hot To Handle

via Netflix

Too Hot To Handle is basically Netflix’s version of Love Island, except it goes a little bit deeper with the emotions. The show sees a bunch of fit singletons arrive on an island expecting the summer of their lives, only to be told they can’t have sex or kiss the people they’re dating, if they do they lose money from a communal prize fund.

Aside from the no-touching rule, the biggest difference between Love Island and Too Hot To Handle is Too Hot To Handle involves tasks which get the cast to look deeper into their emotions and why they struggle to form romantic relationships that aren’t based around sex.

The show has had three series and each one has been filled with plenty of rule breaks and the occasional couple who have gone the distance. Being set in a luxury villa with plenty of episodes it will definitely fill the Love Island shaped hole in your life.

Ex on The Beach

via MTV

If you want the carnage, shagging and messy fights from the early Love Island seasons then you need to be watching MTV’s Ex On The Beach, available on BritBox, and the celebrity version too, which is on Netflix.

The show essentially sees a group of fit singletons head to a luxury villa, only to be reunited with their exes. They all drink and party together resulting in a lot of arguments and new hook ups.

Dating Around

via Netflix

Some people actually like watching Love Island for the genuine connections, I know right? Who would have thought? If this is you then you need to be watching Dating Around on Netflix.

There are two series so far and each episode sees one single person go on five blind dates. At the end of the dates they then need to decide who they want to take on a second date.

It’s a bit more wholesome than Love Island and focuses on actually finding a real connection with someone.

The Ultimatum

via Netflix

Love Island can be full of tough choices, who to couple with, what to make for breakfast, and where to have your first kiss – the fire-pit or the terrace? If you want a dating show that is actually about making a big life choice then you need to watch The Ultimatum on Netflix.

The show involves a bunch of couples who are already together with one person in each couple wanting to get married and has given the other an ultimatum. The couples are all brought together to live in one hotel where they put their relationship to the test by getting to the know the other people in the experiment and see if a better connection is out there. Basically, total chaos ensues.

Love In The Flesh

via BBC

A stunning villa in the Mediterranean? Tick. A former ex-Islander host? Tick. If you’re looking for a show with a similar vibe to Love Island this is it.

BBC Three dating show Love In The Flesh features couples who have only ever met online come face to face to see what their relationship is actually like in real life, and of course if they actually fancy each other.

The series is hosted by Zara McDermott and has all eight episodes available on BBC iPlayer, and the winning couple is already expecting their first child together. Wild!

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