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These are all the Below Deck cast members who have been arrested

Captain Sandy had a number of DUIs when she was younger

The Below Deck cast members are no strangers to controversy on and off deck. In the nearly 10 years since Below Deck first aired the cast have been involved in intense feuds, secrets affairs and the occasional physical altercation. Remember when Adam gave Wes a wedgie in season two of Below Deck Med? However, sometimes the cast’s love of drama ends up going one step further and a few of them have actually been arrested.

Over the years 10 Below Deck cast members have been arrested. For some their arrests, like Captain Sandy, took place years before the show was filmed, whereas others were arrested after their season had aired and their mug shots were displayed all over gossip websites.

None of the crew have spent more than a night in jail after they were taken into custody and usually their charges are dropped, but these are all the Below Deck cast members who have been arrested:

Captain Sandy

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The resident leader of Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy was arrested a few times in her early 20s for DUIs (driving under the influence).

Throughout the show Sandy has been candid about her experience with alcohol and how she has now been sober for over 30 years. However, in her early 20s she was occasionally arrested for driving under the influence after getting drive-thru daiquiris.

In the Below Deck after show Sandy said: “I grew up in a state where at 17 years old, you could drink. And we had drive-thru daiquiri bars. You could drive through, order your daiquiri, and drive away. Who does that? … Like, I kept getting arrested drinking and driving.”

Kate Chastain

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Kate Chastain was the chief stew on Below Deck for six seasons and in 2016 she was arrested for battery strangulation domestic violence following an argument with her then girlfriend Ricio Hernandez.

Kate allegedly bit her girlfriend’s arm and leg after she returned home intoxicated and allegedly “strangled” Ricio. Ricio claimed Kate had tried to kick her out of the house and threatened to change the locks. Kate then allegedly sat on top of Ricio and put her knee to Ricio’s head and pulled her hair. Ricio reported that Kate covered her mouth and nose so she couldn’t breathe.

Kate confirmed to police she had gotten into a physical dispute with Ricio and the evening after her arrest she was released after posting a $5,000 bond in court.

The charges against Kate were reportedly dropped and she tweeted after the incident thanking people for their support and said the truth would come out.

Rhylee Gerber

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Rhylee joined Below Deck for season six in 2018, but before she began on the show she had been arrested for trespassing earlier that year.

According to Radar Online, Rhylee was arrested in Texas on 23rd January 2018 for “unlawfully, intentionally and knowingly” entering and remaining on the property of another female “without consent.” Rhylee did not leave the property despite being informed to do so.

After she was arrested Rhylee was appointed a lawyer by the court as she was unable to pay the legal fees.

Two weeks later the charges against her were dropped after she completed a decision-making class, 12 hours of community service and wrote an apology letter to the complainant.

Ross Inia

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Ross Inia was on season six of Below Deck which began airing shortly before he was arrested at the end of 2018.

He was arrested for punching a police officer whilst on a night out in Florida with fellow Below Deck cast member Joao Franco. According to the report obtained by the Daily Mail Ross also threatened an officer and his family multiple times during his arrest on 22nd December.

Whilst Ross was being arrested Joao and another friend were sharing Instagram stories appearing to joke about Ross being in jail. Joao posted a selfie with his friend and captioned it: “Ross is in jail…and we’ve been looking for him four hours and counting.”

Ross was released from prison on a $15,000 bond and returned home to New Zealand for Christmas. On 9th January 2019 Ross entered a “not guilty” plea and the charges were dropped.

Caroline Bedol

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A number of the season six Below Deck crew members were arrested as stewardess Caroline Bedol is the third member to have been arrested.

After her season of Below Deck aired Caroline was arrested for larceny (a theft of property valued at less than $500). She had a $0 bond and was released from custody. She was set to appear in court a few days later.

Before appearing on Below Deck Caroline was facing legal trouble after her dog allegedly attacked someone else’s. According to the police reports Caroline’s dog was not on a leash or under control when it attacked the other dog. The pitbull was also unlicensed.

The complainant alleged it was the second time Caroline’s dog had attacked his own. Caroline was charged with possession of a vicious, barking dog and failure to comply with dog ownership requirements.

She reportedly missed the court date for the case in September 2018 and then missed her October court date and a warrant was then issued for her arrest. The current status of the case is unclear.

Kyle Dixon

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Brit Kyle Dixon appeared on Below Deck for season four and five as a deckhand. After his second season of Below Deck aired Kyle was arrested for robbing a bar in the UK he had previously worked in.

Kyle was flying home from Los Angeles and was arrested at Gatwick airport for allegedly stealing £8,000 from a pub he was working at.

He told Radar Online: “I was marched off the plane in handcuffs, last year I was helping a friend at a bar, and I was arrested on suspicion of stealing £8,000 from the pub.”

Kyle was questioned by the police and released on bail.

Baker Manning

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Baker Manning appeared on season five of Below Deck as a deckhand and whilst on the show it was reported that 10 years previously Baker had been arrested for drug possession.

In October 2007 Baker was arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana in close proximity of a school. She was arrested after police officers turned up to a house party she was attending following noise complaints.

C.J. LeBeau

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C.J. LeBeau was one of the original cast members of the first season of Below Deck but he quit halfway through the season. C.J. was arrested just as his season was airing on Bravo in 2013.

He was arrested for assault and defacing property (worth less than $250). C.J. reportedly got into a physical altercation with his fiancée and “took her to the ground.” She alleged he choked her and admitted she had “struck” him.

He was also said to have broken her phone during the altercation. It’s unclear what the resolution of the case was.

Samantha Orme

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Who could forget third stewardess Sam Orme in season one of Below Deck? It turns out long before she went on the show she was arrested for driving under the influence.

In 2006 when Sam was 18 years old she was arrested for a DUI and using a fake ID. It’s unclear how her case was resolved.

Adrienne Gang

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The final Below Deck crew member who has been arrested is season one’s chief stew Adrienne Gang. Adrienne was arrested in rather scary circumstances, shortly before her season of Below Deck aired Adrienne was arrested for assault and battery.

Adrienne reportedly got into conflict with her cab driver after a night out and began hitting them. Adrienne was taken into custody, however after taking a toxicology test it was revealed Adrienne had been spiked as she had a high level of GHB in her blood.

She believed she was spiked by a group of men who sent over a bottle of wine to her table. It’s believed one of the men put her in the cab and used his credit card to pay for her trip home, which allowed him to be identified by police.

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