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This is how much the Islanders’ Instagram followers have gone up by since the show began

Gemma and Ekin-Su have both hit a million followers

It’s hard to believe, but Love Island 2022 is soon coming to an end with just one week left. In the past seven weeks we’ve seen tears, kisses and plenty of our favourite Italian snack Davide, and next Monday the finale of Love Island will air. After the final episode airs the Islanders will be finally be allowed back into the real world, and most importantly they’ll have their phones back.

Former Islanders have shared how once they got their phones back they were shocked to see just how many Instagram followers they’d got since they first went into the villa.

And a number of this year’s Love Islanders will be in for quite a surprise when they open their Instagram accounts. Gemma Owen and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu have both now reached a million followers on Instagram, and some others aren’t far behind them.

These are the Love Islanders ranked by how much their Instagram followings have increased since they first entered the villa.

16. Adam Collard

via Instagram @adamcollard

Adam Collard was the original bombshell in season four of Love Island, and four seasons later he’s returned as a late bombshell. Thanks to his previous appearance on the show he already had 935,000 followers on Instagram. Now, he has 1 million followers, meaning he’s increased his followers by 65,000 people in the short time he’s been back.

15. Amber Beckford

via Instagram @amberbeckford

Amber was a day one Islander who was dumped alongside Ikenna. When she first entered the villa she had 10,300 followers and now she has 142,000 followers. Therefore, her follower count has gone up by 131,700 people.

14. Ikenna Ekwonna

via Instagram @ikenna._

Ikenna was an original Islander who was dumped from the villa pretty early on, when he first started the show he had 7,500 Instagram followers. Now, Ikenna has 184,000 followers meaning his follower count has gone up by 176,500 people.

13. Danica Taylor

via Instagram @_danicataylor

It feels odd that Danica wasn’t part of the original cast but she entered the villa as a bombshell at the end of week two. When she first entered the villa in that clam shell she had 36,900 followers. Now, Danica has 223,000 followers, meaning her following has increased by 186,100 people.

12. Jay Younger

via Instagram @jayyounger

Jay came into the villa during the second week when he had 3,800 followers and now since he’s been dumped from the villa he has 210,000 followers. Therefore, his follower count has gone up by 206,200 people.

11.Dami Hope

via Instagram @damihope

Dami had 11,500 followers when he first started on Love Island seven weeks ago, now he has 238,000 followers. Therefore his following has increased by 226,500 people on Instagram.

10. Andrew Le Page

via Instagram @andrewlepage

When Andrew first entered the villa on day one he had 7,500 followers and now he has 236,000 followers. Therefore, his following has increased by 228,500 people.

9. Liam Llewellyn

via Instagram @liamllew_

Liam Llewellyn entered the villa on day one but decided to leave the show before the first week was up. He originally had 14,900 followers and now he has 296,000 followers. Therefore his follower count has gone up by 281,100 people.

8. Tasha Ghouri

via Instagram @tashaghouri

Tasha already had 33,200 Instagram followers when she went into Love Island thanks to her career as a model. Now, she has 412,000 followers, meaning her following has increased by 378,800 people.

7. Indiyah Polack

via Instagram @1ndiyah

When Indiyah first arrived on Love Island she already had 31,000 Instagram followers, but now she has 421,000 followers. Her following has increased by 390,000 people.

6. Davide Sanclimenti

via Instagram @davidesancli

Davide entered the villa as a bombshell on day one, when he had 9,900 followers on Instagram. Now, he has 594,000 followers, increasing his follower count by 584,100 people.

5. Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

via Instagram @ekinsuofficial

When Ekin-Su first entered the villa during week one of Love Island she had 353,000 followers on Instagram. Now she has 1.1million followers, meaning she’s grown her following by 747,000 followers.

4. Luca Bish

via Instagram @lucabish

Luca was the last of the original boys to enter the villa on day one, and he went in with 12,000 followers. Now, Luca has 764,000 followers meaning he has increased his followers by 752,000 people.

3.Paige Thorne

via Instagram @paigethornex

Paige started Love Island on day one with just 14,100 followers and now she is on 847,000 followers. Therefore, her followers have gone up by 832,900 people.

2. Jacques O’Neill

via Instagram @jacques9oneill_

Jacques entered the Love Island villa as Gemma Owen’s ex and lasted a number of weeks before deciding to quit the show. When he first went in he had 50,000 followers but now he has 966,000 followers. Therefore, his follower count has gone up by 916,000 people.

1. Gemma Owen

via Instagram @gemowen_1

When Gemma first entered the villa on day one she had 79,500 followers and now she has an incredible 1 million followers. This means she’s got 920,500 more followers from being on the show.

All follower counts correct at time of publishing. 

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