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Kourtney Kardashian responds to Brett and Scott Staniland over Boohoo backlash

They’ve slammed her sustainability partnership with the brand

Kourtney Kardashian has addressed the controversy over her sustainability partnership with fast fashion brand Boohoo and her newly released collection with a statement on Instagram.

Posting on her Instagram profile yesterday Kourtney said she went back and forth over her decision to work with the fast fashion brand because of the impact fast fashion has on the environment.

She said she decided to become a sustainability ambassador as it would bring attention to the issue and she worked with Boohoo on a number of issues whilst designing the collection.

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She said: “I went back and forth about doing this collection with @boohoo because the first thing I think about when I hear the words ‘fast fashion’ is that it’s bad for our planet. Boohoo approached me to be a sustainability ambassador, and though I knew it would get backlash because the two just don’t go hand in hand, I thought about the fact that fast fashion, or the fashion industry in general, isn’t going anywhere.

“I thought about the attention this collaboration would bring to people who may otherwise have no idea about the impacts of fast fashion on our planet. I thought about how pushing Boohoo to make some initial changes and then holding them accountable to larger change would be impactful. It’s definitely making some noise which is exactly what I was hoping for.

“I certainly don’t have all the answers, but for someone who has done a fast fashion line collaboration in the past, which didn’t get backlash because I was not calling attention to trying to make better changes, I feel proud about doing it with intention and purpose.”

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Kourtney went onto address the many comments she had received from campaigners and social media users over her decision to work with Boohoo and said she invited any experts to come forward and help her.

She said: “I invite any experts who have ideas, suggestions ( I have already seen some of you and will absolutely be reaching out to talk and learn more) to reach out. I want to help and from my experience so far working with the team I work with at Boohoo, they do too. I will be elaborating on their changes, how we’ve made this line more sustainable, and what I’ve learned we as consumers can do to help… all to come!!”

Sustainability campaigner and former Love Islander Brett Staniland, who has previously protested outside PrettyLittleThing’s fashion show, had previously condemned Kourtney’s decision to become a sustainability ambassador.

When the news of her ambassadorship came out last week Brett tweeted: “This can’t be real life 😂😭A Kardashian as the sustainability advisor?? This rock in space is actually done for😭 This is the literal perfect culmination of all the crap Boohoo can possibly do rolled into one.”

After Kourtney posted her reasoning for working with Boohoo on Instagram yesterday Brett and his twin brother Scott Stanliand, who is also a sustainability advocate, commented offering their services to Kourtney.

Brett said: “I’ll be waiting for my phone to ring then” and added a comment asking for her activism without a new collection. 

His twin brother Scott then posted a TikTok showing screenshots of a comment he posted saying: “Producing something ‘new’ and adding 2 more collections and more products is not the way to go. Why not REDUCE their output as part of your ambassadorship. The answer is not MORE pollution.”

Kourtney then replied to Scott and said she was taking screenshots of interesting comments and questions that would further her knowledge in the subject.

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She said: “I am taking screenshots of any interesting questions/comments I feel will help better my knowledge so I can help make fast fashion (and this is a larger problem working the entire fashion industry due to fast changing trends) accountable for making changes.”

Scott has since set up a question box on his Instagram account so his followers can submit their questions to Kourtney about her work with Boohoo, which he aims to feedback to her.

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