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Instant Dream Home on Netflix sees deserving families’ homes transformed in just 12 hours

It’s like the crossover of Queer Eye and Dream Home Makeover

When it comes to emotional home makeover shows Netflix knows exactly how to get us all longing for a new dream place, just look at the success of Dream Home Makeover, Tiny House Nation and Get Organised with The Home Edit. And now they’re adding another lifestyle makeover show, Instant Dream Home, and this time the makeovers are on a strict time schedule, 12 hours to be precise.

Yep that’s right, Instant Dream Home, which lands on Netflix today, gives the makeover team just 12 hours to transform a property into something spectacular for their clients who are truly deserving of a special makeover.

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The first season of Instant Dream Home has eight episodes, is hosted by Orange Is The New Black’s Danielle Brooks, and is guaranteed to give you all the property porn feels and probably tug at your heart strings too.

This is everything you need to know about Instant Dream Home:

Instant Dream Home is a makeover show on a strict time schedule

The official synopsis for Netflix’s newest makeover show is: “A team of rapid-fire renovators takes big risks and makes painstaking plans to transform families’ homes from top to bottom in just 12 hours.”

The team, which includes Adair Curtis, from Netflix’s Styling Hollywood series, have just 12 hours to completely change the homes of their clients who have no idea a massive transformation is taking place in their homes.

Though they technically have 12 hours, the team has been planning the actual renovations for months ahead of time so they can get in and out in less than a day.

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The families whose homes are being transformed are distracted for the day by a friend or relative and when they return they have no idea their entire property is going to be completely different to how they left it.

These families were chosen for the show for being particularly deserving of a house makeover because of all the good they do in the world. There’s a firefighter, a single mum and a woman has been giving back to her community for 40 years.

Instant Dream Home is hosted by Orange Is The New Black’s Danielle Brooks who is a big lover of home renovation, she even appeared on Netflix’s Get Organised with The Home Edit earlier this year.

She’s joined by landscape designer Nick Cutsumpas, interior designer Adair Curtis, carpenter Erik Curtis, and Paige Mobley who works on special projects.

Watch the trailer for Instant Dream Home here:

Instant Dream Home is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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