People are ‘shocked’ by ‘terrifying’ and ‘insane’ Sins of Our Mother on Netflix

The series has been described as a ‘kitchen sink’s worth of true-crime ingredients and wreckage’

Netflix is back with its latest true crime series, Sins of Our Mother, and it looks to be its most gripping yet. Directed by Skye Borgman, the director of Abducted in Plain Sight and Girl in the Picture, Sins of Our Mother dropped on Netflix earlier today and is already being described as a documentary that will make your “blood run cold” in the earliest reviews.

The three-part documentary tells the life of Lori Vallow, who is currently accused of killing her two youngest children. Sins of Our Mother explores how her downward spiral into Doomsday theories resulted in Vallow and her fifth husband Chad Daybell, being charged with the murder of her two children.

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The series only dropped this morning and yet people online are already obsessed. So what has everyone been saying about Sins of Our Mother so far? These are all the reviews you need to read:

Sins of Our Mother is all about a religious mother accused of killing her two children

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Sins of Our Mother is a three-part documentary which tells the story of Lori Vallow who has been accused of killing two of her children, and is currently still under investigation and is set to stand to trial, along with her husband Chad Daybell, next year.

Lori Vallow was raised a mormon and was married five times and had three children, one of which was adopted. She is believed to have murdered her two youngest children Tylee Ryan, 16, and JJ Vallow, seven. In 2018 she met her fifth husband doomsday author Chad Daybell, and the pair became increasingly obsessed with extreme doomsday ideologies and were allegedly planning for the end of the world in 2020. In June 2020 the bodies of Tylee and JJ were found in the back garden of the family’s property.

The series is narrated by her eldest son Colby Ryan and features interviews with people who knew the family well and recounts events which took place all over the US including Arizona and Hawaii.

What are people saying about Sins of Our Mother so far?

In reviews, Sins of Our Mother has been called a “kitchen sink’s worth of true-crime ingredients and wreckage” by the Wall Street Journal, saying it contains “murder, insanity, adultery, religion, doomsday scenarios. And Mama.” They called parts of the series “electrifying”, in particular hearing Lori Vallow’s own voice on recorded phone calls throughout the series.

The Review Geek has also spoken pretty highly of the series calling it “gripping and unnerving” and praised the pacing of the series. They also said it was definitely worth a watch.

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Online, Twitter users have already started watching three part documentary series and sharing their thoughts, claiming the documentary is “gut wrenching” and “absolutely insane.”

One person said: “Still up late Watching Sins of our mother and I’m just literally shocked by everything. Like WTF.” And another user said: “each episode gets crazier”.

These are just some of the reactions to Sins of Our Mother so far:


Watch the trailer for Sins of Our Mother here:

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