hot weather tips

A woman’s tips for surviving the hot weather have gone viral and they’re life changing

Someone save me from this heat

Anyone else a bit hot? The current heatwave has all reaching for a fan, suncream and a constant supply of Calippos. We’re Brits, we’re not made for these sweltering temperatures, we’re made for 12 degrees and a steady stream of rain which makes us all miserable. So naturally when the temperature goes above 21 degrees or the insane 33 degrees we’re predicted for this week we literally have no idea what to do with ourselves.

Is closing the curtains helpful? What do I cook for dinner that won’t make me like I’m roasting alive? How the hell am I supposed to sleep? Well thankfully, we’ve been given a bit of insight into surviving and potentially, even enjoying these temperatures.

Author Natalia Juste Simmonds went viral on Twitter yesterday after she shared her tips for surviving the heatwave in the UK, which she’s an expert in thanks to her Spanish heritage and living in Spain and Australia, where you know, it’s kinda hot.

She wrote on Twitter: “UK, ARE YOU FEELING HOT? Having lived in Spain and Australia, and brought up by Spanish family, I’ve learned a lot. Here is a thread on how to keep cool in this summer. My British mates often don’t know these tips. Ignore if you already do…”

Natalia’s hot weather tips have received over 20,000 likes on Twitter and include what not to eat, why you shouldn’t fan yourself and where to apply sun cream. These are her best tips for surviving the hot weather:

1. Stay shady

2. Don’t flap about

3. Avoid spicy food and hot drinks

4. Embrace the siesta

5. Cold showers only

6. Starfish naked to get to sleep

hot weather tips

7. Don’t gulp water

hot weather tips

8. No bra life is the way forward

9. Put your suncream on first

hot weather tips

10. Use this cream to avoid chafing

11. Have tapas for dinner

hot weather tips

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