The Love Island heart rate challenge is back, but how accurate is it really?

A former Islander thinks it’s a ‘set-up’


The most exciting Love Island challenge has made its return. Sure the food ones are funny, and the talent show is cringe, but nothing at all compares to the carnage that is the heart race challenge.

The challenge requires the Islanders to perform a flirty dance for the opposite sex Islanders dressed in a sexy costume. The ones watching the dance are linked up to heart rate monitors and at the end of the challenge all the Islanders are told who made their heart race the most.

Over the years there’s been questionable dances, Curtis I’m looking at you, some awful costumes, never forget Mary’s mermaid look in 2021, and the occasional truly iconic performance courtesy of Ovie Soko and Megan Barton-Hanson.

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But how accurate are the heart rate monitors in the Love Island challenge? This is everything you need to know:

The heart rate monitors are worn across the chest

In previous years the Love Island contestants wore the heart rate monitors across their chests, usually under their clothes. It’s highly likely they’ll do the same this year.

The monitors work by picking up the electric signals from the heart muscle when it beats. As the heart beats an electric signal is sent through the heart muscle to tell it to contract. This signal can be detected through the skin.

Former Islanders have doubted the accuracy of the monitors

Whilst the heart rate challenge causes great entertainment for everyone at home, in the villa, after the results of who raised each other’s heart rate the most are revealed, it can occasionally cause problems for couples in the villa.

In 2021, Jake’s heart rate didn’t raise for his then girlfriend Liberty, but instead was raised by Millie Court. After the results were announced reality star Sam Thompson said he thought the challenge was a fix.

Speaking on his Instagram Story he said: “Nah I don’t back it, it’s too fortunate for the show that Jake’s heartbeat happened to not be elevated by Liberty, I don’t know. I think that’s a little bit set up that one”.

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And former Love Islander Shaughna Phillips said she believed her results weren’t accurate.

“I think it was set up. In the competition it said mine went up for Callum, and obviously it would’ve been a greater storyline that mine went for Callum and Callum’s didn’t go [up] for me, but I don’t think mine went for him. I’m sure mine went for someone else,” she said.

The Tab contacted ITV who declined to comment. 

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