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These 21 Partner Track memes are almost as good as Ingrid, Tyler and Rachel’s friendship

Why are Z and Ingrid not endgame though?

It’s been nearly a week since Partner Track dropped on Netflix and I’m quite honestly obsessed with it. The 10 part drama series focuses on the lives of three friends working in a law firm in New York, based on the book of the same name by Helen Wan. There’s office romances, backstabbing and plenty of legal jargon I don’t understand. And judging from the reactions online it seems I’m not the only one obsessed with Partner Track.

Whilst the series at its heart is a show about working up to become a partner at the law firm Parsons Valentine and Hunt, it’s mainly about the interactions between the staff and their arguments and affairs. One of the biggest plot lines focuses on the love triangle between the main character Ingrid Yun and her colleague Jeff Murphy and her new billionaire boyfriend Nick. And yet the internet is convinced there is actually a love square with everyone saying Ingrid should end up with one of her clients Z.

Twitter is full of memes about the potential romance between Z and Ingrid, and many other reactions to key moments in the series like the relationship between Rachel and Justin, and how annoying Dan Fallon is.

These are the 21 best reactions to Netflix’s Partner Track so far:

1. Why won’t Netflix give the people what they want??

2. Nick is still a superior choice over Jeff

3. Looool

4. I wasn’t sure how I felt initially but I am so here for this

5. Well hello there

6. Still not over them not ending up together

7. I just want to be part of this trio

8. Sorry, but where is the season two announcement?

9. If ever there was a case not to get into an office relationship this would be it

10. Get this man off the stage now

11. Make it make sense

12. Ok, I’ll admit it they’re cute

13. Oh 100 per cent

14. Suits who?

15. Drama and environmentally conscious? I’m here for it

16. I love them

17. He has a soft spot in my heart

18. It’s worth it though

19. Basically the same character

20. Obsessed

21. Seriously though?

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