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‘He’s now my ex’: Meet the girl from the viral girl shouting at guy meme

‘People have treated me like a toxic girlfriend’

Right now there is no meme which has a chokehold on the internet, quite like the girl shouting at guy meme. A photo of a woman shouting in the ear of a man has gone viral on Twitter in the last few days with thousands of other versions being shared, and now the woman in the photo, Denise Sanchez, has come forward and explained *exactly* what was going in that picture.

The photo of Denise began circulating the internet earlier this week after it was shared by a Twitter user who used it to talk about astrology. Since then people have reshared it and added their own captions, always in caps lock (to imitate shouting). The captions range from serious topics such as the cost of living crisis or the political situation in the US, to people sharing the plots of movies and TV shows, as if they are a drunk girl shouting in your ear at a club, trying to explain something.

Denise, who is the shouting girl in the photo, told Know Your Meme the photo was taken in 2018 of herself and her boyfriend Alfre, when they were attending a night club in Buenos Aires, Argentina called Chau Che Clu.

Though the couple look like the centre of the image, it turns out they were actually in the background of someone else’s photo, “another girl took a photo and we were behind them,” Denise told Know Your Meme. She said she wasn’t actually shouting at him but instead singing a song in his ear.

via Instagram @denisesanchez77

The meme is only going big in English now but it’s actually been around for a few years in Spanish meme circles, with the first meme using the photo being posted in 2019. When the meme first came out in 2019 Denise said she gained loads of Instagram followers and was featured in her local newspaper.

She said: “I was featured in the newspaper in my city, many people followed me on Instagram, and people have written me and asked how it happened.”

Denise also said even though the reaction was initially great, people have treated her “like a toxic girlfriend” and now draw conclusions about who she is without having met her.

via Instagram @denisesanchez77

When asked how she felt about the revival of the meme Denise said she had no idea it was happening but she finds the whole thing hilarious.

She said: “I honestly had no idea that the meme resurfaced again and I never realised the huge number of people who saw it! It makes me laugh a lot when everyone is surprised that it’s me. Now I dyed my hair black so it’s harder for them to recognise me, but yes, it’s me!”

Sadly Denise and Alfre are no longer together, but she said she is in a new relationship and according to the pictures on her Instagram, where she has over 6,000 followers, they look very happy together.

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