So basically, this is where the girl shouting at boy meme comes from

It’s the milk meme 2.0

If there’s one meme that will forever live in my brain it’s the bro explaining meme, aka the meme of the guy who appears to be drunkenly trying to chat to a girl at Milk in Edinburgh, only for her face to be less than impressed. It was the biggest meme of 2018 and honestly I’ll still use it today given the opportunity. However, there’s now a new version of the meme, enter the chat: girl shouting at boy meme.

Yes that’s right the gender roles have been reversed and this time it’s a woman being incredibly annoying and shouting something loudly in the ear of a bored looking man. The pair appear to be at a festival, with the woman trying to speak to the guy about some mystery topic and in the last few days the image has clogged up my Twitter feed.

People are using it in a variety of different ways but the recurring format of these memes usually involve people writing in caps locks (to imitate shouting) and explaining plots of movies or to share problems they really want to shout about such as fast fashion, the cost of living crisis and Taylor Swift’s music career.

So where did the meme come from? This is everything you need to know about the girl shouting at boy meme:

The meme is actually a few years old

It turns out the meme isn’t actually a picture from a recent festival but has been around since 2019.

According to Know Your Meme the earliest use of the image to create a meme was in February 2019 and was tweeted by a user called MemesNutricion. The meme was written in Spanish and essentially is meant to appear like the girl is telling the boy not to trust quick nutrition fixes.

Soon after it was reshared and other versions were rewritten in Spanish and continually shared in Spanish meme circles.

The meme died down after that until earlier this week on 15th August when it made a resurgence, this time with the captions in English. It’s thought a meme about astrology on Twitter which was created by an anonymous user but shared by user @BaldPrivilege, is what kickstarted the meme again.

Since then the meme has been all over Twitter with people writing in caps lock for their captions which usually start off with “so basically” or “the thing is”. And essentially when you read them you feel like you’re being shouted at by a drunk girl in a club explaining something that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

So who is in the meme?

It turns out the couple in the meme are Denise Sanchez and her boyfriend Alfre. The pair were photographed in the background of another woman’s photograph whilst at a night club in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2018.

Denise told Know Your Meme she wasn’t shouting in her boyfriend’s ear but was instead singing to him. The couple are no longer together but Denise said she really enjoys seeing the meme.

via Instagram @denisesanchez77

When it first became a meme in 2019 Denise said she was interviewed in her local newspaper and gained thousands of Instagram followers.

Now with the resurgence she’s still enjoying it, “I honestly had no idea that the meme resurfaced again and I never realised the huge number of people who saw it! It makes me laugh a lot when everyone is surprised that it’s me. Now I dyed my hair black so it’s harder for them to recognise me, but yes, it’s me!”

However she has said people now treat her as a toxic girlfriend, without knowing anything about her.

These are the funniest girl shouting at boy memes so far:

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