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We spoke to the girl behind *that* Milk Tuesdays meme



It's been hailed as the best club picture of all time – a timeless depiction of one man's attempt to pull gone horribly wrong, and his target's worn out expression flying the flag for girls on nights out everywhere. Enter the Milk Tuesdays meme.

It's been the subject of countless memes, the original rendition trending on Twitter with over 20k likes – all trying to imagine what this mystery tartan-shirted guy was trying to say. What was really going on? Is all what it seems? Does the camera lie?

We got hold of the girl in question – Lucia Gorman, Edinburgh native and first year at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. How did she get into Milk with a hedgehog? How does she feel about facing the uni year ahead having ended Freshers' Week as a viral meme? And most importantly – WHAT WAS HE ACTUALLY SAYING?

So, you go to uni in Glasgow – how come you found yourself in Edinburgh on that fateful night last week?

I used to work in the Edinburgh Milk for a couple of months before I moved to uni in Glasgow, then I stopped. But Love Island’s Jack Fowler was making an appearance at Milk back at home, and of course, who could turn that down – so I found my way back to Edinburgh for the night! It was by complete chance that I happened to be the girl in the photo and also used to work there. I promise nobody had any idea!

I’m sure you didn’t expect an average night out to turn you into a meme. Did you have a good night? What were you up to?

I certainly did not, you’re right. I didn’t even realise the photo had been taken at the time! The night was great, and obviously meeting Jack was a massive bonus. I guess the whole night was full of surprises.

Do you know the guy you were pictured with?

Funnily enough, me and the boy used to go to school together! We hadn’t spoken in a few months then bumped into one another on that night, that’s why it’s so strange to see this photo everywhere because we’re old school friends. But I guess you really, really can’t tell that from my face.

What about the question on everyone's lips – do you remember what he was saying to you?

This is the question I’ve been asked all week, and a question I still can’t give you an answer for. I wish I knew, but honestly at this point in the night I think anything anyone was saying to me was going in one ear and out the other. It was most definitely bed time for me, and Patrick there just had to deal with my unamusement – sorry Patrick.

What do you think of all the memes? Has this put you off being snapped in the club for life?

To be honest I’ve found it all massively amusing – nothing like this has ever happened to me and I never thought it would! What it has taught me is to a) always scrub my tan – if you look closely there are PLENTY of tanning disasters in this photo that I’m not too happy about – and b) buy a new jacket. I can’t wear this one anymore without thinking of the hedgehog meme.

What do your mates think of the memes? Have you had any weirdos try to contact you about it?

I’ve had a fair few, yes, lots of people sending me the photo asking if it’s me and I have no clue who they are. It’s strange because I was never tagged in the original tweets or anything, so kudos to those people for their stalking skills – I’m impressed. Although, my followers have gone up massively since the photo was posted, so I suppose I can’t complain. All my friends are finding it just as weird as me, but at least we can all laugh about it!

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