Obviously your degree’s a joke, but what if it was a meme?

tHeSe ArEn’T fUnNy AnYmOrE

Look, if Big Ben not bonging gets three days of front page headlines, at least let us have this.

You already know which meme your uni is, heck, you even know which uni your uni is. To fill the void in your soul, let us tell you which meme your degree is.

You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about – Business Studies and Economics

Sure, they're broadly similar, spending time in same building, probably some of the same lectures. The truth is, Business Studies students, in their heart of hearts, know everyone would choose Economics if given the chance.

Distracted boyfriend – Geology

You intend to learn loads about rocks and shit but just end up plumping for exploration resource to make sweet sweet money before the planet finally dries up.

Nut button – Biomed

When you don't get the grades for medicine:

Angry Arthur fist – Geography

Much maligned Geography students never fail to get angry when their degree is reduced to the crude, simplistic stereotype that they're always carrying colouring pencils. Still, come to exam time and their angry fists are full of Lakeland's finest.

We Are Number One – Medicine

Always near identical, clad in silly clothes – whether it's scrubs on a weekday or fancy dress on a Wednesday – it's impossible to pass by a medic without realising that they all truly believe they are number one.

Do it – Law

Every time the nervous 16 year old was having doubts about whether they really wanted to run the gauntlet of law, this is what their mum shouted at them.

Mocking Spongebob – Literally any BSc student ever

It's not just inconsistent capitalisation – it's a way of life.

Mid May, and the BA student turns to their friend, who just happens to be doing a BSc. They utter the fateful words:

“My degree's really hard. I'm spending so much time in the library."

A smile forms on the BSc student's face. They've opened Pandora's Box.

“My DeGrEe'S rEaLlY hArD. i'M sPeNdInG sO mUcH tImE iN tHe LiBrArY."

Nothing will ever compare to their endless labs, painstaking reports. The peasants in the humanities library, with their books, don't know how easy they've got it. The slackers.

Also me – Classics

Me: I should study a degree that helps me understand the complex and challenging modern world

Also me: Could learn Latin

Expanding brain – Archaeology/Ancient History/History

To varying extents of brain power, these three subjects are populated basically just by people who wish they were doing History.

Doggo memes – English Lit

Ten a penny, generally really nice, but just not much to get.

Math(s) Lady – Psychology

You, trying to figure out why and how this nice think-y, feel-y degree has turned into staring at stats.

Feel like pure shit just want her back – Creative writing

Behind every allegorical creative writing coursework lies a soul as tortured, yet open about their inner turmoil, as the hero of this meme.

Roll Safe – Philosophy

Each and every Philosophy student is convinced that their wisdom is groundbreaking and revelatory. In truth, it's either useless or completely obvious.

A 6,000 word dissertation, just to come to this conclusion.

A 6,000 word dissertation, just to come to this conclusion.

Squidward eyes – Politics

The Politics student sleeps in late, until such a time as somebody on The Cabinet is foolish enough to misinterpret the true meaning of neoliberalism. Jolted from their slumber, they leap to their keyboard, and begin typing. “Well, actually, I think you'll find…"

Fake taxi memes – Criminology

Both take something illicit, a tad seedy, and probably illegal, and turn it into a bit of a joke.

SaltBae – Maths

Sprinkling random Greek letters into their equations with the cocksure flair of someone who knows that they can fall back onto a career in banking.

Bee Movie – PPE

Just like a Bee Movie meme, the PPE students starts out nice, normal, and pretty innocent. Before you know it, they end up a weird twisted parody of themselves.

Barry Benson saying “ya like jazz?" 1,073,741,824 times – Music

Sure hope you like jazz, because your friend who does music has just totally reinterpreted it for 2017 and you must come to their recital.

Snapchat Hotdog – Engineering

It's a sausage fest.

Live footage of an Engineering social

Live footage of an Engineering social

Every different iteration of 'Name a more iconic duo' – Joint Honours

Despite the fact that there's absolutely no tangible link between Italian and Psychology, each and every Joint Honours student is convinced that their particular pairing is The Most Iconic Duo. It's not, and no amount of arguing that knowledge of Italian literature is the key to unlocking the secrets of the psyche is going to convince us otherwise.

Why is my sister called? – American Studies

So you read On The Road and Catcher in the Rye. Instead of growing out of thinking they're cool as puberty leaves you, just like everyone else did, your obsession carried you forward enough. It wasn't enough to take a degree in it, you had to name your kids after your favourite literary icons.

Joseph Ducreux – Art History

An old, irrelevant painting that tries to overcomplicate things.

What in tarnation – English Language

English Language students take a simple phrase, then manipulate and analyse it until it's no longer recognisable.

Trump looking at the sun – Architecture

Don't listen to anyone who tells you it's not possible, they're fake news. You can design a building with one wall, a roof garden, a completely open plan interior, all made out of Coco Pops boxes.

Blinking man – Journalism and Media

The reaction of every journalism undergrad when they realise they could have just done a Masters and stopped being the butt of these jokes.

Who would win? – Sociology

If only there was a degree to help you understand social reasons why people don't perform unnecessary voluntary tasks just out of a duty of friendship?