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Photos of Jack Fowler that are so hot you will need to call an actual fire brigade

Firstly, his voice


The thing is, no one actually thought Jack was FIT when he first came on. He seemed to blend in with everyone else. But then he spoke and I swear every single girl watching Love Island fell at her feet. Suddenly the nation realised just how hot new Jack is.

He's got that laid back sexy fit vibe about him. He doesn't take himself seriously, is really nice, respectful and very good looking. He's the literal definition of tall, dark and handsome. His physique is amazing, not too stacked but clearly very toned, he is a footballer after all. And his South London accent will make anyone melt.

But the fittest thing about him? His personality. He's rational and level headed, he knows what he wants, has a lot of integrity and self respect. He's clearly got life completely figured out. Out of all the boys currently in the villa, Jack Fowler has the most going for him by far.

And if you need any more convincing, just look at these pictures of him:

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