Clubbers of the week: we’re back in session in week eleven

Meet the local team

PSA: This is how women in Lincoln can do a free UTI home test using just their phone

The Dip UTI app and kit and pharmacist consultation are provided free of charge by NHS Lincolnshire CCG

A vigil for Ashling Murphy is being held in Lincoln today

‘It’s not about how women can protect themselves, we are tired of that conversation’

Naturawell: Lincoln grads open city’s first plant-based food bar

‘We just want to do something different, be recognised for the work we’ve put in and have people benefit from what we’re doing’

Walk-in Covid-19 vaccinations are available at the Engine Shed TOMORROW

First doses, second doses and boosters are all available from 10am to 7pm

A University of Lincoln student has tragically passed away

His friends put together a GoFundMe which has raised over £7,000

Beer gardens, graduation and makeshift beaches: Looking back on 2021 in Lincoln

What a year it has been

If Taylor Swift’s exes went to Lincoln, these are the halls they would live in

Jake Gyllenhaal would definitely live in Aqua House

Who is Charlotte Scott? Here are the people the buildings on campus are named after

I’m sorry, but who even are you?