Ever wondered where Lincoln’s sports societies would take you on a date? Here’s the answer

After this list, is it worth shooting your shot with any of these Lincoln societies?

Struggling with date ideas this Valentine’s Day and wondering where is the best place to take your date in Lincoln? How about taking some advice from some of our sports societies? We messaged all of Lincoln’s sports societies and asked them where they would wine and dine us, and they did not disappoint.

Womens Basketball – Maccies

Basketball is aware of a student’s budget when it comes to dating, and so has selected the most gourmet place for date night … Maccies.

Dance – salsa class

Dance have thought about what they want in a relationship, so your first date with them would be an open salsa class. But let’s be real, we all know that within five minutes they would turn it into a competition.

Dodgeball – cat cafe and wander

From their answer alone, you know that dodgeball are in it for the long haul, for the ups and downs, they are banking on you being the old couple holding hands sitting on the park bench in 60 years. This is why for your date with them, they are gonna take you to the cat cafe and then wander up to the cathedral, walking along to Liquorice Park to look at the view over Lincoln and then down to West Common to see the horses.

Equestrian – the yard

They sure know what they want and this date is their equivalent of taking you home to meet the parents on the first date – if you choose to date a member of the equestrian society be prepared to take a trip to the yard. Is that an honour, or just pure cringe? You decide.

Men’s hockey – a whole evening out

Men’s hockey has a very detailed idea of what their perfect first date would look like.

They said: “We’re starting the night in Toby Carvery (on a Tuesday, of course). Then we make our way to the mighty Ritz (spoons) and get us both Stella’s. We splash the cash on the fruit machines, and I win big (you love it baby) With the winnings (£5.63) we get cheesy chips and gravy from Hunters and head back to yours (mission accomplished).”

Women’s hockey – an even better evening out

However, women’s hockey suggested we meet at the little Tesco Express on the Brayford. They told The Tab Lincoln: “We get a meal deal each (pay for your own). You got an egg and cress sandwich, a pot of apple slices and sparkling water. I got a duck and hoisin wrap, pickled onion monster munch and a monster (pink one). Then we sit and dangle our legs over the Brayford wall munching on our picnic. Then we go to the 24 hour shop and get Dragon Soups each to get buzzed and ready for the next event…Cloud 9. I treat you to entry and you strip for me” … very cheeky.

Say what you will about standards, but Hockey certainly knows what they want. There’s no need for an explanation here, they’ve included a full plan of the date for us. What could be better than that?

Ice skating – ice skating…

How imaginative have the ice skating society been … a little bit predictable that they suggested going to an ice rink on the first date. This gives the vibe of the type of person who wants to take control of every single part of the “date.”

Squash – golf, cheeky Nandos and chill

We spoke to Squash and what a letdown! It would have been such a better first date if we could have taken that drive in Daddy’s Bentley and gone to the country club, but here’s the alternative plan that they suggested.

“I’ll walk to yours and pick you up at 7pm sharp. We walk into town and head to the virtual golf where I show off my incredible skills (my treat, of course). We then walk to Nandos for dinner. I order chicken and chips (extra hot, of course, because I’m trying to impress). You get the lemon and herb chicken and chips. We both order Bottomless drinks and enjoy our meals. You offer to pay and I suggest splitting it to make it fair since I just bought the golf. We then leave Nandos, and you come back to mine”.

Mens Rugby Union – Playzone

If this says anything about men’s rugby, to go on top of their reputation, it’s that they’re childish. Playzone sounds like a fun idea but maybe when you are on a “play date” when you were five. Cringe, or sweet? Again, you decide.


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