Here are the six types of students you’ll see, or not see, during exam season

Did you spot any of these students around campus?

Not only did January mean that Christmas is over, it means that exam season was looming. The season of dread, anxiety and fatigue not to mention the multiple trips to the library. With the impending dark cloud of exams following everybody around, it’s a familiar reality that those around you will be dealing with revision and coursework in their own unique way. Here is a list of the types of students during exam season, that you may or may not see.

The ones you never see

They “live” in the library, studying for 15 hours straight at a time. When you do see them, they ask you how your revision is going with a smug look on their face and tell you how excited they are for their exam tomorrow. Little do you know, they are having mini-breakdowns at their desk and are furiously googling “brain foods” hoping they can find something that will make them more intelligent overnight.

The laid-back ones

The complete opposite to the ones you never see, the laid-back ones are always around. You see them in the kitchen, drinking enough coffee to keep them awake for a week, you see them in the lounge – on the sofa, laptop in one hand, revision notes in the other and the TV on full volume as background noise, you even see them in the supermarket, buying a bottle of red wine (or whatever alcohol takes their fancy) to drink that night over a thick study guide.

The ones who do everything but revise

They procrastinate to the max but think it’s highly acceptable because everything they do is highly “educational”. Whether it is writing articles for the student newspaper, planning socials for their society, working at the local bar, volunteering, or being a course ambassador for the university, these students know that even if their grades aren’t high, their CV will look AMAZING.

The worriers

These students will live in the library, studying every single topic possible, just to make sure they haven’t missed anything and that they are sure to know every answer in their exam. Whenever they are not near their books, they will mutter under their breath trying to test themselves and will suddenly rush off to their room to check if they still know the answer to the question they have been trying to memorise. They never sleep, they find it impossible to when revision is the one thing on their mind.

The pessimists

These students will not stop complaining about how they’re going to fail every exam and every piece of coursework. Some of them will continue working, whilst sighing and shaking their heads knowing that nothing good will come of it, others will have given up a long time ago and will have already looked at backpacking trips, opportunities to study aboard (minus the studying), or applied for full-time jobs.

The ones who have no exams

Half of these students only have essays to do and think the best way to do them is to pull all-nighters at the last minute whilst sharing a Maccies feast with friends. The other half have no work to do at all and are moaning about how they would rather have exams than “die of boredom”. They have no idea how much everyone else envies them.

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