Clubbers of the Week: Gin spree on week 23

Happy Birthday Bully!

Getting ready to drunk snap your ex (the one you had for two weeks after freshers) has us all hopeful to end up in the club and bump into them. With more tension than a Plymouth Argyle vs Exeter city Sunday league fixture, urgently awaiting to see yourself in Clubbers of the Week I’m sure. Nonetheless, as you may know in this clubbers of the week series, we are quite partial to rolling on the weekend…

Album of the week

Superbull cementing itself as the 8th wonder of the world

Runners up

The last thing your mates elf bar sees

He’s gonna feel that in the morning

Hero/Heroine of the week


Runners up

My new Outlook sign offs

I hope you’re happy… 

Creeper of the week

Al McWhiggin and Bully combo

Runners up

Me after 3 Jail Ales

WTF of the week

Think that pillar was chatting about you? (5 Jail Ales later)

Runners up

Still got it mate

Stunners of the week

Dressing up with Bully

Runners up

Everyone needs that friend with the camera

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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