Clubbers of the Week: This week 22 brings some motley crews

I tried my best with that title…

With week 22 kicking off, a range of emotions are being showcased not witnessed in this seasons Clubbers of the Week so far. With side eyes a plenty, here we delve into the moments you might have forgotten this past week for the right reasons. With entries from multiple clubs as always, I say we roll on the weekend?

Album of the week

Taken the Bierkeller Shuchplattler too seriously

Runners up

How I be looking at the Arts Bridge stairs after torrential rain (I will fall down them)

Stag don’t

Hero/Heroine of the week

Supportive (backbencher) King

Runners up

Been there mate

Creeper of the week

Name a stranger duo

Runners up

The Bin men watching you come home at 6am

Three Lions reimagined

WTF of the week

Bib not included

Runners up

Mother’s meeting

Toughest group in Lincoln

Stunners of the week

I just diiiiieeeddd in your arrmmss tonight

Runners up

Bully doesn’t do bad at all

See some ID?

The true stunner

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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