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These 25 Spotify Wrapped 2019 memes are actually TOO funny

Imagine being an Apple Music user right now lmao

The biggest celeb transformations of the decade to prove you’re not ugly, just poor

Wooooow okkkkk

YouTubers FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet are having the messiest breakup beef on Twitter

She’s ‘exposing’ him and leaking screenshots

Joy to the world! These are all the Christmas films on Netflix right now

Oh my god I cannot WAIT to start binging

Vote: What’s the most iconic school hymn ever?

Surely it’s ‘Shine Jesus Shine’

‘Are you in the right headspace?’ is Twitter’s new ‘I’m actually at capacity’ meme

This would give me sooo much anxiety

Jack Merritt’s dad calls out Boris Johnson for using his son’s death for political gain

He said: ‘Jack stood against everything you stand for’

These political Fiat 500 tweets will make you want to scream, a lot

WhY sHouLd My pArenTs pAy taX???

Don’t call yourself an environmentalist if you’re indulging in the Black Friday sales

You know hyperconsumerism is killing our planet

‘Labour Anti-Semitism is worse than Tory Islamophobia’, claims Times columnist

Apparently, there is ‘no equivalence’ between the two

It’s your last chance to start a Help To Buy ISA as deadlines close TOMORROW

All you need to do is open an account with £1

Who is Emily Canham? The 22-year-old YouTuber turning down £7,000 for a minute’s work

She’s also dating a Busted band member

These 24 ‘we are not the same’ memes will make you realise, we are not the same


VOTE: Which uni has the biggest Tory energy?

It’s definitely Exeter isn’t it?

These 26 ‘Is there a doctor on this flight?’ memes will make you regret your career choices


The 32 thoughts I had while watching Netflix’ tragic ‘The Knight Before Christmas’

Loooool this film is a mess

Extinction Rebellion founder calls the Holocaust ‘just another fuckery in human history’

Roger Hallam has questioned the significance of the Holocaust in his latest interview

These 13 memes from last night’s debate prove we’re living in a dystopian hellscape

Lol how did Britain ever run the world? We’re a mess

Vanessa Hudgens’ cheesy Netflix film ‘The Knight Before Christmas’ drops TOMORROW

It’s going to be so tragic I love it

What it’s like to actually date a young Tory, by people who’ve done it

‘He wanted to buy a Margaret Thatcher cut out for his room’

Students get 25 per cent off ASOS today!!!

*pulls out Monzo card with £4 on the account*

Grace Millane belonged to BDSM sites and had ex-boyfriend choke her, court hears

She used a system of safe words and signals with an ex-partner

This is what your favourite characters from The Crown were like in real life

Margaret really was a party gal

These early 2010s fashion disasters are so horrific they can stay in this decade

Burn it, burn it with FIRE

These early 2010s fashion disasters are so horrific they can stay in the last decade

Burn it, burn it with FIRE

Quiz: Order a Greggs and we’ll tell you exactly who to vote for in the election

Steak bake = TORY

Top Boy season 4 is officially in the works!!!

Ashley Walters said storylines are already being worked out

The starter pack guide to every single student during the 2019 General Election

If you’ve ever had shiny balloons for your birthday – you’re a new Tory

Insta influencer exposed as the troll bitching about other influencers and her own husband

Wow. Take a seat my friend. This is wild.

Ok, so what does ‘ok boomer’ actually mean?

Because I am confusion

Molly-Mae cooked Tommy dinner and people can’t get over how disgusting it looks

Bone apple teeth my friends

Stop all the supermarket Christmas adverts because Aldi has already won

Kevin the Carrot is BACK

Grace Millane murder: British backpacker ‘choked to death during sex by Tinder date’

The accused man has pleaded not guilty

A reminder of what the Kardashians looked like before they started ‘blackfishing’

Omg remember when they were white???

Jacob Rees-Mogg blames Grenfell victims for lacking ‘common sense’

He also doesn’t believe racism or classism had anything to do with the tragedy

Caitlyn Jenner is set to join the I’m A Celeb 2019 cast for £500,000!!!

First Nadine, now Caitlyn – this line up is looking WILD

Hugh Grant and Sajid Javid are having beef after Sajid called Hugh ‘incredibly rude’

This is so pathetic loooool

Molly-Mae Hague is being accused of culturally appropriating for Halloween

‘She really went out and used people’s cultures as a costume!’

My Chemical Romance is back together and 14-year-old me is screaming

We’ll CARRY ON!!!!!!

Sally Rooney’s Normal People is being made into a BBC series

It’s going to be a 12-part drama!

These are the most successful Apprentice contestants, ever

Where are they now?

Wait, do you need a TV licence to watch Netflix?!

Asking for a friend, obviously

ASOS is sending out parcels saying Premier is £14.99, but don’t worry it’s still £9.95

The prices went up in August, but have been brought back down after customer outrage

This is what the Made In Chelsea cast actually do, according to their LinkedIns

Wait, they have day jobs?!

The rumoured I’m a Celeb line up has been announced and Nadine Coyle is in it!!!

The cast looks so good this year

These are 23 of the most outrageous Depop dramas of all time

‘Sorry for the wait, my friend got shot’

These are all the offensive costumes people will be wearing on Halloween 2019

According to Google Trends

Meet Natalie Ganzhorn: Actress, model and Brooklyn Beckham’s new love interest

Pictures of Brooklyn and Natalie emerged from last weekend

19-year-old student dies after rugby initiation drinking game

The Gloucestershire fresher died from alcohol poisoning

Look at us, laughing at these 23 hilarious Paul Rudd memes, who woulda thought?

This meme is the best

Five months on, people are still debating whether Yewande is attractive or not

She’s called it ‘insane’

These 17 Fractured memes sum up how everyone is feeling right now

Is this a circus? Because we are all clowns

Instagram surgery filters are going to be removed

Spark AR, the company behind Insta’s AR filters, will systematically remove the filters

EY told women how to dress, speak and act around men during a training seminar

Female employees were told to look healthy and fit, with ‘manicured nails’

Netflix accidentally posts The Crown season three trailer, revealing drama to come

The video was quickly taken down

This is how you can find out which celebrity you look like the most

Help, I’m addicted to this app

These 44 rhiiise and shine ~ memes should be your morning alarm

The proof that Kylie is the most talented in the family

QUIZ: Pack for uni and we’ll tell you which fresher stereotype you’ll morph into

If you packed fairy lights, you’re The Mum!

Inside the tacky homes of the Love Island cast: What do their houses really look like?


Who is Flora Ogilvy? The young royal Bristol grad taking over the art world

She’s 56th in line to the throne

19 times university was not worth the £9,250

9k for this??????

This university gets students to lie in a shallow grave as a form of ‘self-care’

No phones are allowed

Yewande deletes Instagram story of Amber chewing her mouth on night out

I’ll have what she’s having

All the Breaking Bad references and easter eggs you missed in El Camino

The entire film was packed with them

Amber Gill has new hair and she looks completely UNRECOGNISABLE


Rebekah Vardy exposes what Coleen Rooney said to her in THAT iconic phonecall


Quiz: Which Big Mouth character are you?

If I don’t get Maury, I’m suing!!!

Relive the drama ONE MORE TIME with 27 additional Coleen Rooney memes

I never want it to end

Company apologise for posting rejected intern’s bikini pics on Instagram

The owner said it was a ‘very human mistake’

There are 12 types of fresher and I am about to tell you which one you are

Welcome to university x

Fans accuse Travis Scott of cheating on Kylie with Insta model ‘YungSweetRo’

Fans claim Scott ‘took trips’ with Ro while he was dating Kylie

Theo Campbell accused of faking blindness by fellow Love Island contestant


Love Island Gossip Column: Anna says Islanders ‘don’t like each other’, plus Belle and Anton are back together

Wow this tea is steaming

Everything we know about Kylie and Travis Scott’s break up so far

She was papped leaving ex Tyga’s studio last night ?

24-year-old rejected from internship for having bikini pictures on Instagram

The company shared her bikini pictures on their social media, shaming her for posting them

Dear freshers, please don’t make these 16 sex mistakes during first year

Sincerely, everyone

These are all the hidden meanings you may have missed watching Top Boy

The levels to the storyline were unreal

Glastonbury Festival ticket registration closes at 5pm today

The first batch of tickets will go on sale this Thursday

Forever 21 files for bankruptcy and will close 350 stores

R.I.P. cheap tat

The Top Boy cast members who weren’t actors before the show

But they’re all so good?!

These are the 11 signs you’re stuck in a toxic friendship

Spot the red flags before it’s too late

Pretty Little Thing admit some clothes may contain cancer-causing chemicals

Products made of vinyl or imitation leather may contain traces of lead

How to tell if you’re Sapiosexual: When you’re only attracted to people’s intelligence

Mark Ronson recently ‘came out’ as one

Love Island Australia is back in two weeks’ time


Literally all the proof Sharpay Evans was 100 per cent *that* girl

Disney did our queen dirty

I can’t help it, I keep getting with my mates’ boyfriends and exes

If they sleep with me, does it mean I’m better than everyone?

Georgia Steel is ENGAGED after dating new boyfriend for just one month

Good luck pal

ASOS pulls ‘stalker’ keyring after massive backlash from victims

Angry customers asked ‘do you sell rapist keyrings too?’

Guardian apologises to David Cameron for saying he felt ‘privileged pain’ when son died

Cameron’s six-year-old son Ivan passed away in 2009

The secret Love Island feud: Why no one talks to Molly-Mae anymore

An investigation

Actually, Caroline Calloway’s ex-friend Natalie Beach sucks just as much!

It takes two to create a toxic friendship

Who is Caroline Calloway? The Cambridge grad Instascammer who fooled the world

Also known as ‘one-woman Fyre Fest’

Quiz: Pack for uni and we’ll tell you where you should have actually studied

Manchester here I come!

Quiz: Pack for uni and we’ll tell you where you should have actually studied

Manchester here I come!

‘It wasn’t just one text’: This is exactly what Greg has said about the breakup with Amber

The Love Island winner finally speaks out

Ranked: The most shocking Snog Marry Avoid transformations of all time

What in the fresh hell was this show

Yikes! Jennifer Aniston is being called a ‘blackfish’ over this magazine cover

People are comparing her to ‘Rachel Dolezal’

Ariana Grande is suing Forever 21 for using a lookalike model in their adverts

She’s suing for $10 million in damages

These are the signs you’re experiencing ‘September anxiety’

Your brain may still associate this period with going back to school

British tourist calls Moroccan street seller a ‘dumb c***’ for selling caged chickens

White privilege, we meet again!

Who is Adam Demos? The earth-shatteringly hot Jake from Netflix’s ‘Falling Inn Love’

And where does he live? Asking for a friend