Diyora Shadijanova
Staff Writer
I've watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

The evolution of Ariana Grande’s entire look: 2009-2019

Ariana… is that… you???

Stop the world, Charlie Brake is going out with Sophie Habboo from MIC!!!!

What lol

Six months on and eight break-ups later, where are the stars of Love Island 2018 now?

Wow, they’ve gotten even more tragic!!

Adam and Zara have BROKEN UP


Ariana Grande is a blackfish and these are the receipts

She’s making a profit out of ‘racial ambiguity’

Netflix’s You is creepy af without Joe Goldberg’s voiceover and you need to see this now

So much… silence???

Here are six young royals who are really fit and still very single

*Slides into Prince Nikolai of Denmark’s DMs*

Pictures emerge of Jack with a ket spoon AND Dani moves out of their flat!!!

Hit the road Jack

Love Island’s Jack had a big cokey night in Kent, but says he absolutely regrets it

Uh oh, snorty Jack!

Megan says Wes never really loved her and is just ‘fame hungry’


These 46 memes prove 21 Savage really is from South London

British humour at its finest

Kaz and Josh were ‘over for weeks’ and had to go on a PR holiday together!!!

Loooool wait what

Warwick University finally releases a statement on the group chat investigation

The university’s decision will remain unchanged

I’ve never been more ashamed to be a Warwick alumna

And I’m not the only one

ASOS might start ‘blacklisting’ serial returners looool

Sorry WHAT

ASOS is launching its own affordable home collection and wow

Oh would you look at that all my money’s gone

Wes unfollows Megan on Insta and follows a bunch of models who look like her

But it’s fine guys, she’s unfollowed him too!!!

So apparently Megan dumped Wes because they weren’t having enough sex

Rest in peace DBS society x

Megan and Wes are still together and this is the proof

They’re playing us YOU GUYS

Megan is already joking about finding a new boyfriend!!! Obviously

I swear this woman is a clown hahahah