Diyora Shadijanova
Staff Writer
I've watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

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‘Hi it’s meeeeee’

Kent Union has banned students from dressing up as Tories for Halloween

*Sadly puts red chinos away*

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Abbey from AbLisa did a naked shoot, brilliant

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Welcome to my lair

Charlie from Love Island ALREADY has a new girlfriend and she looks A LOT like Ellie!!!

Ellie who???

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Wow these tips will leave you feeling INSPIRED

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He announced the split on his Insta story last night

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The country’s future leaders, today

Prove you’re definitely over him by buying this ‘Ghosted’ costume for Halloween!

I guess I’ll just die alone then x

Tell us which of these foods you put in the fridge and we’ll tell you how weird you are

Butter belongs in the fridge, end of

Trash Gossip Column: Dr Alex has a new girlfriend?! And the Wegan kissing video that’s GONE TOO FAR


Before the fillers: The Only Way is Essex’s most dramatic transformations

Since when did Gemma have brown hair?!

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Paula may be over but who’s still going strong?

Laura has UNFOLLOWED Paul on Instagram and taken his name out of her bio

Looks like we know who dumped who 👀