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Diyora Shadijanova
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I've watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

VOTE: Which girl do you think will leave the Villa tonight?

Please don’t be Samira

Enough is enough: Samira isn’t unwanted, she’s a victim of anti-blackness

Western beauty standards mean she doesn’t stand a chance

Lord Sugar is fired! The old man who’s fooled us for years is finally cancelled

It’s true and you know it

Sophie Gradon from Love Island 2016 has died aged 32

She was also crowned Miss Great Britain in 2009

Women’s Aid issue statement over Adam’s “clear warning signs” of emotional abuse

He’s been accused of gaslighting Rosie

Find Eyal too annoying? Good news! He’s got two brothers who are also very fit

Watch me dive into the Booker gene pool

There’s an Instagram account claiming to reveal all of Hayley’s lies on Love Island

And it’s run by her ex’s friend

A leaked screenshot from tonight’s episode seemingly shows exactly who Megan is coupled up with…

Aaaaand it’s Alex!!!!

Breaking: Niall quits Love Island in shock move

Niall’s Love Island journey is over and will be covered in tonight’s episode

We found out the real reason why Rosie is furious with Adam on Love Island

And it’s to do with Megan, shock

What’s Adam done on Love Island? Here are the best theories so far

Gossip is surround what’s gone on between Adam and Rosie on tonight’s Love Island

Create a perfect meal deal and we’ll tell you which Love Island boy to couple up with

Alex definitely eats something sweaty like an Egg and Cress sandwich

These unholy pictures of Charlie from Love Island will make you feel like you’ve eternally sinned


Who are the new Islanders entering the Villa on Sunday?

Spoilers ahead

VOTE: Which girl do you think will leave the Villa tonight?


Which Love Island boy would you couple up with? Take this very important quiz to find out

Pls God, not Alex

If Love Island contestants were Tracy Beaker Characters this is who they’d be

Welcome to the Villa aka. The Dumping Ground

Quiz: How long would you last on Love Island, really?

Basically it all depends on how well you tan