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I've watched Gossip Girl eight times from start to finish

Parts of the UK will be hotter than Spain and Portugal this weekend!!!


Instagrammer cries at the thought of working a ‘normal job’ after account gets deleted

Naturally, she filmed an entire YouTube video about it

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These are all the hidden meanings you may have missed on Fleabag

Wow, just WOW

If Game of Throne characters were at uni, this is what they’d be like

Sansa sits at the front of lectures and asks questions every 10 minutes

Don’t freak out but it looks like Wes Nelson has a new girlfriend

She’s an Instagram ‘influencer’, obviously

Which Game of Thrones guy should you get with and then kill?

Pls Robb Stark x

BREAKING: Tuition fees to be cut to £6,000 for Humanities students

Justice at last

How to down a pint in under three seconds

Oi oiiii

Vote: Which British crisps actually belong in the Pyramid ranking?

Sensations Sweet Chilli is god tier without a doubt

There’s a THREE MONTH heatwave coming to the UK, with 26C weather in April!!!


If you’ve experienced these 59 things, you’re living in a grim house

You will get PTSD from reading these

A vegan YouTuber has been caught eating fish at a restaurant, obviously

Her friend vlogged her eating fish on holiday

Sophie Gradon’s friends and family say she didn’t die by suicide

Relatives of the Love Island star have demanded a new investigation into her sudden death

Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis has died aged 26

Tributes have been pouring in for the reality TV star

51 things all bad housemates are guilty of doing

Ooops guilty!!!

These are the latest pictures of what Maddie McCann might look like now

She was born in 2003

This savage Insta account is finally calling out the celebs and influencers editing their photos

Disappointed!!! But not surprised!!

Wes was SEXTING Amber Davies a day after begging Megan to come back

After rumours emerge of a fling with dancing partner Vanessa!!!!

Body found in search for missing backpacker Catherine Shaw

The death is being investigated as a possible murder