Diyora Shadijanova
Diyora Shadijanova
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It has 700,000 users worldwide

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The Fiat 500 girl inside of me is SCREAMING

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Reading this = micro-cheating

Take a shot of tequila, because science says it’s good for your health

Umg mate im suu drink, on d-floor witj fit guy lol!!!

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A quiz based on science, obviously

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‘Yeah, I didn’t wanna go anyway’

M&S are selling sliced cauliflowers for £2 and calling them ‘steaks’

They were originally £2.50

Who is Arthur Chatto? The fit royal who’s also an Edinburgh fresher

He’s 23rd in line to the throne, just saying

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Finally, the truth is out!!

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Sarah on the third floor, I’m looking at you

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It’s always written in the stars

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