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19 times university was not worth the £9,250

9k for this??????

A year's worth of rent, a holiday for two in the Maldives, three quarters of a Fiat 500, nine iPhone 11s and 15,426 Kit Kat Chunky bars. These are all the things you could actually get for £9,250. But instead, you're spending it on an eternal hangover with a side of six dreadful contact hours.

Here are 19 times university was not worth the £9,250 annual student fee:

1. Firstly, I can confirm it's a scam

2. Urgh now I want to go on holiday instead of wasting 9k a year

3. The English language? I don't know her

4. At least you get to nap!!! All the time!!

5. It's as if we're ALL unprepared

6. Well your lecturer isn't wrong

7. This is the truest thing you'll ever read

8. I mean it actually looks kinda fun

9. How DARE the government give us MONEY for an EDUCATION urgh! DaYLiGhT RobbEry

10. *it's 9ams

11. It's physics but go off I guess

12. Because they're TIRED Rohan

13. Hahahahahaha

14. Team building! You're gonna need it when revolting against the government for privatising the NHS!

15. Listen, If I pay £9,250, I do what I want

16. I want to draw a house

17. Ngl that actually sucks

18. Legends only!

19. Welcome to business like state of the British education system, it will suck you dry but at least you'll have a 2:1 at the end of it!

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