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British tourist calls Moroccan street seller a ‘dumb c***’ for selling caged chickens

White privilege, we meet again!

A video has gone viral of a British tourist biting a market trader's hand in Morocco while trying to free his caged chickens.

The woman, who hasn't been identified yet, shouts and swears at the street seller, calling him illiterate.

She shouts: "Are you all that uneducated? You can't read, you can't read can you? You can't fucking read. Are you that fucking thick, you dumb cunt?"

She then tries to climb on top of the locked chicken crates and force one of them open. She then bites his hand and screams "get off."

The woman was eventually taken away by the crows and the police was called. But the street seller decided not to press charges, so she was taken to hospital to be treated for "hysteria" instead.

Another video shows her trying to punch and shove surrounding people as they try to calm her, while she shouts: "You don't treat animals like that."

The incident took place in Tangiers last week, shocking the Moroccan locals.

Since then, there have been calls for the woman's deportation for assaulting the Moroccan trader.

People on Twitter were shocked to see the video, with one person saying: "What was she gonna do with the freed chicken? Chaperone it around till it died naturally? Very confusing stupid behaviour, she's lucky she didn’t get slapped."

While someone else commented on the video: "What in the whiteness and colonialism its happening here?"

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