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Ranked: The most shocking Snog Marry Avoid transformations of all time

What in the fresh hell was this show


Snog Marry Avoid used to be a British TV staple back in the late noughties. The show was designed to reveal people’s “natural beauty” under layers of thick make up and eccentric fashion choices. But looking back on it now, it was extremely messed up.

POD (a personal overhaul device) would launch a “deep cleanse” of people’s beauty and fashion choices, leaving them looking bland and uncomfortable. And then the make-under recipients would plaster on a smile and say they really loved their transformations.

But which Snog Marry Avoid transformations were the wildest? Here are some of the most iconic ones:

8. Laura, 18, Nail Technician

POD was especially cruel to Laura and said:”You look like a highlighter pen. What are you trying to highlight, the fact you’ve got no taste?” Laura had thick hair extensions in and loved the colour pink. She said if was PM, she would make the whole world pink.

Laura before:

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Laura wasn’t that pleased with the make-under. She felt the clothes were cool but they didn’t suit her. And she was right, someone should have fired the stylist.

Laura after:

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7. Danny Go Go, 19, Nicki Minaj wannabe

“I’m dressing like this for attention and I want to attract the type of guy I like.” Before Danny had the make-under, he actually looked like he lived a very colourful and fun life. It may not have been to everyone’s taste but his personality shone through.

Danny before:

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POD managed to drain all of that and leave Danny as a bland everyman and it was actually kind of sad. I don’t think Danny was that happy inside.

Danny after:

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6. Mickayla, 22, London

“I love the naked body, so why not go out half naked? The more naked, the more better.” Mickayla discovered underwear as outerwear way before it became a fashion trend. She wore her favourite blue underwear outfit to the POD makeover studio. But her boyfriend was getting tired of all the attention she was getting in clubs, so she decided to go for a make-under.

Mickayla before:

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If POD could put more clothes on Mickayla, she probably would have. That outfit was straight out of Phase Eight. Yikes. And again, Mickayla somehow actually looked better before. Her boyfriend was happy though…

Mickayla after:

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5. Jodie Marsh, “Unknown age”, Media personality

Jodie Marsh’s appearance on Snog Marry Avoid was a big moment for BBC Three. POD called Jodie her “arch-nemesis” for inspiring women to be fake, wearing tiny clothes and covering themselves in make up.

Jodie before:

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Jodie Marsh had one of the worst make-unders in history. The wig was so clunky and that green curtain dress belonged in the costume box of a local theatre’s Sleeping Beauty adaptation.

Jodie after:

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4.Chantelle Houghton, 26, Glamour model

Like Jodie, Chantelle was a big deal back in the day. She was the first “non-celeb” to go on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006 and won the show. She went on Snog Marry Avoid to see what she would look like without all the make up.

Chantelle before:

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But unsurprisingly, the stylists at Snog Marry Avoid somehow made her look worse than before. That “Can I speak to your manager please?” hairstyle and the dress and black tights combo was just horrendous. And the hat? Kill it. Kill it with fire.

Chantelle after:

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3. Martha, 21, Make-up artist

Make-up artist Martha famously said: “I make ugly people look beautiful.” Iconic.

Martha before:

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Martha’s transformation was actually one of the better ones. She got her hair cut and her make up was soft and natural. Her dress wasn’t very offensive but they made her wear tights and ugly boots with it.

Martha after:

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2. Emily and Karl , 18 and 26, Ipswitch

One of the most famous make-under transformations took place when goth couple Emily and Karl walked in. POD said to the couple: “What do people call you in the streets? Freak? I was going to use that.”

Emily and Karl before:

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Emily and Karl after:

Emily and Karl took out most of their piercings and their make up and outfits honestly looked awful. It’s the hat. It’s Karl’s hat. He was meant to look like Brad Pitt.

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1. Mel, 21, Artist

Mel definitely had the most shocking make-under in Snog Marry Avoid history. The self-described punk said people were scared of her.

Mel before:

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Although the outfit wasn’t amazing (shock), Mel’s beauty make-under was actually amazing. No one could believe it was the same person. But unsurprisingly, Mel went back to dressing like a punk.

Mel after:

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