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George Sampson, Diversity and Connie Talbot: Where are the iconic stars of BGT now?

They’re all so… old?!

Britain's Got Talent used to be a true Saturday night TV staple. Back in the day, it brought us unforgettable acts like Susan Boyle, Ashleigh and Pudsey, Stavros Flatley, Diversity and even the iconic Mr Zip who sang "Where me keys, where me phone."

But where are the people from the iconic Britain's Got Talent auditions now? And did they ever find the fame they were so desperately looking for?

Susan Boyle

Then: SuBo shocked the entire nation to its core when she first sang "I Dreamed a Dream" in 2009. Everyone in the audience laughed at her when she said she wanted to make it as a professional singer, but then she opened her mouth and everyone was dumbfounded.

Now: Susan Boyle has now made it as a professional singer! She's a travelling, recording artist and has just released an album. She also looks completely different.


Then: If you didn't sign up to street dancing classes after watching Diversity back in 2009, who even were you? Sidenote, I can't believe they put a child in a bag for a good five minutes and nobody said anything!!!

Now: They're all still dancing as a group! But ten years later, everyone looks so much older. The group's leader, Ashley Banjo and his brother Jordan are both dads.

Remember the little boy from Diversity? This is him now! Perri Kiely was also rumoured to be dating Amber Davies last year.

George Sampson

Then: Every single girl in the UK fancied George Sampson when he was performing on Britain's Got Talent. Looking back, he wasn't even that good! Sorry!

Now: George has been through a lot. After the show, he released some pretty horrific dancing videos, where he was completely outshone by his back up dancers.

Then he appeared on Waterloo Road as Kyle Stack.

George started balding at 23 and developed a bald patch on the top of his head from his head-spinning routines. He was really open about it. But he's recently gone through a hair transplant and it looks great! In recent years, he doesn't seem to be dancing much and has slowly faded into the shadows.

Stavros Flatley

Then: The Greek father and son act first auditioned for Britain's Got Talent a decade ago.

Now: Even though the pair performed on Britain's Got Talent's recent reunion, they're no longer performing their old act anywhere else. Little boy Michalakis is all grown up and living his best life in Cyprus.

Hollie Steel

Then: Everyone remembers the time 10-year-old Hollie broke down on stage after forgetting the words to her song. But she got it right on the second attempt. Hollie got to the BGT finals in 2009 and finished in sixth place.

Now: Hollie is now 21-years-old and all grown up! She's still singing and is based in London. She has over 15k followers on Instagram and her feed is full of travelling pictures.

Ashleigh and Pudsey

Then: The British dog trick act was made up of trainer Ashleigh Butler and a male Border Collie called Pudsey. They won the show in 2012.

Now: Sadly, Pudsey died in 2017. Following his death, Ashley said her other trained dog called Sully would take over future events but "would never become Pudsey."

Ashley and Sully performed in America's Got Talent this year.


Then: The dance group based their performances on Michael Jackson songs. They were runners up to George Sampson in 2008.

Now: The pair are still dancing and doing Michael Jackson tributes worldwide.

Paul Potts

Then: Paul won Britain's Got Talent in 2007 with his performance of "Nessun Dorma." But people became concerned about his "amateur status" after there were allegations he was trained by Pavarotti.

Now: After BGT, Paul's opera singing career really took off. He participated in the final of American't Got Talent this year. Though he failed to make the top five in the final.

Connie Talbot

Then: Connie auditioned for the first series of Britain's Got Talent "for fun" but her performance was so amazing it received international coverage.

Now: Connie is all grown up and still singing. She's now 19 and refers to herself as a "songwriter and an aspiring artist." She last released music two years ago.

Her Instagram page has just under 200k followers and is full of videos of her singing performances.

Darcy Oake

Then: Darcy Oake is an illusionist from Canada. Simon Cowell called him "without question the best magician ever on Britain's Got Talent."

Now: After BGT, he had his own ITV show called Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality. Darcy is still performing shows worldwide.

Jack Carrol

Then: Jack finished as BGT's runner up in 2013. He was only 14-years-old at the time but wowed the audience with his stand up act.

Now: Jack is 20-years-old now and describes himself as a stand up comedian, writer and and actor. His most recent role was in a film called Eaten By Lions.

Jonathan and Charlotte

Then: The classical duo from Essex finished as runners-up in the sixth series of BGT in 2012. They were offered a £1 million record deal by Simon Cowell.

Now: After releasing two albums, they decided to split, but both artists are still singing all around the world.

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