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Ant and Seb, AbLisa and Cher Lloyd: Where are the iconic stars of X Factor now?

Abbey from AbLisa did a naked shoot, brilliant


Nothing screams British TV nostalgia like old-school X Factor. It’s Saturday night. It’s cold outside. And week by week, Christmas is getting closer. Your Chinese take-away has arrived, just in time for your family to settle down in front of the telly before the show starts.

You’re excited. You’re about to watch naive Brits across the country embarrass themselves, all because the producers told them they were talented and sold them fake dreams for better viewer ratings! And in 2010, it was funny. Now, it’s kinda tragic.

So I wondered, where are the people from the iconic X Factor auditions now? And have they found the fame they sought for?


Then: The famous duo shocked the world when their audition ended in a punch up.

Now: The world hasn’t really seen more of AbLisa, but they saw a lot of Abbey shortly after the audition. She did a topless shoot for The Sunday Sport.

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Abbey was also interviewed by her local newspaper and admitted she wished she “never done X Factor.”

She said: “The whole experience was overwhelming and the incident has now put a lot of stress on my family. My mum told me not to go on the show and now I wish I had listened to her. Because of what happened Lisa and I, who used to do virtually everything together, aren’t friends any more and there are groups being set up on Facebook, saying I deserve a slap, which is horrible.

“These people really need to watch the show and see what happened before they make comments. Although I have anger issues I don’t just randomly hit people. I just want to say sorry to Lisa and her mum and also to the judges because I was back-chatting a lot during the audition which I regret.”

Zoe Alexander

Then: The singer claimed she was encouraged by producers to do her audition as a Pink impersonator, only to be shot down by the judges for not having her own style.

Now: She’s still singing. but not as Pink. She has a YouTube channel where she records covers of songs.

Ant and Seb

Then: Ant and Seb’s version of Mysterious Girl is arguably better than the origin. Though it didn’t get them through to the next round.

Now: No one knows what happened to this iconic duo but I often lie in bed, wondering how their lives are.

Rachel Lester aka. ‘Evil’ Rachel

Then: She was dubbed as one of the angriest X-Factor contestants.

Now: Someone caught her singing Prince on a regional high street in 2019. This is how it went:

Debbie Stevens

Then: Debbie scared the judges when they didn’t like her version of When You Believe and her attitude. She then proceeded to throw a glass of water at Louis Walsh.

Now: Sadly for us, Debbie has kept herself out of the press ever since.

Sophie Stokle

Then: Sophie’s family convinced her to go on X Factor because they believed she had a voice. You guessed it. She needed a few singing lessons.

Now: It’s unknown if she’s still singing, but she has a very positive Twitter account and this is what she looks like now!

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Cher Lloyd

Then: If you didn’t sing Cher’s version of Turn My Swag On all the way through secondary school, then you didn’t live.

Now: Cher went on to have a singing career in the UK and then moved to the US. She’s also had a baby.

Chicken Factory

Then: His squeaky rendition of Tragedy won the nation’s heart but it didn’t convince the judges. But also, did anyone else think that his version of Barbie Girl was actually quite good??

Now: The last anyone saw of him was in 2013, when he met X Factor winner Sam Bailey. He’s not thought to be singing. But he does have a Twitter account.

Ottavio and Bradley and the Ultimate Chicken Fight

Then: They were going to audition together but had a massive argument about chicken. And then they made up. It was pretty iconic.


Now: Bradley is now a verified TV Personality and Singer. He also has a YouTube channel.


And Ottavio is a Fashion PR Graduate and a sugarbaby!

Chloe Victoria aka. Chloe Khan

Then: Back then, Chloe “Mafia” unsuccessfully auditioned in 2010.

Now: Fast forward, Chloe is a millionaire. She set up a webcam business where she stripped on camera. It was reported that the business turned over £1 million a year in 2016. She’s now stopped being behind the camera, but still manages the business.

She also entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2016 and she has a YouTube channel with over 31,000 subscribers.

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