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Iconic The Apprentice candidates and winners: Where are they now?

Probably not making much money lol


The Apprentice this year has been dramatic to say the least so far. The 2018 candidates look like they're all fresh from uni and would be more suited to a night at the SU bar than a day in a boardroom with Lord Sugar. The girls are catty and the boys are all over the place. But for some reason, the viewers just keep coming back. Over the years there's been some pretty iconic characters grace the BBC show. Remember pantsman? I wonder what he's up to? Where are the iconic The Apprentice candidates now?

Here's what pantsman, plus many others, are up to these days.

Spoiler: a lot of them aren't still working for Lord Sugar, obviously.

Ricky Martin

Then: The professional wrestler called himself "perfection" and changed his name from Richard so he had the same name as Ricky Martin the popstar – lol. He went on to win The Apprentice series eight.

Now: He co-owns a specialist recruitment consultancy with Lord Sugar which has been set to turn over £10 million.

Raef Bjayou

Then: Raef was on the 2008 series, and was iconic because he was just so posh.

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A 2008 hero

Now: According to his Instagram he's an itinerant entrepreneur, Prince's Trust ambassador, television contributor, and luxury PR & marketing CEO – so he sounds quite busy.

He's also been on Ready Steady Cook and Come Dine With Me.

Leah Totton

Then: She was the doctor that went on to win series 9 in the all female showdown between her and Luisa Zissman. Her introductory tape said she had everything, and she wasn't lying.

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Now: She has her own clinics under the name Dr Leah Clinic and is still an NHS doctor.

Her company was valued at nearly £400k last year.

Soloman "Solly" Akhtar

Then: He gained iconic status from this moment alone:

Sitting in your dissertation meeting like

When your dissertation supervisor looks at your work for the first time(BBC Apprentice)

Posted by The Tab on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Now: He said he was going to go on Made In Chelsea, but he owns a media start up company. By the looks of his Instagram, he enjoys travelling with his girlfriend.

Katie Hopkins

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You forget she was even on the show

Then: In possibly one of the weirdest Apprentice moments ever, Katie Hopkins made the final three, then realised she'd have to work with Lord Sugar, and quit.

Now: You'd forget she was made on The Apprentice. Couldn't she have just called it a day back then? Oh how different the world would be. She's outspoken, opinionated and known for just being everywhere, all the time.

She tried her hand at being a columnist for The Daily Mail, but that was cut short by "mutual agreement".

She now estimated to be worth £2.75 million.

James Hill

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James was the eye candy of The Apprentice 2014

Then: He called himself "Del Boy" and ruffled a few feathers because he had a previous assault conviction and had a relationship with fellow candidate Lauren Riley during the show. But that didn't stop him being named as the number one reason to watch the 2014 series – mainly because he's fit.

Now: He's made some other TV appearances, such as going on and winning Celebrity Big Brother, a brief appearance on Five Star Hotel. Guess he's doing alright.

He's reportedly worth millions.

Ruth Badger

Then: The runner up of series two, probably only remembered by top Apprentice fans.

Now: The tabloids went in on reporting about her sexuality. She did have her own tv show for a bit, called Badger or Bust, but now she's disappeared and the show can only be found on YouTube.

Kate Walsh and Philip Taylor

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The couple were formed in The Apprentice boardroom

Then: They entered as just Philip the estate agent, and Kate from Staffordshire.

They mutually gained iconic status when Kate became famous for talking sideways into her phone all the time and Philip created pantsman. They then became a couple and moved in together just after the show.

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Just not ok really

Now: Philip is still known as pantsman, but the couple have split.

Joseph Valente

Then: He said he wanted the world, and Lord Sugar could help him get it.

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Now: He's dissolved his partnership with Sir Alan, released a book and posts photos of quotes over pictures of himself on Instagram.

Saira Khan

Then: Saira was the runner up in 2005. Lord Sugar offered her a job anyway, but she declined – sassy.

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Yes she used to look like that!!!

Now: She's a successful presenter, Loose Women and panelist and went on Celebrity Big Brother. Who needs Lord Sugar anyway?

Michelle Dewberry

Then: She won the 2006 series and stayed in business with Alan Sugar for 11 months.

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Now: She left that position and now works at Sky News and runs a shopping website.

Stuart Baggs

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Then: Stuart Baggs gained his iconic status after he was known as Stuart Baggs the Brand. He said he wasn't just a one-trick pony, he was an entire field of ponies.

Now: Stuart Baggs died suddenly of an asthma attack in 2015. He had suffered from the condition for many years, and died at home in the Isle of Man.

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Luisa Zissman

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Same x

Then: She was the runner up 2013, beaten by Leah Totton.

Now: She's married, has her own bakery business called Bakers Toolkit, and went on Celebrity Big Brother. Not to mention, she's still really fit.

Luisa has claimed her businesses are worth £1.5 million, but The Independent valued them at £194. No words. However, she must have some money stashed away somewhere because she's currently living in a HUGE mansion fit with its own soft play room, wine cellar, grand piano and sweeping staircase. How?!

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