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These are all the offensive costumes people will be wearing on Halloween 2019

According to Google Trends

We're 19 years into the 21st century and yet offensive Halloween costumes are still a thing. You'd think after being told what's offensive to wear and what isn't, people would stop. Alas they haven't and it doesn't look like they will either.

We know exactly what they're going to wear by looking at this year's Google Trends data.

The Google searches for Ted Bundy and Michael Jackson have spiked just in the last 30 days, just in time for Halloween. But what other awful outfits are people planning to wear?

Ted Bundy

There was a lot in the news about Ted Bundy in the past year. First there was the Netflix documentary and then the Zac Efron film came out. But please, don't dress up as a famous serial killer.

"Ted Bundy costume" is a breakout search according to Google.

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was widely discussed after those child sex abuse claims came out on "Leaving Neverland." It's almost impossible to tell whether he is guilty or not, but maybe best not to dress up like him this Halloween, huh?

Again, "Michael Jackson costume" is a breakout search on Google Trends.

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Romani people

Please avoid the "fortune teller costume" and "g**** halloween costume", which are currently getting 150 per cent more searches on Google. And yes, that is cultural appropriation.

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Native Americans

Again, dressing up as different cultures is insensitive and wrong. The Google searches for "Native American costume" have doubled in the past week.

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Please, I know it's a Disney cartoon but if it's not your culture, just don't do it, okay?

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I couldn't believe it either but a "terrorist costume" is somehow some people are actually searching for in relation to Halloween.

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A homeless person

It shouldn't even have to be explained why dressing up as a homeless person is wrong this Halloween, but clearly the steady rise in searches for "homeless person costume" on Google indicates we should.

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